Leprechaun Carol by Pragmatic Play

Leprechaun Carol by Pragmatic Play – a free slot game with Christmas flair.

Christmas is a time when family gets together, stories are told and many a myth is brought back to life. The special flair of Christmas is the motto of the slot machine Leprechaun Carol from the developer Pragmatic Play. The traditionally built product first presents itself as quite classic when playing at the online casino. However, Pragmatic Play would not be known as one of the most innovative companies in the industry if the Leprechaun Carol slot did not have one or two special features to offer. For example, when playing Leprechaun Carol, giant main characters appear in addition to the wild symbol or scatter symbol. These special features are of course accompanied by one or the other feature when playing Leprechaun Carol for free without registration. The volatility is set a bit higher in Leprechaun Carol free play, but that is one of Pragmatic Play’s trademarks. Deliberately, it’s not just about reels, paylines and the usual rules, but mainly about the features, which turn out to be a real bonus for any player playing Leprechaun Carol online. If you get into a feature or receive free spins in Leprechaun Carol slot, a different strategy is required. Tips and tricks that you acquire in the course of playing Leprechaun Carol for free then turn out to be a real bonus.

Leprechaun Carol online – the Christmas game in detail

The general rules during the reel game of Leprechaun Carol are not a big surprise. There are both wild and scatter symbols with the familiar functionality. Leprechaun Carol free play gets interesting during the features that are triggered including the free spins. After the conventional reel game, there is a preliminary stage to the features in this slot:

  • Wild symbols rain down randomly from above and position themselves on the reels.
  • The big wild symbol appears and covers several reels at once.
  • After a spin, the player chooses between five musical instruments to receive a possible prize.

These features can be triggered during free spins:

  • Before the rounds, the player selects a certain type of mushrooms. If they appear on the reels during the Free Spins, it means that an automatic multiplier is applied to the wins.
  • The player collects golden coins during the rounds. The more coins collected during the Free Spins, the higher the final total prize will be after the Free Spins end. After each round, the prizes already collected are multiplied. So, the more coins appear during, for example, 15 free spins, the better it is for the player in the end.

Leprechaun Carol play for free without registration – a short conclusion about the slot machine.

With its nice design and friendly characters depicted on the main and special characters, Leprechaun Carol online almost seems a bit childish. However, if you take a closer look at the slot, you will quickly notice that you are dealing with a top class slot machine that deliberately uses all the innovations of modern game design. The developer, known for its features, has once again created an online game that deliberately departs from the classic image of the reel game. Leprechaun Carol definitely appeals to a new generation of players who are spoiled by console and PC games and always crave for something new. The deliberate theming of Christmas makes Leprechaun Carol free to play the perfect accompaniment for wintry days towards the end of the year. That’s when you find the time to play slots for free without registration, which invites you to play a little game at any time of the day or night. Whether on a cell phone, laptop or tablet, the slot game is responsive and thus perfectly adapts to the resolution and format of the screen.

What comes after playing Leprechaun Carol for free? – Real winnings are waiting in German casinos

Playing Leprechaun Carol for free and without registration – that sounds excellent and is a wonderful opportunity, especially for new and interested players, to get involved with the matter without any risk. The fact that playing Leprechaun Carol can offer a whole other level of excitement is shown by playing for real money. If you are a clever player, you can play your first Leprechaun Carol games without any risk. In Germany, many casinos offer Leprechaun Carol online including free spins without deposit. As with Leprechaun Carol free play, you start with a credit balance that naturally increases when the winning combinations are right. Even if you have not wagered for these game rounds at Leprechaun Carol, the winnings may be kept. This makes Leprechaun Carol online even more fun and the increased excitement is guaranteed when playing for real money anyway. The right bonus, available at the casino of choice, once again clearly shows the esteem in which Leprechaun Carol is held. A high payback rate, exciting animations and gameplay that always means amusement and pleasure.

Leprechaun Carol slot details

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