Joker’s Cap by Merkur

Joker’s Cap free slot from Merkur – game overview.

This popular slot from Merkur is all about the Joker’s cap, as the name suggests. This joker’s cap is by far the most important symbol in the game and quickly turns an average collection of symbols into a real winning firework. But more on that later.

Jolly’s, or Joker’s Cap by Merkur, takes the player back to the Middle Ages with its design and choice of symbols. The music is also appropriately chosen with ancient lute sounds. Of course, the graphics and gameplay are anything but medieval. As usual, Merkur has created a slot here that thrills with great features and winning opportunities. And there are even ways to play Joker’s Cap for free without registering.

How does Joker’s Cap slot machine work?

First, you decide on the bet you want to play with per spin. Then simply press the “Spin” icon to set the reels in motion. These will stop randomly and, optimally, will give you a win. Depending on the version, this win can be used again. For this, there is card risk or the well-known Merkur win ladder.

A setting for an automatic start of the reels is also possible. This function is called Auto Play.

The game is played with 11 different symbols. We have listed these for you here:

  1. 10, J, Q, K, A
  2. falcon
  3. white horse
  4. picture of the queen
  5. picture of the king
  6. jolly the joker (wild symbol)
  7. joker’s cap (wild symbol and scatter symbol)

There are a total of 5 reels on which these symbols can give different winning combinations. A total of 10 paylines give the player massive opportunities to achieve these combinations. The main symbols can be grouped into 5 groups. 10, J and Q all have the same value and are the lowest group. This is followed by K and A with slightly higher value. Next is the brown hawk and the white horse. The image of the blonde queen represents its own group and has the second best value. Then the bearded king is the most valuable. You can see exactly how your bet multiplies in the table below.

| symbol | 3x | 4x | 5x |
| 10, J, Q | times 0.5 | times 2 | times 10 |
| K, A | times 1 | times 5 | times 20 |
| hawk, horse | times 1 | times 10 | times 25 |
| Blonde Queen | times 2 | times 15 | times 50 |
| Bearded King | times 5 | times 25 | times 100 |
The wild symbol is the wide grinning joker. It can substitute for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol of course. By the way, with 5 of these jollies in a payline an extreme multiplier is waiting for your bet! With the jester’s cap, Merkur has come up with something very special in this slot game. Because “Joker’s Cap” not only acts as a wild symbol, but also transforms up to 2 other types of characters into wild. This transformation is graphically very nicely designed and it’s fun to watch as more and more wins gradually appear on the individual lines. The cap literally jumps over to the other symbols and all of a sudden you have a horse with a jester’s cap, for example.

Merkur relies entirely on this feature with the jester’s cap in this slot. The scatter symbol is only responsible for the transformation. There are no free spins, but the winnings that occur due to the appearance of the cap can be very high.

Bet size and auto play at Joker’s Cap free game

Depending on the provider and the legal situation, Merkur has various setting options for the players here. The stakes normally range from 10 cents to a maximum of 20 euros per spin. The gradations are as follows:

  • 10 cents
  • 20 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 Euro
  • 2 Euro
  • 3 Euro
  • 4 Euro
  • 5 Euro
  • 10 Euro
  • 20 Euro

The number of paylines cannot be changed in Joker’s Cap and is always 10.

The Auto Play function has different setting options. You can choose to run 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 games automatically. Additionally, you can set a so-called “Loss Limit” and “Single Win Limit”. With the Loss Limit you can choose after how much loss the automatic mode stops. Gradations are here after loss of 2, 5, 10, or 50 bets. With the Single Win Limit you determine whether the automatic mode stops after a win of a certain amount. For example, after 10, 25, 50 or 75 times the bet win.

Many players swear by this automatic spin and claim that the probability of winning is even higher. However, we can assure you that the random program of the slot machine, whether online or in the Merkur gaming house, is not influenced by it. The possibility of achieving different combinations of symbols is always the same. And slot machines have no memory, so it is not relevant what happened on the machine an hour ago, etc.

Tips and tricks for Joker’s Cap by Merkur

Joker’s Cap is a real slot classic and has been thrilling players in front of the machine or online for years. As with any successful and well-known slot game, numerous rumors circulate on the Internet about ways to increase winnings. Some even promise a sure win.

In this article, we will save ourselves from telling you about these ominous tricks, as we can tell you with certainty that none of them work in the long run. All Merkur slot machines work with a computer program. A random number generator, which makes the individual wins occur with different frequency. This program is logically quite unimpressed by all the techniques that are touted on the net. Especially clearly, we advise you not to spend money on such tips and tricks. Some providers actually want to sell you a PDF file and promise you safe profit tricks in it. This is simply a scam. However, in the next section we will tell you how you can actually maximize your chances and what really useful tips and tricks are for Merkur’s Joker’s Cap.

Play Joker’s Cap for free

You can play Joker’s Cap slot machines for free without registration here on our site. This means you can play Joker’s Cap for free and get acquainted with all the features of the slot. And this is also our first important tip for you. Before you enter the real money mode, take a look at everything so you know what to expect.

The second tip you get is simple. When gambling, prefer online casinos to the old-fashioned gambling houses. You wonder why? Online providers usually have lower operating costs for staff, electricity and so on. Therefore, sometimes higher payouts take place here and other lucrative bonuses often await you as a player. And you certainly can’t play Joker’s Cap for free in the casino.

Play Joker’s Cap online with the chance of real money winnings

In order to have a chance of winning real money, real money must of course be wagered. Some operators of Merkur games, for example, offer the player an online casino no deposit bonus and often a welcome bonus upon initial registration. The welcome package is often a 100% bonus for the first deposit. This bonus can then be used in addition to playing.

So if you want to play Joker’s Cap for real money, we recommend you to choose such an online casino. Please also familiarize yourself with the bonus terms and conditions. Every online casino has slightly different guidelines when it comes to releasing the welcome bonus. A reputable provider always has these conditions listed transparently on the website. Pay attention to:

  1. welcome bonus
  2. no deposit casino bonus
  3. seriousness of the provider
  4. play Joker’s Cap for free (for testing)

Joker’s Cap – Conclusion

So now you know the rules and specifics of this Merkur slot. Furthermore, we have given you a strategy on how to familiarize yourself with the slot and how to best proceed if you want to play for real money. You can play Joker’s Cap for free without registration and get to know the slot better. We wish you a lot of fun with this Merkur classic and above all good luck. Please always pay attention to your gaming behavior when playing for real money. Playing Joker’s Cap online is a nice pastime that players all over the world enjoy. However, as always when playing for money, keep a cool head and keep the fun at the forefront.

Joker’s Cap slot details

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