Hexenkessel by Merkur

Witch’s Cauldron slot machine by Merkur – game overview and features.

Why this slot has not yet achieved the attention it should deserve is beyond us. Because already after our first experience with “Hexenkessel” from Merkur Games, which is also known as “Witch’s Cauldron”, we found it hard to stop our tests. Witch’s Cauldron is truly a crazy slot that doesn’t owe anything to its theme. The main character and main character is a witch, which not only gives the game its fast-paced nature, but will also unlock free spins for the player.

The horror design, which however overall provides more relaxation and well-being than horror and fear, can convince, although one could have wished for a bit more attention to detail overall. In the following, we would like to go into the exact characteristics of Hexenkessel, explain the special features and open up a few tips and tricks, such as the possibility that you can play Hexenkessel online for free.

Game structure and basic rules

The game itself, like almost every modern online slot, is equipped with 5 reels, each of which has three rows. It has only 5 paylines and the stakes can range from 5 cents to 20 euros. The following list summarizes the most important technical features of Hexenkessel once again:

  • 5 winning reels of 3 rows each.
  • Minimum bet: 0,05 Euro
  • Maximum bet: 20 Euro
  • Paylines: 5
  • Payout percentage: 96,03%
  • Wild symbols: YES
  • Scatter Symbols: YES
  • Free Spins: YES
  • Bonus Features: YES

Already this list shows the many special features of the slot. However, before we talk about these features, we would like to explain the standard rules of Hexenkessel.

In order to make winnings in Hexenkessel Online, the player must combine at least three (some symbols even only two) identical symbols on a winning line. However, it is especially important that these symbols are arranged from left to right. So, if you have a three-symbol combination, but it is only found on reels 2, 3 and 4, no winnings will be paid out.

In order to increase the returns as well as enable additional winning combinations, Merkur Gaming has integrated bonus features in the game Witch’s Cauldron, which have a very positive effect on the player’s gaming experience. These are to be explained below.

Special features in the game Witch’s Cauldron

Nowadays, it is almost the duty of every good slot machine to provide additional features for the player. As a result, slots are becoming more and more like video games, which of course does not have a negative effect on the end user at all. Witch’s Cauldron has the following special features to offer in this regard:

  • Wild Symbol – One of the most frequently used bonus features is the wild symbol. However, in Merkur Gaming’s Witch’s Cauldron game, this is only used during the free spins. Here, the “7” acts as a wild symbol and can thereby substitute for any other winning symbol to form a winning combination.
  • Scatter Symbol – The scatter symbol is responsible for generating free spins. At a random time in the game, reel number 5 will stop spinning. Following this, a witch will sweep across the board from right to left, leaving behind up to 15 scatter symbols (witches). If there are 6 or more witches on the screen, as many free spins as there are witches symbols on the screen will be unlocked. Their arrangement is not decisive.
  • Free Spins – During the free spins, the wild symbol comes into play. Additionally, more free spins can be generated during these free spins. For these rounds, the bet that was used in the last round of normal spins is used.
  • “Symbol Collector” – This bonus feature is also used during the free spins. This means for the player to collect a certain symbol during the free spins. If he reaches the fixed number in his collection, he will immediately receive 6 free spins as well as a special prize. Following this, he can move on to his next collection. The collection in this feature starts with the symbol of the lowest value and works its way from there to the symbol with the highest value.

You can immediately see that especially during the free spins in Witch’s Cauldron Online big wins, combinations and bonus elements are possible and available. Therefore, the player should play with smaller amounts at the beginning in order to be able to unlock these extras at a certain point. However, a little patience and perseverance can often be required.

Play Witch’s Cauldron for free

Another tip that all beginners in particular should remember is that you can play and try out many games like Hexenkessel for free. Often, you can even play Hexenkessel for free and without registration in selected casinos. This has the great advantage that you can first get used to the many different features of the game, learn the exact rules and thus do not make any mistakes later in the game.

On the market, however, there is only a limited number of online casinos where you can play slot machines for free and try them out without registration. Therefore, the customer should carefully evaluate his options before choosing appropriate providers of gambling on the Internet.

Play Witch’s Cauldron for real money

Once you are done playing Witch’s Cauldron for free and get used to the action of this slot, the real fun can begin.

At this point, we want to give one more quick piece of advice. Many online casinos offer their new customers appropriate promotional offers to enable them to start already a certain starting credit. Here it offers itself to the customer to evaluate the respective online casinos carefully to find out the best possible and fairest deal. In particular, online casinos with no deposit bonus offer themselves here explicitly to try out slots in real money mode.


The game Witch’s Cauldron may not be able to keep up with the market leaders in the field of graphic design, but it convinces with a sophisticated game idea and great bonus features. Especially when the witch starts to chase across the playing field, the player should be prepared for something with Hexenkessel Online.

Our experience with Hexenkessel has also shown that we are looking at a slot with medium variance. This means that wins may not come quite regularly, but they can promise attractive sums on given occasions. For beginners, we recommend the possibility that you can play and test Hexenkessel for free. In particular, Merkur Gaming has produced a slot that we would like to praise because of the extra features.

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