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Joker Fortune online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

In 2017, Dutch developer Stakelogic launched one of its first slot machines, Joker Fortune. In this game, you can see Stakelogic’s design philosophy early on, which focuses mainly on simple and colorful slots. Colorful is the right word to describe the first impression you will have when you access Joker Fortune online. Here and there something flashes and everything is wrapped in bright and friendly colors, that’s how your first impressions will be at Joker Fortune by Stakelogic. However, you can convince yourself of this by playing Joker Fortune for free without registration.

The rules are kept simple, as usual from Stakelogic. Of course, Joker Fortune online also offers you a few special features, so that no boredom arises. Despite all this, this slot game makes sure that the fun and enjoyment are in the foreground. If you want to play Joker Fortune for free without registration, you can do so online for free with a demo version.

The Joker Fortune slot quickly creates an atmosphere like a fairground, which could also be intentional, since Joker means joker or clown in German. But whether this simple design makes this game fun in the long run and whether boredom is really prevented, we want to tell you in this review.


Joker Fortune is composed of five reels with three rows each, in total you have the possibility to play on ten active paylines that are counted in both directions. This makes countless winning combinations possible. The value of paylines can be selected under “Total Bet”, but here the higher the bet per line is, the more you bet in total per spin. The number of lines is fixed. The different paylines can be viewed in the information menu. To get an idea of this, you can play the demo version of Joker Fortune for free.

Sound and Design

The design of Joker Fortune looks like from a fantasy land or a fairground. The colors are bright and seem friendly. Colors like black or gray are not seen at all, instead green and yellow dominate the picture. The background looks like from a children’s game with its rounded corners and clear Super Mario influences. If you look closely, you can see clouds flying by in the background. The symbols are similarly playfully designed, the main ones being fruits with eyes staring at you, but more on that later. However, we have to clearly say that this design is a matter of taste and not everyone will like it. Just take a look at the whole thing when you play Joker Fortune for free.

The sound is also rather playful in keeping with the design, with a friendly and cheerful music playing in the background, giving you the impression of being in a children’s game. In all honesty, we in our editorial team found the whole design of Joker Fortune slot a bit inappropriate, as it too often reminds us of a game for children. We were also disturbed by the fact that every now and then you are laughed at by the game when you fail to win. If you don’t like the sound of the game either, you can turn it off in the “Options”. This is also true if you play Joker Fortune for free without registration.

How to play Joker Fortune

In Germany you can easily play Joker Fortune for free. In this slot game you don’t need any special strategy, as usual in other computer games, here you rely on chance and your luck. Of course, there are a few rules to follow in this game, but generally everything is very self-explanatory, so we can’t give any tips or tricks. In Joker Fortune, you can only directly influence your bet.

Before playing for real money, you should play Joker Fortune for free to get a feel for the stakes and the game. This will also make you more familiar with the features like Wild Spins and Wheel of Fortune.

The symbols in Joker Fortune

Fruits with eyes form the main characters in Joker Fortune, these come in a total of six varieties, the other symbols are a star and a bell with eyes. In the following list, the characters are ordered by the possible wins, with the lowest win first.

  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Plum
  • melon
  • blackberry
  • star
  • Bell

In addition, Joker Fortune also has two additional symbols, a Wild symbol and a Free Spin symbol, which is similar to a Scatter symbol in its functions. The Wild symbol counts as any other symbol, but does not span the entire row. If you get three or more Free Spin symbols, you will get Free Spins accordingly:

  • Three Free Spin symbols will get you 5 Free Spins.
  • Four Free Spin icons get you ten free spins
  • With 5 Free Spin Icons you can expect 15 Free Spins.

In addition, it can also happen that the Wheel of Fortune is randomly activated for one or more reels, these reels are then spun again at the end and show a symbol in all three rows. This guarantees excitement in Joker Fortune online.

Winning possibilities when playing Joker Fortune

If you play Joker Fortune online in the demo version then you have the possibility to bet between 0,10€ and 50€. The main characters, orange, cherry and lemons, bring you in the cheapest variant 0.25 € when appearing 5 times. Winnings depend on currency and provider.

Conclusion: Play Joker Fortune online for free!

If you don’t mind the childish design, you should play Joker Fortune for free. Thanks to its simple design and straightforward rules, you can just sit back and enjoy the game. If you want to play the slot machine for free without registration, then just try it out with us.

Play Joker Fortune with real money

If you enjoy playing Joker Fortune for free, but the free version lacks excitement, then you should try playing at a real casino or online casino. The choice of casinos can be overwhelming, so we have compiled the best ways to play Joker Fortune here. Our selection includes a wide variety of promotions, including welcome packages for newcomers and bonuses that give you free spins without a deposit.

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