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Jumanji online slot machine

Dear readers! It is our pleasure to introduce you to a super exciting, action-packed game. We are not talking about just any game, but a casino game. It is the slot machine Jumanji from NetEnt. Since June 21, 2018, the hearts of fans of the world-famous movie Jumanji, starring Robin Williams, beat faster. Because the film adaptation of a book, which thematized a fascinating and mysterious board game, was abruptly joined by a slot game developed by the industry giant NetEnt. Why industry giant? Because NetEnt is undoubtedly one of the largest developers of casino games in the world. So we are not just talking about the German market, but the entire online casino market in the world. Several hundred different games go on the cap of this corporation. With Jumanji, they have once again hit the mark with a large following in Germany and the rest of Europe.

NetEnt itself announced a video slot that is peppered with bonus features. What can you expect at this point? Exactly this. They kept their word 100% with the Jumanji slot. And this is reflected in the rather high RTP, which is the measure of the payout probability. The RTP is stated at 96.33%. That is above average. In return, the individual winnings are not quite as high as in some other games that advertise very high jackpots. And before we get down to the nitty-gritty, we want to give you some well-intentioned advice: You should definitely play Jumanji for free without registering before you jump into the adventure for real money. Then you will know what to expect. In parallel, we put into words what you will soon experience yourself. In the meantime, we’ll reveal everything about the rules, any tips and tricks, and give you ideas on how you could find your ideal strategy.

Jumanji is a video slot as it is written in the book. 5 reels meet 36 paylines. What the experienced player suspects at this point: something has to deviate from the norm. Because most 5-reel slots tend to come with 20, 25 or 40 paylines or 243 winning combinations. The reason for this is a simple one. When you play Jumanji for free, you can see this at first glance. The visible grid is not simply 3 rows high. No. On reels 1 and 5 there are 3 symbols visible, on reels 2 and 4 there are 4 and on the middle reel there are 5 symbols visible. And promptly it’s clear how this works out with the 36 paylines.

And since we’re talking about the symbols: These are the main characters you’ll find. The list starts with the highest quality symbol and ends with those that give the smallest wins:

  • WILD (Wild Symbol)
  • Jumanji game (scatter symbol)
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Crocodile
  • Pelican
  • Card symbols (A – K – Q – J)

What functions wild and scatter have, you will learn a little further down in the gameplay. One thing the different wild symbols have in common. They are beautiful to look at. As you would expect from NetEnt, a lot of attention has been paid to the design. And even more emphasis has been placed on the features that Jumanji online offers. You will learn more about this later. At this point, we will switch to the exciting and versatile gameplay. Have you already followed our tip? We are talking about playing Jumanji for free? If not, we will be happy to remind you. Play Jumanji for free on our site! It is the unique opportunity to explore all the features for free.

How to play Jumanji online?

It is noticeable that NetEnt already pays attention to the brilliant graphics when loading Jumanji slot. Animated 3D effects at their finest fuel the anticipation. Once the slot is loaded, you should take your time to look at the paytable. There you can see how the paylines have been defined and also what features are available. We will summarize these nicely and in German so that you can save yourself the trouble of translating them.

The game Jumanji starts with you defining the bet. The set screws for this are the level, the number of paylines you want to play and the bet per payline. Your bet can be between 0.1 and 200 euros per game. With this, every type of risk is catered for. Then you either click on the spin button, alternatively press the space bar or activate the autoplay mode. This is up to everyone. Those who like to hold the reins in Jumanji online themselves and actively stop the reels will stay with the manual mode. From this point on, almost anything can happen to make a gamer’s heart beat faster. This is not for the faint of heart. Therefore, once again our tip: you should play Jumanji for free in advance and familiarize yourself with all the details.

Now let’s turn and go into what you can expect as a game outcome, because, you remember: this game is peppered with bonus features. And these are what we want to go into now. Each of these bonus features occurs purely at random in Jumanji. It doesn’t need a trigger in the form of a symbol combination or anything like that.

Wild Symbol

The symbol with “Wild” written on it is – Nomen est Omen – the wild symbol, which takes the function of a joker. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols in Jumanji online – except the scatter.

Scatter Symbol

The wooden game that the whole slot is about, namely Jumanji, represents the scatter symbol. The scatter only becomes interesting when you get to see it – no matter on which positions – a total of 3 to 5 times. Then, a bonus game in the form of a board game is launched. This board game is played with a so-called token, a 3D figure of a wild animal (lion, rhino, crocodile, pelican) and two dice. With 3 scatters you may roll 6 times, with 4 scatters 7 times and with 5 scatters even 8 times. Each roll ends with a win. That is already fixed. What the win looks like is decided by the particular bonus feature that is activated. It is one of the following, which can occur at any time even during the normal game rounds. All this sounds complicated? Then don’t bother. Follow our advice, which is to play Jumanji for free.

Occasional Bonus: Sticky Vines Feature.

Should the yellowish flower raise its head in the upper right corner, it’s time to hold your breath. Because now every cluster of identical symbols becomes sticky symbols, the remaining symbols do a respin. And this happens until either there are no more new clusters or until no cluster has grown any further. Such a winning cluster consists of at least three connected identical symbols, such as on reels 1 to 3 in the top one to two rows each a crocodile. The connected crocodile fields with any WILD symbols are held, the remaining field experiences a respin. Should a new cluster of pelicans now form in the rows below, this is also frozen. The rest that is now left is spun again and replaced. Only if the winning combinations do not increase further, all winnings are paid out. And these can turn out to be amazing.

Occasional Bonus: Monsoon Wilds (loosely translated: Wild Monsoon).

This feature is also activated occasionally. Out of the blue, while still spinning, two reels are completely filled with wild symbols. The remaining reels gradually stop and give away the winning combinations. Of course, the probability of handsome wins is high. Especially if you have reels one, two or three full of Wilds.

Occasional Bonus: Monkey Mayhem Feature (loosely translated).

Every now and then, quite suddenly, after a spin, after any winnings have been paid out, a couple of monkeys will cavort in the bottom left corner. They cause all kinds of chaos and swap all the symbols in no time. But not haphazardly. They provide guaranteed winnings. They sort for matching symbols, so to speak. And the result is something to be proud of.

Occasional bonus: Wild Stampede Feature (loosely translated: Wild Stampede)

While you are playing Jumanji and the reels are spinning, the ground may start to shake. A whole horde of wild rhinos will cross the screen from top left to bottom right. They leave behind a blotchy landscape. On closer inspection, you will be amazed. Because suddenly at least 4, at most 9 fields have become sticky game. They stick until the reels stop and the winnings are paid.

The features in the bonus board game

When you play the above board game, there is a possibility to win Free Spins following the features just described. We distinguish between the following bonus games:

  • Vines Free Spins: When this feature is activated, you will get 10 free spins. Each of them follows the rules of Sticky Vines. The beauty of this is that each wild is a sticky wild and stays on the grid until the end of the free spins, providing lots of wins.
  • Monsoon Free Spins: Here 7 free spins beckon, following the rules of Monsoon Wilds.
  • Monkey Free Spins: There are 6 free spins in this Jumanji bonus game, with the monkeys always re-sorting dutifully after the first win payout, ensuring more wins.
  • Stampede Free Spins: 5 free spins are trampled down by rhinos every time. No more grass grows here, but a lot of Wilds every time.
  • Mystery Feature: A carousel is spun. It is full of goodies. Coin wins (up to ten times your bet) or extra rolls for the bonus board game – a lot is possible here.

Conclusion about playing Jumanji for free

If you haven’t done it by now, do it now. Play Jumanji for free without registration! Because if one thing is guaranteed, it’s the entertainment factor. Playing Jumanji online is incredibly fun. The reasons for this are complex. Firstly, the symbols are beautifully made and easily distinguishable to the eye. The sound is authentic and realized in such a way that it is good and enjoyable to listen to it instead of muting it. And we probably don’t need to say anything more about the gameplay, do we? It’s really amazing what NetEnt has come up with to make this game a real jungle highlight. The result is really something to be proud of.

As always, our advice is that you should play all slot games for free without registration. Get to know them at your leisure and also entertain yourself while playing for free. Save yourself the tedious search, play instead for free and without registration. The experience starts from the very first spin. The visible area of the 5 reels already gives the player the first surprise. A grid of 3-4-5-4-3 fields is unusual. 36 paylines are as well. Countless bonus features provide massive positive surprises. The individual winnings are usually not exhilaratingly high, unless you have longer winning combinations with wilds in mind. But the winnings are numerous. And if Fortuna means well with you, you will see that the account balance increases.

How to play Jumanji online for real money

Every friend of cultivated gambling secretly longs for one thing: winnings in the form of real money. Of course, you can win money only if you bet real money. This is the increase of pleasure compared to playing Jumanji for free, which can also be an extraordinary pleasure.

However, so that the game does not immediately become an expensive pleasure, we have a good tip for you here again: look for a no deposit bonus. You can find them under the keywords No-Deposit-Bonus or Free Spins without Deposit. You get this when you successfully register in an online casino as a player. You do not need to make a deposit for this. Just creating a gaming account is enough. The information must be truthful. You can already play Jumanji – for real money as well as just for fun. The free spins are a nice start from the online casino. For example, you get 20 free spins for selected slots like Jumanji. The stake per game amounts to 1 euro, for example. If you’re lucky, you can rake in winnings with them. And these winnings, which are treated like bonus credits, can be converted into real money and actually paid out with even more luck and a lot of gaming fun. As I said – with luck. But just the fact that you are given free spins and thus the possibility of winnings is glorious. This is something you should take advantage of. This way you enjoy the advantage of playing for free and the other advantage of winning money.

Jumanji is worth playing. That much is fixed. Try your luck and test our free variant of the game. Who knows, maybe it will be your favorite game in the future.

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