Jumping Jokers by Novoline

Try Jumping Jokers online and enjoy a typical casino atmosphere.

Fruit slots are the forerunners of modern slot games and have been extremely popular for decades. Due to the advantages of online casinos, you can try games that used to be found only in the arcade from the comfort of your home. In Germany, there are many providers of casino games, so you get a huge choice.

Jumping Jokers is a slot machine from the developer studio Novoline, which is one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry. An archetypal selection of fruits is used as symbols when playing Jumping Jokers. In addition, two main characters occur, through which exciting bonus features can be activated. The design of the slot is kept simple and is further polished by some musical and graphic effects during the spins.

This review will thoroughly go into the rules of Jumping Jokers. Not only are the operations explained, but also the symbols, betting options, features and game modes. Through the tips that can be gained from this, it should be possible to make your own impression of the slot machine. Jumping Jokers slot comes with few rules, so it should be easy for beginners to find their way around.

Overview of Jumping Jokers Slot

| Theme | Fruit Slot |
| Developer | Novoline |
| Reels and Rows | 5 x 3 |
| Paylines | 5 |
| Jackpot | No |
| Bet Options | 2.00 Credits – 100 Credits |
| Free Spins | No |
| Multipliers | No |
| Autoplay Feature | Yes |
| Mobile Version | Yes |
To get your own impression of the game, you can also test the free demo version. This is available on our site without registration and works according to the same rules as the main game. Playing Jumping Jokers for free is completely risk-free, since you don’t bet any real money and therefore don’t have to accept any losses. Nevertheless, playing Jumping Jokers for free allows you to get to know the full range of game mechanics and thus find your own strategy. Playing Jumping Jokers for free without registration or obligations is therefore ideal for making your first own experiences.

Play Jumping Jokers online – From the symbols to the bonus features

Jumping Jokers is played with five reels and three rows, which corresponds to the classic structure of a slot game. Five fixed paylines extend above them. A win is achieved when at least three identical symbols are collected on adjacent reels of an active payline. Scoring always starts from the leftmost reel. The win of each reel is calculated from the displayed symbol combination and the bet. Since you cannot adjust the number of active paylines, the only thing left to do is to change the bet to affect the winning options. This can be varied between 2.00 credits and 100 credits in set increments, with the total bet divided evenly between the five lines.

The symbols used in Jumping Jokers are classic fruits, which are familiar from many comparable slot games. There is also a star, which promises particularly high winning combinations. The joker, which is a wild symbol, gives the game its name. This means that any symbol in a winning combination can be replaced by the joker. In addition, the joker is an expanding wild, so the entire reel will be covered with the wild symbol should it appear.

Another special feature when playing Jumping Jokers is the Mystery Scatter. This pays out regardless of paylines, so can lead to a payout in any position if there are enough symbols. Instead of a definitive win, a prize range is given for each number of scatter symbols. If you collect the corresponding number of scatters, you will receive a random win amount from the given range. Thus, the scatter can become the most lucrative symbol in the game, or trigger comparatively small win amounts.

All symbols in Jumping Jokers at a glance:

  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Plum
  • Grape
  • melon
  • Bell
  • Star
  • Joker (Wild Symbol)
  • Crown (Mystery Scatter)

Free spins cannot be won in Jumping Jokers and other bonus rounds do not occur. However, there is a gamble option through which you can re-bet your winnings. The card gamble confronts the player with a deck of playing cards from which one card is revealed. The player has to predict whether a red or black card will be revealed next. If you guess correctly, you double your winnings, but if you are wrong, you lose your entire bet and the feature ends. The trick to being successful at card gamble is not to push your luck when you have made a few correct picks.

Final words about Jumping Jokers by Novoline

Novoline has created an excellent slot online with Jumping Jokers, which draws on both classic influences and modern elements. Collecting fruit to create winning combinations is a timeless gameplay principle that is skillfully combined with interesting features in this slot. Due to an Expanding Wild symbol and the exciting Mystery Scatter, there are sufficient impulses to not let boredom arise.

Especially when playing slot machines for free without registration, you can get a good impression of a slot. On our site you can play Jumping Jokers for free and thus gain experience with the game for free. Since you do not bet any real money when playing Jumping Jokers for free, you do not take any risks. Playing Jumping Jokers for free without registration is an ideal way to get into slots in general.

Play Jumping Jokers online for real money

Playing Jumping Jokers for free is an excellent exercise, but unfortunately you can’t collect any real winnings. For this option, you have to wager real money, which is only possible after registering at a casino or similar provider. German sites often have starting bonuses or other promotions on offer, through which one is rewarded for registering. For example, you could receive free spins without a deposit for Jumping Jokers. Other promotions also occur, some of which are available even after the actual registration. Cashbacks, for example, fall into this category.

Such offers can be very lucrative, but they are usually linked to extensive conditions. In order not to lose a certain advantage, it is advisable to study the conditions of each bonus carefully, especially with regard to time limits. Jumping Jokers is an excellent introduction to the world of online gambling, through which you can playfully gather your own impressions.

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