Jingle Bells by Tom Horn

Hit the jackpot with the slot game classic Jingle Bells.

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Experience the first slot machines completely new with Jingle Bells

The renowned developer Tom Horn has once again shown what he can do and catapulted this classic appealing and rousing into a completely new league. With Jingle Bells, a game appears that is able to set completely new standards with old familiar standards. This game manages to captivate the player with the classic fruit symbols of the first slots in a way that few other comparable games can. Jingle Bells by Tom Horn is by far one of the most interesting classic fruit slots the genre has to offer. With no other game can you completely relive the first slot machines in such an interesting way.

Rediscover a classic with Jingle Bells online

Especially players who have been involved with slot machine games for a long time should immediately notice it: Jingle Bells is reminiscent of a slot from the sixties or seventies. This has not only something to do with the visual design, but especially with the fruit symbols, which ensure that this game by Tom Horn has a thoroughly rustic character. Since the rules are very simple and it is also a slot machine game with three reels, this impression is naturally reinforced. In a game with only so few reels, the paylines are of course correspondingly high. Jingle Bells offers scatter and wild symbols, such as the joker, so that the fun of the game is not lost with only three reels. In addition, additional free spins and bonus rounds can be earned by the player.

Closer than ever to the jackpot without registration

Those who play Jingle Bells online will quickly realize how much this game, which is kept simple in its basic principle, can inspire. There is hardly any other rustic slot game where the player has the opportunity to win so often with a simple strategy. If you want to experience this fun for yourself, you don’t even need to invest real money. On our site, players can play Jingle Bells for free without registration. Where else do you have the opportunity to experience the charm of a slot machine classic by Tom Horn in such an entertaining way for free?

Play for real money with Jingle Bells

Those who want to try playing Jingle Bells online for real money, of course, have the opportunity to do so in numerous online casinos. With only small stakes of 10 cents to a maximum of 10 euros, players have the opportunity here to crack the jackpot of the game and make the game of their lives with relatively small stakes. Because compared to such chances of winning, the small betting contributions are certainly no obstacle on the way to the main prize.

Jingle Bells slot details

Tom Horn
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