Koi Princess by NetEnt

Koi Princess by NetEnt – the world of mangas in a slot game

The development team of NetEnt has been inspired by the great world of mangas for the slot game Koi Princess. Mangas are a Japanese form of comics influenced by ancient Asian traditions. Playing online, even if you haven’t had any contact with mangas before, you will get a good idea of what this art form is all about. Playing Koi Princess for free is, of course, a must for players who are already fans of manga. For the Koi Princess slot, NetEnt has spared no expense and effort and created its own manga character with the eponymous Koi Princess. But not only this main character contributes to the good overall impression when playing Koi Princess for free.

The Koi Princess slot – coordinated down to the last detail

From the main characters to the rules – when playing Koi Princess, it actually feels like you’re leaving the world of classic slot games and diving into a Far Eastern adventure. The reason for this in Koi Princess free to play are the many elements that make you the protagonist of your own adventure:

  • The music: the background music of Koi Princess is typically Asian. It is gentle and yet full of passion playful. What makes it special is that it adapts to the gameplay to the second. What happens with the reels and the main characters in the German online casino is reflected by the music. This makes you feel like a real hero, roaming through chapter after chapter of your own adventure.
  • The design elements: In the casino, you quickly notice that NetEnt has really gone into detail when designing Koi Princess online. What makes it special is that a concrete and consistent design language runs from the main characters to the features that provide the exciting moments when playing Koi Princess for free without registration.
  • The rules and the strategy: Once you get to enjoy the many features of Koi Princess’ unique set of rules, you’ll find that the amazing complexity is, of course, on the one hand used to reap big wins, but on the other hand it’s also a way to dive even deeper into your own manga adventure. Practically behind every spin at Koi Princess online a new adventure is waiting.

Tips and tricks are not necessary – headlong into the Koi Princess online adventure

A special feature of Koi Princess are the symbols themselves. Winning combinations are created from at least three identical symbols. The main symbols are the following:

  • Koi Princess
  • The green frog
  • The golden dragon
  • The Japanese gold coins
  • Playing card symbols from 10 to A.

Conveniently, there is also a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols and increases the probability of winning. The scatter symbol does not exist here.

Koi Princess is a game of many features. You may notice that the game with the reels is almost step-motherly treated. However, this is a good thing, because the winning combinations and the paylines are, after all, merely an entry point to the numerous features. There are two groups of features:

  • Features during the normal spins
  • Features during the Free Spins.

While there are numerous features, this does not mean that they are particularly complex. The beauty of them is that they are self-explanatory. For example, special characters appear that guarantee a win with five of the same symbols in the next round. So, with many of the features, it doesn’t even require the player’s intervention. In others, you use a wheel of fortune to determine what special features await you during the free spins. It is especially nice when certain features are combined during a round. Then the winnings happen almost on a conveyor belt. There are always new combinations, so the excitement never ends.

Play Koi Princess for free without registration – fun and excitement at the limit

The design of Koi Princess represents a mixture of a traditional slot and a modern video game. So, if you like to play both of them, this slot is the perfect choice for you. If you want to see for yourself how well the fusion works, just try out the game for free and without registration. You can start right away completely free of charge. When, how and with which device does not matter. This option is particularly suitable for players who don’t want to swot up on rules forever. Here, for the first time, it’s all about one thing: maximum gaming fun. This slot machine guarantees that like hardly any other in Germany.

Almost in every round you can count on a feature. There are so many that you have to get used to your winnings first. If you draw a conclusion about the game, you will see that the developers have used the basis of a conventional slot to create something completely new and exciting. Here we can see where the road may lead in the future. Playing slots for free without registration is perfect if you already want to dive into this new and big world of groundbreaking games.

Now it counts – play Koi Princess for real money

This game, Koi Princess online, is different every round. How the adventure will turn out can never be determined in advance. Therefore, it is all the more important to put the slot through its paces beforehand. If you do this extensively, you will quickly realize that the many features are not hurdles, but are an elementary part of the manga game. Those who like to plunge into the adventure and already have the hang of where the big winnings are waiting for them, may want to switch from playing Koi Princess for free to the somewhat more exciting game for real money. This is especially easy if you have already gained experience with the paylines and the many free spins, and if you claim your bonus from the casino of your choice. Free spins without deposit are a good example of this. These are not free spins that are triggered by a feature, for example, but spins where the casino does the betting as a thank you for signing up. This reduces your risk back to what you are used to from playing Koi Princess for free. Even though you don’t have to pay your own bet, you get to keep all your winnings. Maybe the right winning combinations will work out so well that you will get a comfortable cushion of coins right from the start.

Koi Princess slot details