Hot Wheels by WMS

History of the Hot Wheels slot machine

The latest slot machines that you can find, especially online, often know how to impress – special effects that fill the whole screen when you win, sound effects until you drop and, of course, high-resolution symbols. Hot Wheels takes it rather slow and is therefore perfect for all those who simply want to have a quiet slot experience. The slot is very simple in design and reminds us of the good old and simpler days. The slot consists of just 3 rows, features classic fruits that you have to line up and the soundtrack consists of blazing guitar riffs – especially oldschool lovers will feel right at home with this slot from Lionline Studio. This game is similar to Aladdin’s Legacy slot machine.

How to play the free Hot Wheels slots?

Due to the simple nature of the Hot Wheels online slot, the structure and game mechanics are also very simple.

The game itself: As mentioned earlier, in Hot Wheels slots you have to try to line up 3 fruits to get points and thus money. This mechanic dates back to the first slot machines and thus will arouse a lot of nostalgia. There are 5 pay lines – here you have to stop these fruits to get the value. In itself, there is only one particular special bonus round, which is explained below.

  • The betting of different values: Hot Wheels Slots allows for a relatively wide range of different monetary values that can be wagered. Due to the simple structure of the game, it is inherently easier to pick up even small wins – so if you feel confident, try betting a little more money on the different symbols – maybe luck will be with you! You can play Book of ra real money here as well.

So, the traditional game mechanics are also reflected in the way Hot Wheels Slots is played.

The bonuses and winning real money when playing Hot Wheels

In itself, there is only one way to get bonuses in Hot Wheels slots – you have to win. In fact, the special feature of the slot machine is that after each win you get into a kind of small bonus round, which, like the rest of the game, is kept very simple.

In this bonus round, you have to guess the color or type of a playing card. If you manage to guess correctly, there are two different types of winnings: if you guess the color of the card correctly, the payout prize is doubled – or even quadrupled for the type of card. However, if you guess wrong, you lose everything. Play slot machines without registration on our website.

This risk distinguishes Hot Wheels slots from some other current slots – even though the slot machine itself is not very complicated, this optional risk provides an opportunity to multiply your winnings or lose everything. However, since it is optional, you don’t have to do this – after you win, you can simply choose to keep playing; however, by doing so, you lose the possibility of the eventual doubling or quadrupling of your winnings.

Hot Wheels Slots is a simple and exciting experience for those who just want to play slots without any fuss. Play Hot Wheels games for free or for real money!

Hot Wheels slot details

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