Lady of the Moon by Pragmatic Play

Lady of the Moon by Pragmatic Play – A slot machine as a work of art

Slot games are all the same anyway and there are hardly any differences – anyone who makes this claim does not know the games of Pragmatic Play. They have become the benchmark in terms of innovation and ingenious game design. Lady of the Moon shows in perfection why this is so. When playing Lady of the Moon for free, the entire gameplay is based on an ancient Chinese legend. All players can even easily read this in the Lady of the Moon online rulebook. The main character, Lady of the Moon, is called so because, according to the legend, she drank from an elixir that made her immortal. The price for this was her banishment to the moon. When playing Lady of the Moon for free, you even have the opportunity to choose one of the two main characters before the reels start rolling – you can choose between the Lady of the Moon and her earthly counterpart from the past. This is not any applicable tips and tricks, but rather a nice detail that once again clearly shows the level of motivation and inventiveness of the developer company. Each element of this game is just another one of the many reasons why you should not miss out on playing Lady of the Moon for free in any case.

While playing Lady of the Moon online, one or two players will certainly also come to the conclusion that this reel game is perhaps the most beautiful slot ever in terms of design. The characters, for example the wild symbol or the scatter symbol, are so filigree that you could think they actually originate from an ancient Chinese storybook. If you want to experience firsthand what Pragmatic Play and its team are capable of, you should definitely not miss Lady of the Moon online. Even if you see your hobbies rather elsewhere, you have to give the design its credit.

With these rules you will become the ruler of Lady of the Moon – The strategy for the slot game from Pragmatic Play

Paylines, free spins and a few special features – that’s actually what all slots are waiting for. However, it is always the constellation that is needed to enjoy free spins, for example, that is interesting. Lady of the Moon online chooses a path that deviates somewhat from the norm. An example of this is the unusual number of 13 fixed paylines. Likewise, after the matching scatter symbols appear, there are 13 free spins. Of course, this was deliberately chosen in Lady of the Moon free game to give emphasis to the special nature of the exciting ancient Chinese story. However, the special symbols that appear in this constellation are particularly important for the gameplay in Lady of the Moon free play:

  • Wild symbol: There are no surprises here. In this game, the wild symbol ensures that winning combinations are completed by simply replacing main characters without further ado.
  • Scatter Symbol: It occurs only on reels one, three and five and triggers free spins.
  • Bonus Symbol: Starting with three bonus symbols, a special bonus game is unlocked. In this game you have to collect as many points as possible. These are paid out afterwards.

A clear conclusion for the Lady of the Moon slot – play Lady of the Moon for free without registration.

The nice thing is that playing Lady of the Moon for free without registration is actually completely free. Even without registration, it goes without a hitch. If you fancy the concentrated beauty of Lady of the Moon, just grab your terminal and take advantage of the offer of the slot play for free without registration. No matter from where and when you decide to play, after a short loading time Lady of the Moon is available online – absolutely free of charge. You can easily find this and also other mystery games on our website.

The climax of the saga – Play Lady of the Moon for real money

The big bonus of already playing Lady of the Moon for free is that you have already entered the playing field, in this case the reels, without any risk. If you are already well aware of the workings of the online game Lady of the Moon and react exactly right when the main characters are right or winning combinations trigger a feature in the German online casino, you are ready to take the next step. This is called: playing the Lady of the Moon slot for real money. But you wouldn’t be a shrewd gambler if you didn’t choose the casino in Germany to play Lady of the Moon that adds something for free to a registration. In many cases, for example, there are free spins without a deposit. Winning money, but paying nothing for it – that certainly sounds very tempting. Lady of the Moon by Pragmatic Play is always worth a try – especially if there really is no risk involved at the beginning.

Lady of the Moon slot details

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