Hot 4 Shot Deluxe by Stake Logic

Hot 4 Shot Deluxe Online Slot by StakeLogic – Overview and Game Features

How about a fruit slot again? But one that has a refreshingly different gameplay that deviates from the 08/15 game? Curious? We have one such in store for you. Namely, it is the slot machine Hot 4 Shot Deluxe by Stakelogic. The Hot 4 Shot Deluxe slot is a video slot with up to six reels and up to 20 paylines. The attentive reader will have noticed it immediately. The phrase “up to” for reels and paylines sounds like something you need to get used to. And that’s why we recommend one thing right away. Take the chance to test the demo version of the game online, for free and without registration. With us you can play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe for free without registration. There you have this unique opportunity to get to know the game in this way.

It is the renowned manufacturer Stakelogic that is responsible for Hot 4 Shot Deluxe online. And thus it is one of the very big developers for casino games, which you can find in umpteen online casinos in Germany. For those who are not yet so familiar with the name: Stakelogic vouches for quality and exciting games. The slot game Hot 4 Shot Deluxe is a good example of this.

Most of you know fruit slots well enough. Quite a few of the players prefer to leave them alone, because these types of games are usually quite similar in design. Few reels and few paylines leave little variety in the absence of features. Not so Hot 4 Shot Deluxe online. When you play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe for free, you will quickly notice that this slot is refreshingly different. That’s why, after a few key figures, we’ll get straight to the gameplay and explain the rules. We also don’t skimp on tips and tricks on how you can work out the perfect strategy. But to offer it again: You will get the most benefit if you play the demo version of Hot 4 Shot Deluxe for free with us.

Hot 4 Shot Deluxe appeared in August 2018 in the German gaming platforms and quickly secured its first fans. The reasons are complex. First, the RTP of 95.5% is located in the good average, secondly, the low volatility promises many rather small winnings. Thus, the game turns out to be an ideal beginner’s game, which nevertheless allows the chance of big stakes.

These are the main signs of Hot 4 Shot Deluxe online:

  • Red lettering “Hot” (scatter symbol).
  • Star with “Wild” (wild symbol)
  • Bell
  • Seven
  • Melon
  • Grapes
  • Plum
  • Pear
  • Orange

The winnings table provides information about the amount of winnings.

How to play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe online?

The first tip for playing Hot 4 Shot Deluxe follows promptly: consider how much risk you want to take. You will see buttons below the six reels, which you use to determine how many reels you want to play with. The more reels, the higher the required bet. When you play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe for free, you have nothing to worry about. Then you play with virtual credits. In the case of real money, however, you should not bet a lot lightly.

The bet is automatically adjusted and displayed at the bottom of Hot4Shot Deluxe. You can also manually touch it up and increase it if you want. Between 0.20 and 400, different bets are possible.

Stakelogic was creative when it came to setting the paylines. Each payline goes from left to right. But not every one starts at the left edge. And likewise, each one ends automatically after three identical characters. When spinning, Hot4Shot Deluxe lets you choose between single spin and autoplay mode. This is your decision alone. Instead of clicking the spin button, you can also press the space bar. However, you have surely already figured this out if you are already playing Hot 4 Shot Deluxe for free.

Wild Symbol

The star with “Wild” written on it is the wild symbol. It substitutes for all symbols except the scatter and, when part of a winning combination in the highest game mode (Superbet), triggers a multiplication of the win. When you play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe, you will quickly see how this works.

If you have a Wild symbol in a payline, it will give you a multiplier of x2 in Superbet mode. If you have two Wild symbols in a winning combination, that gives a multiplier of x5 in Hot 4 Shot Deluxe.

Scatter Symbol

If you see at least three scatter symbols at the end of the spin, the Hot Shot feature is triggered. These are not free spins like in other slots, but it is a bonus game. A new screen will be displayed. You will now see three rows filled with the main characters in Hot 4 Shot Deluxe online. These are backed with different values. This is reminiscent of a shooting gallery. When you click, a shot is fired and the value of the symbol that lights up is added to the account balance. You get to shoot once in each row. The sum is your winnings.

Conclusion about Hot4Shot Deluxe free play

If you disregard the somewhat clumsily designed symbols and the yawningly boring sound, you’re dealing with an exceedingly interesting fruit slot in Hot4Shot Deluxe. No matter if you play it for free or for money. The gameplay of Hot4Shot Deluxe has that certain something. Maybe it’s the short paylines that crisscross and provide continuous wins. Or is it the bonus feature? Hard to say. But you will be very well entertained despite the already mentioned weaknesses.

You should take advantage of our offer and play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe for free without registration. Make your own picture of the game and consider if it could be your future favorite game, or if you prefer to play other slot machines for free without registration. We have gathered a lot of demo versions of many slot machines for you. Take the chance to try out all the games.

How to play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe online for real money

If you like, you can either play Hot4Shot Deluxe for free or play Hot 4 Shot Deluxe and wager real money. All you have to do is register at one of the best online casinos. Our lists will help you find one. If you like, you can also look for a good no deposit free spins bonus. This one won’t cost you a single euro, but it will give you the opportunity to practice Hot 4 Shot Deluxe without investing any money, thanks to a given number of free spins. And at the same time, with a lot of luck, you can win real money. Click through our lists and get inspired. The right casino is surely included.

Hot 4 Shot Deluxe slot details

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