Loa Spirits by Merkur

Loa Spirits slot from Merkur

In this slot you will dive deep into the jungle and explore a strange people. Here it is possible to win up to 50 free spins with wild symbols. And this with a payout rate of 96.44 percent. A great game awaits you in the online casino even without registration. You won’t miss anything here, because there are enough paylines, scatter symbols and plenty of free spins. If you like, you can also play Loa Spirits for free. We would like to give you some tips and tricks for the popular slot.

Play the Loa Spirits slot machine

As soon as the reels stop, the paylines are evaluated. The symbols are evaluated from left to right and the highest win of the respective payline is evaluated. If this results in multiple wins, they are simply added together. In addition, you can win a bonus with the right symbols on the reels.

The wild symbols can easily replace all other symbols. In the right order, you can win up to 50 free spins. For all free spins, the winnings are counted double. A bet is not necessary here. This also works if you want to play Loa Spirits for free.

Play Loa Spirits online for real money.

With the plus and minus buttons you can choose the bets. In this game from Merkur, the maximum bet can also be selected with just one click. This bet is then automatically deducted from your balance. Now you can either start the reels manually or use the autostart function. Now the reels will spin until you deactivate the function again or your balance is used up. You can specify the number of games to be played but also before.

Many casinos also offer you the possibility to play Loa Spirits for free. If you want to see the paytable, simply select the Paytable item in the Merkur game. From a win of 5 cents, you can have it credited to you or select the card and ladder risk.

In card risk, you choose the color that you think will appear next. If your prediction is correct, your winnings will be doubled. If you choose the ladder risk in this slot game, you can win up to 140 times with the right strategy. If you like, you can also split your winnings and the bet will be halved. If you choose the “Pay out” option in Loa Spirits, the winnings will be added to your balance.

Play Loa Spirits for free without registration

You can play Loa Spirits online either for free or for real money. On our site this is possible at any time and can be quite lucrative. And with the right winning combinations you can win a lot of money. However, to get to know the game properly, the free variant is certainly the best option. This way you can get to know the rules and the main characters without taking any risks.

Play Loa Spirits with real money

However, it is only really fun when you have achieved the first winnings. Because then you can really exhaust the prize ladder and maybe even fulfill a dream with the subsequent winnings. Of course, this slot is also a pure game of chance, but the bonus functions and the numerous features allow you to win many thousands of euros if luck is with you. Surely not the worst incentive to play a slot. We wish you much success.

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