Hot Chance by Novoline

Hot Chance – Fruit fun in retro design

Do you like classic slots in the original retro design? With Hot Chance, the slot machine manufacturer Novoline has succeeded in creating a real one-of-a-kind game that you can now also play in the online casino. Wherever you are. All you need is an Internet-enabled device and you’re ready to go.

Do you feel like harvesting some great fruits again? Then this classic slot machine with its typical main characters is a must for you.

  • Collect cherries, lemons, plums or oranges.
  • The stars will bring you a real rain of coins.
  • The number 7 will bring you especially good luck
  • At the bar you can really let it rip.

This fruit machine brings you juicy winnings in a retro look. Novoline may have created a very classic slot with Hot Chance, but it convinces with many multipliers and special features.

With 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 freely selectable paylines, Hot Chance is one of the most popular classics.

You will also have fun with Hot Chance from Novoline, guaranteed. Because you can play this slot online for free and without registration. On your cell phone, tablet or PC. When and where you want.

Hot Chance – How to play

This slot is manageable, because you bet only on 5 paylines, which you can choose freely in Hot Chance. Bet on all of them or just one. It is up to you. You won’t find any scatter symbols, free spins or wild symbols here. But they are not necessary at all for this fruit dream. These are the symbols that are important here:

The Symbols.

When these symbols appear in the right order in Hot Chance online, your cash register will ring:

  • The Seven: It provides a x750 multiplier when 3 appear in a payline.
  • Stars: When 3 stars appear, your bet is multiplied by x200.
  • Bars: Three bars in the right order means 60 times your bet.
  • X: If this symbol appears 3 times, your bet is multiplied by 5.

**The Fruits

These sweet little fruits will give you a fat wallet:

  • Cherries: With 3 cherries in a row you get a multiplier of x40
  • Lemons: They are not sour at all. With 3 lemons in a row you get x40 multipliers.
  • Plums: These purple fruits also give you the your bet x40.
  • Oranges: A juicy x40 multiplier is on your table with 3 correctly arranged oranges.

**The Bonus

This bonus feature is very rare in a classic slot and hopefully you will be able to use it often enough. Because it is activated by a full screen with our great fruits. Stay focused and use all your tricks. Mit diesem Bonus hast Du Gelegenheit, Deinen Gewinn   zu verachtfachen. Sensational in a classic slot game. Even if you want to play Hot Chance for free, this bonus will lift your spirits.

**The Stakes

Playing Hot Chance for free is quite fun, but for a bit of thrill and real winnings you should play with real money. With a good strategy, the stakes are manageable. The minimum per spin is €0.20, and the maximum bet is a whopping €100. Are you a daredevil? Then this game is optimal for you. But also for those who want to play Hot Chance for free without registration, this retro classic is recommended.

Hot Chance is a hot game

With an average payout rate of 95.17%, the chance to win the top prize is within reach. But playing Hot Chance for free also has its appeal and, above all, no risk worth mentioning.

Do you prefer juicy winnings?

You want to snatch the top prize? With a little effort and the right winning combinations, you too can succeed.

Hot Chance slot details

Bonus Rounds