Jelly Boom by Evoplay

Jelly Boom online slot free games from Evoplay Entertainment

Jelly Boom by Evoplay Entertainment is a very innovative video slot that stands out from the crowd right away. You can join slimy monsters on the hunt for big wins without having to leave your home in Germany. With every win, the chances of clearing more in the same game round increase. If you want to dive into a world that looks like a candy paradise, you can play Jelly Boom for free on this page.

Game structure

Jelly Boom online is an extraordinary slot machine. The game set alone makes a very special impression. There are four reels, each of which has four symbols. There are 40 fixed paylines on this set of reels. Each high-quality main symbol can become a wild symbol. All winning combinations dissolve and a “drop” occurs, which fills the game set with additional characters. After every two drops, one of the symbols gets the wild function. The scatter symbol can be used to activate the free spins. In the free spins feature, some high value symbols can get an additional win multiplier. To get a better view of this game, it is best to play Jelly Boom for free yourself.

Graphics & Sounds

Jelly Boom takes place in a world that looks a bit like everything is built out of candy. There are colorful hills and flowing waterfalls. The hills wobble a bit and give the impression that they are made of pudding. There are one-eyed monsters trapped in bubbles. Only by winning combinations can you help the adorable monsters get out of the bubbles. There is a relaxed and soothing music playing in the background. Evoplay Entertainment has created a fantastic world that is sure to bring a lot of joy to many players. If you would like to immerse yourself in this otherworldly dream world now, you should not wait long and play Jelly Boom.

Tips & Tricks

Here you can play Jelly Boom for free!

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Jelly Boom – A fantastic world

Jelly Boom is a wonderful game that promises a lot of bonus. Evoplay Entertainment has designed this slot in a very innovative way. The characters from a winning combination dissolve. By dropping them, the playing field is filled up again with new icons. This creates additional chances to win. Next to the roller set, there are four monsters in Jelly Boom online, which are the high-value standard symbols. These monsters can be charged with energy and transformed into wild symbols. If you don’t want to miss out on this otherworldly fun, you can play Jelly Boom for free now.


There are eight different standard symbols in Jelly Boom online. Of these eight characters, four icons are high value icons and the other four are base icons. The high value symbols can become wild symbols through drops that take place after winning combinations. In the free spins feature, these characters can even have additional multipliers. A winning combo in Jelly Boom always consists of three or four of the same symbols.

| High Value Symbols | Base Symbols |
| Red MonsterBlue MonsterYellow MonsterGreen Monster | Red JellyBlue JellyYellow JellyGreen Jelly |


The Jelly Boom slot doesn’t actually have a regular wild symbol. However, all high value symbols can be converted into wild symbols through drops that take place after each successfully achieved winning combination. With the first drop, the first monster trapped in a bubble next to the playing field is released from a bubble. If the second drop occurs in the same game round, then the first monster gets the wild function. Another two drops will also give the second monster the wild function. In this way, all four high value symbols can be transformed into Wilds.


The scatter symbol in Jelly Boom online is a colorful raspberry. If you get at least three raspberries, then the free spins feature is opened.

  • 3 raspberries lead to 5 Free Spins
  • 4 raspberries lead to 10 Free Spins
  • 5 or more Raspberries result in 15 Free Spins

Free Spins

Depending on the number of scatter symbols, you can play a certain number of free spins in Jelly Boom. Each high value symbol has a win multiplier, which is times 1 at the beginning. For one of the symbols, immediately at the beginning, the multiplier is increased by the number of scatter symbols in the base game. For each additional scatter symbol that appears on the playfield, if there is a random symbol, the multiplier is increased by plus 1. These symbols can still be converted into wild symbols by drops.


Jelly Boom is always played with 40 fixed paylines. Total bets are determined per reel spin. Conversion to coins is not required. The bet amount per game round is between 0.10 and 75.00.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

RTP is used to describe the average payout of winnings in relation to all bets over the long term. Jelly Boom slot has an RTP of 96%.

Play Jelly Boom for free without registration

Here you can play Jelly Boom for free without registration! A demo game can be played without wagering real money and thus without risk. If you just want to have some fun, learn the rules of the game and test your strategy, this site gives you the opportunity to do so for free. No downloads are required. Likewise, you do not have to register on this homepage. If you want to try one of the games, you only need a current web browser. Just choose the game of your choice, click on it and you can start playing immediately. You should lose no time and play all slot machines for free without registration on this site.

Play Jelly Boom for free now!

Jelly Boom – A colorful world

Jelly Boom holds very good winning possibilities. With a little luck, you can get multiple wins in one game round. Evoplay Entertainment has designed this slot in a really innovative way and this game could become an insider tip in the casino.

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