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Hardwell online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

Hardwell is a slot machine from the house of Stakelogic. It is named after a famous Dutch DJ. This game celebrated its premiere in 2018. With us, you can play a demo version of Hardwell for free without registration. The fun of the game is guaranteed due to the sound as well as the convincing graphics.


Hardwell offers 25 paylines and five reels. You can look forward to wild symbols, a multiplier and several bonus games. You will find out exactly which ones in our review as well as when playing Hardwell for free. Due to the music and party theme, you can look forward to electronic music. Important additional information: A real money game Hardwell is of course possible in Germany in an online casino.

Hardwell is a slot game with nine symbols. When you open the game, you can make various settings. You can turn the sound on or off, look at the winning combinations in the overview, read the rules and set the bet. From 0.01 coins to 0.50 coins, there is a possibility per line here. This means that the highest bet is 50 coins. When playing Hardwell for free, the stake does not play such a big role, because the account can be filled with play money at any time.

Sound and Design

Because the namesake of Hardwell is a famous DJ from the Netherlands, whose real name is Robbert van de Corput, electronic music plays an important role. It sounds in the background and is graphically present by means of some symbols. What is meant is that the most important Hardwell symbols refer to music. Graphically, games from Stakelogic are always convincing, which is another reason why German players do not play exclusively for money, but like to play Hardwell for free.

A dark background dominates this slot. You can see clouds of fog, dancing people. And if you look closely, you can see the workplace of a DJ below the reels. Experience this while playing Hardwell for free without registration.

How to play Hardwell by Stakelogic

The principle of how you play Hardwell is simple and understandable. In online casinos, of course, you need to register. Germans have this option with quite a few providers. Should you want to play for free on our site, this process is not necessary. You can have fun with the Hardwell demo version right away. No matter how you play, there is no need for a special strategy. As with many slots, it all comes down to luck and chance. The Hardwell rules are kept simple.

You decide on a bet, let the reels spin and hope that a constellation will occur that will lead to a win. In doing so, you can rely entirely on the programming of the Hardwell slot. Some of the constellations lead to a bonus game. To practice in general, playing Hardwell for free is recommended. You will get to know everything and be well prepared in every respect.

The symbols of Hardwell

The most valuable main symbol of Hardwell is the face of the eponymous DJ. If Hardwell appears five times on the reels, there will be 2000 times the bet. However, as with all other symbols, even a triple appearance is enough. In the case of the DJ, this brings 200 times. The HIFI boxes with the purple background, the record player and the headphones are the most valuable after that, in that order.

As with many other slots, various fruits otherwise play an important role in Hardwell. The following is a list:

  • Melon
  • Plum
  • orange
  • lemon
  • Cherries

Hardwell online: Additional features and bonus games

By the way, there is no scatter symbol in Hardwell online, but there is a wild symbol. This shows the keyword wild, so it is easy to recognize. The effect can be different:

  • Expanding Wild: The symbol can spread to different reels.
  • Wild Fruit: If this appears on the third reel during free spins, it increases the chance of winning.

It is just as easy to spot the Hardwell bonus symbols. If the Hardwell Bonus appears twice or three times on reels one, two as well as five, you have the chance to get Free Spins. There is also a Super Spin feature, which appears randomly via its own symbol. Between 8 and 15 of these symbols lead to free spins, which promise a win with a little luck. Unless, of course, you want to play Hardwell for free. Then the win would be virtual. What is meant is: you will not win any real money.

During bonus spins in Hardwell, a Reel Upgrade feature can be activated, by which is meant a possibility to read the paylines not only from left to right, but also in the opposite direction. In Bonus Spins, a multiplier is used as another Reel Upgrade Feature.

Winning opportunities with Hardwell Online

To win money with Hardwell slot, you need to play in an online casino. You can consider the free demo version as a test in this regard. The amount of possible winnings is related to your bet and to luck. For example, if the multiplier activates on Hardwell or there is a possibility to use the Super Spin feature, the account balance can become more attractive.

Tips and Tricks

Pay attention to your account balance when playing Hardwell from Stakelogic. Do not bet all your money directly, but divide it. Luck is part of the game. In the casino of your choice, there could possibly be a promotion with free spins. Meant is no Hardwell online free play, but a real bonus.

Conclusion: It is worth to play Hardwell online for free.

Both in terms of sound and graphics, Hardwell can completely convince. The bonus features are pleasing. In this game you can generally find your way around, whether you are an expert or not. Playing Hardwell can be recommended for this reason. If you want to play this or many other slot games for free without registration, you can look for suitable slot games on our website.

How to play Hardwell for real money?

Not only if you are passionate about electronic music, Hardwell is the right game to play. The best argument to play this slot with real money is the chance to benefit from the winning opportunities. A bonus for Hardwell is possible as mentioned, for example free spins without deposit. You can test it for free, but as a player from Germany, you can also play in a casino on the Internet. Of course, this must have Stakelogic as a partner. In our lists you can find the detailed info about the current offers and bonuses of numerous online casinos. A tip: You should choose a reputable casino that has a valid license.

Hardwell slot details

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