King Arthur by Tom Horn

King Arthur game by Tom Horn

The wind rushes past the castle in the moonlight. Occasional lightning flashes between the passing clouds. King Arthur by Tom Horn offers a sense of play, full of mystery and anticipation. Every image is full of detail. Be it the wizard Merlin behind his great wooden staff, the Knights of the Round Table, or Arthur himself leaning on Excalibur. With King Arthur, Tom Horn has created a slot machine where winning real money becomes an adventure. If you want to start the game now, click here.

  • Great odds
  • Bonus games
  • Wild symbols

It all starts with setting the paylines. A total of up to 15 lines can be selected. The player decides how much to bet per line and thus his total bet. If the same card lies several times on a line, this is a win for you. Five wild symbols here bring the highest win with a ten thousand times the bet and the lowest is three shields of King Arthur, which quintuples the bet. At Automatenspiele X you can play all free slot machines without registration.

The wild card can also be wild here and for all other symbols apart from the scatter and bonus symbols. The round of the table knights can bring free spins. The trick is to go for a higher bet, especially when free spins are won. Therefore, a secret tip is to keep the bets low before you get few wild and scatter symbols. Subsequently, you can increase the rate per line.

Quick wins through bonus games

If you play King Arthur for free for some time, you will also get to know the different bonus elements. Arthur with Excalibur can trigger the bonus game “Battle for the Treasure of Tintagel Castle”. In the case, Arthur fights against Mordred for the hidden treasure at Tintagel Castle. Three card scatter symbols on the first, third and fifth columns starts the bonus game “Unite the Kingdom”. In this bonus round, Britain is divided into twelve regions. Each region has one of six resources. You have to find the right resources by clicking on the different regions. In doing so, you can collect a bonus, which can double up to 240 times during the bonus game.

Play King Arthur for free and win real money

You start with a virtual starting credit of 1,000EUR when you play King Arthur for free. The maximum bet per spin is 15EUR. Even if you only get started with virtual money, the thrill is great with every spin. Tom Horn has designed a special online slot machine with King Arthur. The fun of the game lies mainly in the variety of bonus games, but also in the process of developing the right strategy while playing.

In King Arthur online, the most important thing is to use the right paylines. If you understand how to use them for yourself, you can master this slot game in no time. If you practice online long enough, you will see through all the rules and then you will master the paylines.

You can now play King Arthur for free without registration on our site. Click here and practice your skills. Learn all the tricks in the free variant and then try it with real money. With the right winning combinations, you can dust off a lot of euros.

The final verdict

King Arthur is a nice slot game, the theme was well hit and the manufacturers have put a lot of effort and attention to detail, however, we are so a bit lacking the thrill, so this slot is especially good for beginners who first need to learn the basic rules, but also for those who need a slot simply, and all the extra features just annoy, it’s a nice solid slot and we would recommend it.

Good luck and have fun!

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