Jewel Box by Play’n Go

Jewel Box slot machine

As the title suggests, the Jewel Box slot machine is about high quality jewels that roll across the reels. Besides sparkling gems, beautifully shaped finger rings and necklaces with pearls are emblazoned on the screen when the Jewel Box game is opened. Thus, the treasures that this game contains are immediately recognized and invite you to dream.

Classically designed with three rows and five reels, Jewel Box is popular among gamers, because experienced gamers know the odds of winning on machines with this structure.

In the background there is noble, dark red satin fabric and provides a soothing atmosphere while playing. The sound is not so soothing and provides the thrill because it seems a bit action loaded.

The slot game was created by the popular software provider Play’n Go. The entertainment software manufacturer can claim a large fan base among gamers. The games are so popular not only because of the loving design down to the smallest detail. The odds of winning the slots are also quite respectable.

Jewel Box free to play is just as possible as with real money stakes in the online casino.

How to play Jewel Box

Before starting Jewel Box from Play’n Go, gamers must first decide between playing slots for free without registration or with real money stakes. Gamers can play Jewel Box for free by simply clicking on the slot. After a short loading time, the game will open automatically without registration.

If gamers want to play with real money, sign up beforehand in one of the best online casinos, where you will be rewarded with welcome bonus or online casino bonus without deposit.

Now Jewel Box can be used online. The rules are identical for both game modes: gamers have the choice in Jewel Box how many of the total 15 winning lines they want to bet on. By selecting all lines, the chances of winning are the highest.

The bet amount can be determined between 1 and 5. Then the reels are set in motion by spinning or automatic play.

Characters that roll across the reels in Jewel Box by Play’n Go are as follows:

  • Finger ring with blue gemstone
  • brooch with purple diamond
  • white pearl necklace
  • silver diamond
  • red gemstone
  • blue diamond
  • green gemstone
  • scatter symbols (jewelry boxes)
  • multiplier symbols.

In this order from top to bottom are designed the valences of the symbols. Thus, the main symbol of the game is the ring with blue gemstone, which multiplies the bet a thousand times due to its fivefold appearance.

The payouts from hitting winning combinations with the brooch or the white pearl necklace are also impressive and provide notable amounts of winnings.

Characters with smaller multipliers are the simple gems, which, however, appear relatively often and thus usually pay out small winning amounts over and over again.

Features of the game

In addition to the method through winning combinations, Jewel Box offers online features.

Due to relatively high multipliers of the symbols, scatter symbols with the free spins feature have been omitted in this slot. Nevertheless, the machine offers lucrative characters:

  • Joker symbols: These characters are golden in design and show multipliers of x2, x3, x4, x5. They appear like wild symbols randomly on the screen in the online casino and multiply the winning amount in an appropriate way by appearing in a winning combination.
  • Bonus symbols: The appearance of three jewelry boxes starts a bonus game, in which the gamer can open one of the three chests. The contents may be kept. In the bonus game there is a possibility to win 150 times the bet.

Play Jewel Box for free

If a gamer is not yet sure whether he wants to invest real money in Jewel Box to be rewarded with winnings, he can play Jewel Box for free without registration on our website.

By playing Jewel Box free of charge, the gamer can prepare a strategy beforehand or implement tips and tricks. Without investing from your own pocket, chances of winning become higher through experience, which can be skillfully implemented in real money betting.

This slot machine is a game that offers almost the same features as the so-called fruit games. Many experienced gamers do without free spins and prefer to use such machines, because winnings are seen immediately. In addition, the game gives you the opportunity to influence. With the bet amount is varied especially in games without free spins features, so that winnings are taken.

Since Jewel Box always pays out winning amounts, players pay close attention and estimate the possibility of the next win. Accordingly, the bet amount is leveled.

Tips and tricks for playing Jewel Box with real money stakes

Jewel Box is a pure game of chance and the best strategy cannot guarantee winnings. However, to make winning chances relatively high gamers can play Jewel Box for free without registration to gain experience. After a few rounds, gamers can better assess when winning opportunities are increased and place bets accordingly.

When playing with real money, it is important that gamers do not lose sight of their money and time limits. Only by setting limits can players rake in winnings even in the long run, if you are lucky.

Online casinos no deposit bonus ensure even higher chances of winning. Also, choose one of the best online casinos that offers welcome bonuses that are worthwhile.

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