Lucky 7s by Bally Wulff

If you are looking for a user-friendly, simple slot without a lot of bells and whistles, Lucky 7s is the right choice! The slot machine from WGS Technology impresses with its simplicity and the symbols include cherries, money bags and different variations of the number 7 besides the Lucky 7 itself. There are not many extras here like bonus rounds or free spins. Thus, the slot is ideal for people who have never sat in front of a machine and are not well acquainted with it.

The fact that you can play Lucky 7s for free means that you can gamble without any risk and without having to fear any financial losses. If you don’t want to gamble for money, but just to have fun or practice, you can do so. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to learn the structure of the casino machines and experiment with the virtual stakes to see what sums bring the most profit.

Lucky 7s: Tips and tricks when playing in casinos

Those who sit down to play slot games usually do so because they are looking for entertainment or want to win some money. It is not uncommon to find players searching the Internet for special strategies to outsmart the slot machines and get money faster. But a word of warning is in order here: sites or people who give such “tips” should not be taken too seriously, because this is purely a matter of luck! Some people win large sums after just a few minutes, others play for hours and go home empty-handed.

To win in slot machines, you need 3 or more identical symbols on the reels; these must be arranged on a winning line from left to right and must also not be interrupted by other symbols.


What you should know about this slot

Before you start gambling, you should of course read through the most important info to get an overview. Here is a summary of the most important things to know about the Lucky 7s slot machine:

+ Autoplay Option: Lucky 7s games have an autoplay feature.
+ Bonus Rounds: There are no bonus rounds in this slot game.
+ Free Spins: There are no free spins.
+ Multiplier: The slot machine does not offer multipliers.
+ Scatter Symbol: There is no scatter symbol in this game.
+ Wild Symbol: There is no wild symbol here either.
+ Win Lines: The slot has 7 paylines.


  • Reels: This slot machine has 7 reels.
  • Manufacturer: The slot machine was developed by WGS Technology.
  • Highest Payout: There is a jackpot of 2500 coins to be won.

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You can play Lucky 7s online through Bally Wulff and so you don’t have to leave the house first and can play comfortably from your sofa. The fact that there are no extras here makes the slot very attractive, especially for inexperienced players, as you can fully concentrate on the essentials of the game without being distracted by other things. But since the slot also offers a jackpot, even old hands will find it interesting, because who wouldn’t want to go home with a 2500 coin jackpot? The slots are also available in German, which makes it more and more popular in online casinos. All in all, we can say that although the slot is very simple in design, it is definitely worth playing due to its user-friendliness and the jackpot.

Lucky 7s slot details

Bally Wulff