Jack Hammer by NetEnt

Jack Hammer Slot Online from NetEnt

Do Marvel fans also go to online casinos? For sure! We no longer have any doubts about this, at least since we had a great time playing Jack Hammer for free without registration. Now you can not only get to know the game with us and find the rules along with a few tips on how to play, but it gets even better: you can play Jack Hammer for free. Sounds interesting? It is! Find out if the slot machine in comic design suits you with our game guide and rating in German!

Our impressions and experiences with Jack Hammer Slot

We’ll play with our cards on the table right away, because if you’re a Marvel connoisseur, you’ll expose us anyway: the story of Jack Hammer has completely passed us by so far. Yes, we’re ashamed to admit this gap in our education. Shame on us, we really didn’t know who or what Jack Hammer is and had already put on our hearing protection before opening the slot, because we associated the game title with a German jackhammer. After all, in Germany we sometimes call the noisy tool Jackhammer and wanted to pay attention to occupational safety. Of course, this is completely absurd, you will now think. But honestly, out of what theme has NetEnt not yet conjured up a template to play with? The slot designers always know how to surprise. In the meantime, we are also smarter and were able to fill our knowledge gap while playing Jack Hammer for free. Besides, our account was filled with play money. Since we started the test without registration, it was of course not about real money, but only about the fun for free. We were able to determine, at Jack Hammer some exciting features, bonus and free spins play a supporting role.

In the middle of a comic: Online Casino with a difference

So we never had a comic book in our hands, possibly other magazines were fashionable in Germany at that time. But through Jack Hammer online we can now guess what we missed. The story seems to be very exciting. It’s about a private detective who has to take on villains. The chief villain is a mad doctor with a crazy look. We wouldn’t wish anyone to have to go to his office in real life. While playing Jack Hammer for free, we had a lot of details to discover on the reels and paylines. The phone rang hot, the slot machine was suspiciously hot, and we’d rather not even talk about the neat secretary here. The best thing to do is to play Jack Hammer for free without registration and see for yourself.

The designers have given everything so that everyone likes to play Jack Hammer.

We would definitely assume that NetEnt has some Marvel experts in its design team, who have given Jack Hammer online their full artistic expression. There must have been some real comic artists at work, because the slot is indeed designed like a comic book. However, you don’t even have to turn the pages when playing Jack Hammer in the casino, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Jack Hammer by NetEnt is a true superhero slot that allowed us to go on a crime spree. Marvel insider knowledge or not, it can never go wrong to help a serious investigator and fight villains. Jack Hammer slot puts you right in the middle of a turbulent world where crimes need to be contained. The jazz music in the background made this task easier, while the sirens and dog barking reminded us: The situation is serious, we will have to play Jack Hammer for free a lot more times until you can park the convertible in the city with the top down again and leave the real money open on the passenger seat. Thanks to NetEnt, there is hope, and the more people who play Jack Hammer for free, the sooner it will be done!

How to play Jack Hammer online without registration

If, despite thorough investigation, you have no idea how to operate this machine, do not worry. It was not built by the evil Dr. Rage, the villain of the story. After all, it is easy to operate and has no traps that could prevent you from turning. By the way, the switch for it is immediately visible, right at the bottom in the center. You really can’t miss it, since it’s green and round. When you press it, the reels spin once. Strictly speaking, they can spin even more often, but we’ll get to that in our bonus analysis. You are surely first interested in the autoplay feature that Jack Hammer has built right in. You can easily find this button just to the left of the regular spin button. Here you have the free choice between different amounts of rounds that are automatically actuated. For example, if you feel like taking a break of about one thousand spins, that’s no problem at all. However, if you are more interested in the more basic features of Jack Hammer, pay close attention now. Five reels with a total of three rows make up your playing area, which comfortably accommodates exactly 15 symbols. All winning combinations happen on the 25 paylines.

The main characters in Jack Hammer

Right. Winning combinations here, reels there. That still doesn’t quite help you visualize what the main characters look like (and their wins) in concrete terms now. When we thought about it, we realized we had to be creative. Instead of letting you stew for an eternity memorizing the winning signs, we could prepare a kind of cheat sheet that shows all the major signs in an orderly fashion. The advantage of such a cheat sheet is that it gives you a quick, rough overview of the odds. Now, let’s see. The symbols are ordered by their winning amount, so you’ll find the more lucrative little pictures further down.

  • The doctor’s nasty glass bulb
  • The ringing telephone
  • The tenpenny newspaper
  • The car with the trigger-happy man
  • The Zeppelin filled with poison
  • The young newspaper man
  • The pretty woman in distress
  • The evil doctor rages
  • Jack Hammer himself, complete with gun

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in Jack Hammer

No matter which game this developer creates, they always think of a sophisticated special symbol system. Be it scatter, wild or yet another feature, you will never be able to claim that Jack Hammer lacks any of them. Right up front, we want to mention the fascinating Sticky Win feature that makes this slot so special. When you get a win after a spin, all the reels will immediately re-spin. The best part is that the previous winning combination remains and can be extended immediately. Thus, it is easier to get a screen that is teeming with wins. Moreover, the process can be activated several times in a row as long as at least one symbol is added to the winning combination.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is known to every experienced casino visitor. However, if you don’t know this one yet (or you do, and just want to check if we are describing it accurately now), then pay attention for a moment. Wins always pay from the left reel. Now, if a winning line has been formed, but a symbol is missing in between, then unfortunately there is no win. But if there is a wild symbol in the gap, it counts as the necessary main symbol and your winnings are collected. So it is virtually all symbols in one! Well, almost all, because there is another special symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The evil plan of Doctor Rage was probably to drop down some time bombs containing valuable free spins. Thus, he would have all the Free Spins to himself and would never have to share again! However, the tables can easily be turned by quickly snatching them away from him with a little help from Jack Hammer. If you see five of them scattered on your screen, you will get some free spins. What’s more, your win totals will be tripled in the meantime, which will finally put a stop to Dr. Rage. And a quick tip on the side: the more free spins bombs you collect, the more free spins you get.

Our verdict: Jack Hammer free to play thwarts nasty plans

But that sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? We thought so too, which is why we absolutely had to use one of the best tricks to try out the game once for free on our portal. Playing slot machines for free without registration just doesn’t have any disadvantages, which is another reason why we just had to use this technique for Jack Hammer slot. This was the first of many steps in which we tested and tried Jack Hammer to find the best ways to play. You are reading the result right now! We hope you use these tactics to play Jack Hammer online.

Play Jack Hammer for real money? This is extremely exciting

After you have taken advantage of the strategy just mentioned, you may want to try playing the game for real money. But to do this, of course, you need to choose your online casino. Please do not underestimate the importance of this act, as a good casino is not only particularly reputable, but also delivers a bonus that will grant you a more promising start in Jack Hammer. Be on the lookout online especially for no deposit free spins! This is likely to be immediately followed by some fun-filled hours at Jack Hammer online, at least that’s how it was for us. The comic book charm and good special features make it that little bit better and make us very confident that you will have as good a time inside the slot game as we did!

Jack Hammer slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol