Imperial Riches by NetEnt

Imperial Riches by NetEnt – The most beautiful garden of all slot games.

In Imperial Riches, another modern classic from NetEnt, the player is transported to an ancient Far Eastern garden. When you play Imperial Riches for free, you will literally come to rest as you get to marvel at peaceful colorful koi. Their hustle and bustle is accompanied by a gentle melody. Imperial Riches free to play without registration is something for players who are not only interested in winning combinations and free spins, but for those who value a beautiful design. This definitely plays a big role in Imperial Riches, but without pushing itself too much into the foreground.

When you play Imperial Riches, you’ll notice that it’s all about unlocking the many bonus games by means of the scatter symbols. The colorful koi play an important role in these as well. Imperial Riches is equipped with five reels, 15 fixed paylines and artfully designed main characters. There are no big surprises in terms of the usual winning combinations, whose payout value depends on the high and low paying symbols. As a player, while playing Imperial Riches for free, you may wait for the scatter symbol. If three or more of them appear on the reels, you will not only get Free Spins, but also the chance to win bonus games and thus the jackpot. If you are in the mood for detailed design and also want to be captivated by tangible excitement, you will find the perfect slot machine when playing Imperial Riches for free. This one is guaranteed not to get boring even after long rounds of using the autoplay.

How to master the slot machine – The rules of Imperial Riches online.

These are the elements that make this game so special:

  • Avalanche
  • Free Fall
  • Lucky Pond Bonus
  • Five Jackpots

If the scatter symbol appears at least three times, chances for these features are unlocked in the subsequent ten free spins. Some of them work in such a way that after the end of a round, the reel will resolve the winning symbols. This causes the reel to move forward by one or even more positions. Of course, this reveals to one the possibility of further winnings, provided that the position is right. The described case occurs mainly in Avalanche and Free Fall.

Lucky Pond Bonus opens in a separate window and does not play on the reels and paylines. The previously mentioned koi collect diamonds during the free spins, which they swallow during the rounds. Depending on how many diamonds have been collected, the chance to win one of the jackpots increases. There are five of them in the number. These, in turn, are divided into two. The two lowest levels of the jackpot have a fixed amount that is paid out when a win occurs. The three larger tiers are progressive jackpots. This means that their value increases with each round they are not won. For the player, this means that waiting longer can sometimes be well worth it. If you don’t win one of the progressive jackpots for a long period of time, it will be bulging in the event of an actual win.

This game holds many surprising elements that are worth discovering piece by piece. If you let yourself be surprised, you will be amazed on the one hand by the beauty of the game and on the other hand by the big winnings.

A short conclusion about Imperial Riches Slot – tips and tricks for free online play

Many German online casinos offer Imperial Riches, the game with the beautiful koi carp, in their portfolio. But maybe you don’t want to play the Imperial Riches slot for real money right at the beginning, but first try the slot machine without any risk. The best way to do that is on our site. With us you can play slot machines for free without registration. This means that you can try not only Imperial Riches online, but also a variety of other games without taking any risk. You can choose from classic games with five reels, as is the case with Imperial Riches by NetEnt, but also completely different creative games that are just bursting with ideas. Thus, as a player, you will not only dive deeper into the world of exciting slot games, but also fight your boredom effectively.

Imperial Riches online shows how advanced modern game design has become. No longer is it just about special symbols, like the wild symbol or the scatter symbol, but also jackpots and exciting mini-games built into a slot like Imperial Riches. However, our site not only takes a look at the most modern games, but also takes you on a journey through time, returning to the most famous and popular classics. Switching from one game to another is possible at any time and after only a few seconds a game is ready. This way you develop your own strategy and maybe prepare yourself for playing for real money.

Now it’s time to get down to business – Play Imperial Riches with real money at the casino.

Fictitious winnings in Imperial Riches, the modern classic from NetEnt, are all well and good, but there’s little to be done with them in the real world. Imperial Riches online, of course, offers the possibility to play with real money. To do this, you have to find a casino you trust in Germany. Maybe this one even offers free spins without deposit. These are a real bonus at the beginning, if you are perhaps not quite sure whether you should already play Imperial Riches with real money.

With Free Spins, which you get as a small gift at the beginning, the differences to playing Imperial Riches for free without registration are not that big at first. As with Imperial Riches free to play, the reels spin without any bet of your own. However, this does not mean that you cannot keep your winnings. If you actually win at Imperial Riches, or even get one of the five jackpots, you can keep this money. You can even cash it out. The small bonus at the beginning of the Imperial Riches free play sometimes proves to be the perfect launch pad to start big adventures and winnings. After playing Imperial Riches for free, the change can be so easy. Experimenting is explicitly allowed and who knows what else can happen.

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