Illuminati by Merkur

Everyone knows the story of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, who, according to legend, unite huge treasures and riches among their possessions and keep them well protected from our society. It’s finally time to turn the tables and start searching for these legendary goods. In the Illuminati game, it is precisely your skill and willingness to take risks that is needed to see if you can help with this task. If you follow the tips and tricks of the Illuminati, sooner or later you will be showered with great riches and fat bonus payments. For every slot gambler, Illuminati game online is an absolute must! This game is similar to Dragons treasure 2 slot machine.

Game structure and content

Briefly, the machine is basically very simple in design and forms a good start into the genre of slot machines for the beginner due to its small stakes. Here are the individual features at a glance:

  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • 5 paylines
  • Manufacturer: Merkur
  • Minimum bet: 0,05 Euro
  • Maximum bet: 20 Euro
  • Payout ratio: 96.11%.

The slot machine itself is very clearly and mysteriously designed. On the five reels, there are numerous symbols that are reminiscent of the time of the cult. Among them you can find hooded men, a globe, a wax seal or even the well-known pyramid with the eye. A very mysterious music completes the gameplay experience, and the appealing animations also contribute their part to an outstanding gaming experience.

For the big wins, you want to hit the Illuminati symbol, which promises you a multiplier of maximum 8000 if you hit it five times in a row. Basically, you win from three of the same symbols per payline, if they are in a row from left to right. The more, the better.

Bonus features in the game Illuminati

A Merkur slot would not be a Merkur slot if there were not also certain bonus games or symbols. Here, too, the manufacturer has come up with quite a few. Basically, the eye in front of the pyramid, which is so well-known for Illuminati, is a wild symbol. This means that the pyramid can complete any combination if you hit it in the right order. For example, if it is on a payline between two Illuminati, it will also count as this symbol.

But that’s not all: each pyramid that completes a payline doubles its value, providing additional chances to win and higher returns.

Gamble function for risk takers

Of course, a so-called gamble function has also been incorporated into the slot. This means that after every win you have the chance to double your earnings. All you have to do is draw a card after the successful spin and predict its color. If you bet on the right color, your winnings will be doubled!

The right strategy here is to definitely use the gamble function for small amounts. After all, you have nothing to lose because of the previous win. With big winnings it is very risky to consider the 50/50 chance. Therefore our tip: Gamble with small amounts, with large amounts keep your fingers away! By the way, this function can be repeated as often as you like until you reach a maximum amount of 140€. Then it is deactivated and the game continues as usual.

Play Illuminati – for free and without registration

The best at the end: Illuminati can be played not only for real money, but also “for free”. For this purpose, a good online casino has incorporated a free version, which provides you with a demo version. The whole thing happens without download, is free and works without deposit at the respective provider.

The Illuminati game, which is of course also available in German in addition to five other languages, is therefore the perfect slot for beginners. Not only because of the free version, but also the small stakes when playing for real money provide enough thrills and great fun. The mysterious design and the great music round off the outstanding gaming experience. Try it out now and win!

Illuminati slot details

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