Lucky Lady’s Charm 10 Deluxe by Novoline

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 Slot Free Games from Novoline

We recently had one of the best slot machine tests ever. We were allowed to test unlimited a game from Novoline, which is one of the most famous of all slot machines in any casino and has been re-released several times. We spent many hours with Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 online and have great news for you: Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 free to play without registration is possible with us and at the latest since we offer Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 online, our server is running hot.

The slot game is also hot. We’ll just chat a little bit from the secrets…

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 Slot Description and Features

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 is not only famous in the countries where German is spoken, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but is booming internationally in every online casino. Novoline has gained a huge piece of its fame for sure through this very game. In principle, the possible reason can also be seen at the very first glance at Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10: every single detail is wonderfully pretty to look at.

The background is pink and the slot looks very feminine. But can that be the only reason? Even purely mathematically, it is impossible that only women access Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 online. The people who play Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free are male and female casino fans. So it’s not because of the pink background, but there are many fabulous features in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10. With the total work of art, Novoline has truly earned the fame!

The Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 slot is charming through and through.

The slot manufacturer has come up with a very good and fitting title for the pretty slot game. The “charm” in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 on the one hand indicates charm in the sense of “charming” and fits extremely well. However, according to another German translation, one could also feel reminded of a talisman or lucky charm. That’s exactly what you do immediately when you open Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 online!

First of all, a young lady can be seen, who has an incredibly charming charisma. Her look seems to say that players are welcome to play Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free without registration at any time. It’s rare that you can just show up at such an attractive young lady’s house without registration and spend time with her for free. With an escort service you would have to pay a lot of real money! Not so with Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 Slot, where playing Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free is a matter of course.

Playing Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 is fun for every casino-goer.

The lady seems a bit arrogant despite her great looks, that’s why her aura doesn’t fail to make an impact on female players. Don’t get the idea that only men succumb to the blonde’s charm! Women also find Lady’s presence enriching and often report that Lucky Lady could very well be their best friend in real life. She willingly shows all her trinkets and lucky charms, so there is always something to talk about. You could exchange tips and tricks on styling entirely among girlfriends. One would book a style consultation with her immediately. Whenever you go to play Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free, the lady is always perfectly dressed and made up.

Everything about the Lucky Lady seems to be so perfect, and not only visually. The protagonist in the slot game also knows the strategy to win in the casino and somehow is always in a good mood. Kein Wunder, denn sie darf ja den ganzen Tag spielen, bekommt regelmäßig Besuch von netten Leuten, hört die tolle Musik im Lucky Lady´s Charm Deluxe 10 Slot   – und sieht dabei blendend aus. Not a single hint of eye circles is visible. Why do we mention that last detail? We now know from our own experience that after no more than nine hours of playing Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free, we get rings under our eyes.

How to play Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 from Novoline

Before we get further into the outer values of the lady and it slots, let’s get to the inner values. You will experience the charm yourself when you play Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free.

We will explain how it works:

If you are wondering what the slot machine has to offer in terms of content, you will finally get the answer. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 by Novoline offers innovative gameplay and cannot be compared to any other slot machine on the market. Lucky Lady offers two separate pairs of 5 reels each. Remarkably, while the left set of reels has only four rows, the second set of reels has twelve!

But now let’s get down to the gameplay and rules. If you are playing Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for the first time, you might not even need this information, because the gameplay is quite intuitive. If you haven’t opened the slot game yet, here are a few clues on how it works:

  • Step 1: Set your total bet. Some slot machines make deposits dependent on the number of paylines, but not this one.
  • Step 2: You can now choose whether you want to press the start button yourself for each spin, or just sit back and relax via autospin.
  • Step 3: Wait and watch as the 10 reels spin and cross your fingers for rewarding winning combinations.

Basic info about the gameplay and the winning symbols.

To enter on the bet, which was just mentioned at step 1, you can choose between 1 and 100 coins per spin. Thus, you can always adjust to the level of your player account and vary the bet amount accordingly.

If you look carefully at the reels, you will see a rainbow of winning symbols. They are all lucky charms, but how to find your way around them? No problem, here we have sorted all the main characters according to their value, from relatively low coin value to a bet level interesting for high rollers.

The Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 main symbols

The card symbols from the 10 to the Ace you will recognize from a standard deck of cards. These pay out the lowest. Make no mistake though, a good winning combination of these symbols can add up to handsome win amounts.

The shamrock and gold coin are a bit more valuable as the main symbols, as they are the Lucky Lady’s good luck charms – and yours surely will be soon.

The ladybug meadow and the rabbit’s foot at night are especially large and take up a lot of vertical space. This means that, with a little luck, you can win as many wins in a row.

Special features and bonus games in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10

Of course, no special symbols should be missing from a really good slot. Fortunately, Lucky Lady has taken care of everything. When 4 consecutive Wild symbols appear on a reel on the left set of reels, the corresponding wheel is completely replaced with Wilds on the right set of reels, opening up huge winning opportunities. However, a wild symbol is not all that Lucky Lady has in store.

The lucky lady has also prepared a scatter symbol that can appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 of both groups of reels. If a total of 3 or more crystal balls are seen, you will get an instant cash prize and at least 8 Free Spins. During these free spins, any single wild that appears on the left reels will be transformed into a Stacked Wild on both reels.

Our verdict: Playing Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 for free is the most charming temptation.

We also want to make you as happy as possible, and we don’t want to put this task completely on the shoulders of Lucky Lady. She is busy with Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 around the clock and is online non-stop. We have landed a huge lucky strike and may announce that the slot machine is waiting for you with us! It’s completely free and you can have a good look around and spin the reels for no real money as often as you like.

Well, are you happy yet? Then we have reached our goal and we are happy that we can offer you free slot machine play without registration. You will be given play money and can use it to complete free spins. Very quickly you will make friends with the friendly lady and learn all the tricks you need without investing a single cent!

Win real money with Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10

Surrounded by so many lucky charms, you will certainly quickly feel the need to enjoy the rush of happiness with real money as well. Wo könnten Sie das besser als bei  Lucky Lady´s Charm Deluxe 10? With our help and an extra portion of luck, you may even redeem some valuable free spins without a deposit, because you will receive various coupons and bonuses for the world’s best online casinos!

This is our gift for you and from Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10. Only one request we have for you: you may know the saying that you can hardly or not at all grasp your luck. Please rethink, because in the online casino this saying does not apply. You can grasp your luck at any time – just grab it!

Lucky Lady’s Charm 10 Deluxe slot details