Joker Wintime by Stake Logic

Joker Wintime online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

If you thought that slots with a grid of 3 x 3 squares were boring because they have too few paylines, you are very much mistaken. Stakelogic shows with the game Joker Wintime that it can be done differently. That’s why we are happy to present here the slot game Joker Wintime by Stakelogic and explain the rules in all details. Maybe you already knew it. Or maybe you didn’t. Stakelogic is known for stepping out of line every now and then with its slot machines. There are sometimes slots where you can define the number of reels, or there are video slots like this one, the Joker Wintime slot. By the way, you can play Joker Wintime for free without registration. We are allowed to provide you with the demo version of the Stakelogic online game for free and without registration. Thus, you have the opportunity to test this refreshing video game.

When Joker Wintime online appeared in April 2018 in online casinos accessible in Germany, quite a few were surprised. The simple reason: in Joker Wintime slot, these features combine into one video slot. And one did not think that they are possible together. Convince yourself by playing Joker Wintime for free.

The slot has three reels. These display nine different symbols. Even a blank field is possible. This small grid of 3×3 is covered by an incredible 50 paylines. If you have a good imagination, you know that these paylines can’t just stretch from the left edge to the right. No. These winning combinations are also defined vertically or even by means of the corner fields. We know this only from very few games. The payout probability is stated at 94.97%. The low volatility promises continuous smaller wins. A few nice features spice up the gameplay additionally. Do you want to play Joker Wintime for free? Go ahead. Try the demo version right now.

And these are the main characters that will make the winnings:

  • Joker (Wild Symbol)
  • Seven
  • 3 x BAR
  • 2 x BAR
  • 1 x BAR
  • Melon
  • Plum
  • orange
  • Cherries
  • Blue check (empty field)

That’s enough of the foretaste. We come to the gameplay, any tips, tricks and strategies.

How to play Joker Wintime online?

You start by entering your game stake. To do this, click on the “+” or “-” buttons at the bottom of the game screen. The stakes can be varied in the range from 0.50 euros to 50 euros.

Then you spin the reels. Either by means of mouse clicks or space bar. First, a small wheel of fortune is spun on the right edge. The number that appears there is multiplied by your bet per payline and displayed on the “Cherry Meter”. This is the win if you spin 3 x cherry.

Now the reels in Joker Wintime online stop and reveal the winning combinations. Because you’ll have a hard time telling yourself which of the 50 paylines you’ve hit, the computer takes care of that and promptly displays all the wins. There is even a “Mixed BAR prize” if you have three different BAR symbols along a payline. This not only pleases the German player, who is always particularly fond of any features. When you play Joker Wintime for free, pay attention to this. Now you know what that means.

By the way, if you like, you can also activate the autoplay mode and sit back and relax. Now Joker Wintime online runs all by itself as long as you want it to. This saves you from having to spin the reels of Joker Wintime yourself every time.

Wild Symbol

When playing Joker Wintime you will always be happy when you see the wild symbol. Why? Because it is the wild symbol and can substitute for all other symbols. In a 3×3 slot, the effect of this symbol is nothing to scoff at. After all, there are 50 paylines!

Scatter symbol

If the developers had also added a scatter symbol to Joker Wintime online, there would be no stopping players from all over the world. Then the RTP would probably shoot through the roof due to Free Spins and co. No wonder that this casino game has done without one. Convince yourself that playing Joker Wintime is very entertaining even without a scatter by playing Joker Wintime for free with us.

Conclusion about playing Joker Wintime for free

Our conclusion is positive throughout. The symbols are not the playful ones that you know from other video slots. The focus of Joker Wintime is also elsewhere. On the incredible number of winning opportunities measured by the visible grid of 3×3. If you want lovingly designed, playful, elaborate symbols, you are wrong here. We’re not saying that the characters are unattractive. But in some ways, we think they are purposeful. Joker Wintime appeals to a different audience than the slots with the Egyptian antiquity theme. That’s clear. You can still play Joker Wintime for free without registration to see for yourself. Maybe you see it similarly to us and just take note of this fact and enjoy the countless winnings instead of moaning about the beauty of the symbols.

If you want to try out even more games, you are welcome to play many other slot machines for free without registration. Just browse through our site. We have a whole lot of different slots for free on offer. Even ones that are strikingly different from Joker Wintime, for example.

How to play Joker Wintime online for real money

If you like, you can of course switch from playing Joker Wintime for free to playing it for real money at any time. All you need is a good online casino that offers Joker Wintime and a player account there. If you create it smartly, you can benefit from a bonus. And that is exactly when it is one that gives free spins without deposit. You could then use these free spins to play Joker Wintime, for example. If you win, that’s good. This money will be declared as bonus money. You can unlock this according to the valid turnover requirements. You can also use Joker Wintime for this purpose. If you are very lucky, you will even end up with a profit without having invested a penny.

Joker Wintime slot details

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