Jeopardy! by IGT


The developers at IGT have brought another video slot game onto the market that is completely in the theme of the game show of the same name, Jeopardy! The design, graphics and sound effects of the Jeopardy! slot game from IGT are very reminiscent of the original TV show. This makes for a special incentive in this game.

Play Jeopardy! for free without registration

If you want to play Jeopardy! for free, then you have the opportunity to do so in an online casino. Previously, the slot machine for real money games could only be found in casinos in the USA:

  • Sunset Station
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Stardust Casino and Resort
  • Harrah’s in Las Vegas

In modern times, the slot game Jeopardy! is available as an online version in addition to the Halloween special. So you don’t have to make a tedious trip to an arcade, but can play a round of Halloween or Jeopardy! online at your leisure at home. A big advantage is that you can play Halloween Special and Jeopardy! for free. You don’t even have to register for this. Free games have the advantage that you do not take any risk. You can learn tips, tricks and a strategy that can be very helpful when playing slots with real money later on. On Automatenspiele X you can play all slots for free without registration.

The rules

The slot game has 5 reels with paylines and many bonus features. It is equipped with excellent graphics, strongly reminiscent of the television game. Due to the enhanced digital sound, it offers a high entertainment value. All the symbols on the reels feature Jeopardy! logos. Many categories are available just like in the original, such as music, science, animals and sports. Other symbols in this slot game feature the 7, double or triple symbols.

The game instructions

If you don’t want to play Jeopardy! for free but want to wager real money, then first choose your bet between $1 and $5. With that, you can hit the jackpot with a lot of luck. The maximum payout in a jackpot game is 25,000 coins or $25,000. You can reach this sum if you get the Double Jeopardy multiplier five times on the payline. Since the game’s interface is very simple, even non-professionals will do well with it. Due to its jackposts and bonuses, it offers a good chance of winning. A high win is possible due to the wild feature. If only wild symbols are displayed on the reels, then the win is doubled. The wild function is triggered when the reel displays at least three wild symbols.

Real money or play money?

Through the free version, you have the opportunity to look at all the features and extras of the slot machine at your leisure. This allows you to develop your own strategies. In addition to the wild function, it is also possible to get a high win through bonus games. If three bonus symbols are displayed on the paylines, then the Bonus Featrure is automatically triggered. The slot game is structured similarly to the television variant. There is a reward hidden behind each screen. The lucrative Bonus Feature ends when the last Final Jeopardy symbol can be revealed. Currently, the slots are only offered in land-based casinos or casino platforms on the Internet with IGT products. Mobile versions are not yet available.

Our opinion of Jeopardy

This slot lets you relive the nostalgia, the popular show Jeopardy, a popular game show in the 90s. The theme is well chosen and hit, we think that is just a game for the fans of the series and for newcomers to slot games, as just this slot offers a gentle introduction to the theme of slot games. IGT is a very popular manufacturer that puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of their slots, every detail has to be right, and you can see that, the components are carefully selected and well implemented.

Jeopardy! slot details

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