Madame Destiny by Pragmatic Play

Madame Destiny by Pragmatic Play

Some experiences can’t be paid for with real money. Play Madame Destiny for free without registration for example! Who is Madame Destiny, you may now be wondering. Does she live in Germany? Is she single? We immediately asked ourselves the same question and took a close look at Pragmatic Play’s slot game at the online casino. The lady is stunning! She is wicked, mysterious and secretive and we were honored that Madame Destiny wanted to play. Madame Destiny slot is a great virtual playground and the matching music makes the game even better! Now, before we send you to Madame Destiny online, we would like to introduce you to her customs. Learn how to catch some free spins and bonus with the right strategy, we had a feeling this pleased the lady of the house a lot. At least she promised that players from Germany are welcome to play Madame Destiny for free again anytime! Well, if that’s not a sign of fate?

How to play Madame Destiny online without registration

Now we will introduce you to the features of Madame Destiny by Pragmatic Play. We paid particular attention to the fact that there is an autoplay function. In this, we were not disappointed and even noticed that the Madame Destiny online allows some changes to its autospin machine. Thus, you can change the number of spins and much more according to your needs. In terms of reels and paylines, the slot is like Madame Destiny itself: Classically beautiful and with many hidden qualities. Pragmatic Play keeps the whole design simple, in that there are five reels, each divided into three rows. 15 symbols are visible at the same time, as it is usual and traditional. So are the paylines, ten in number, which form the basis of all winning combinations in Madame Destiny slot. If you want to get more familiar with the matter, try playing Madame Destiny for free without registration!

The Madame Destiny main characters

With the mysterious design of the slot game, it’s no wonder that the main characters are similarly magical. All of them have a secret monetary value that only Madame Destiny and we know. Pssst, we’ll tell them the secret, just study this list, where all the winning symbols are enumerated, sorted by their respective values. Further down, by the way, are the best characters of the slot game. It’s all basically quite simple, try it yourself playing Madame Destiny for free. The most important characters of the game are the following:

  • The card signs from 9 to Ace have the lowest values.
  • The three tarot cards
  • The candles
  • The love potion
  • The black cat
  • The wise owl

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in Madame Destiny

It is certain that every good game has at least one bonus symbol. However, Madame Destiny couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put two handy bonus symbols in their slots at once. Numero one would be the scatter symbol. If you trigger this by making it appear three times on the reels, you will promptly get 15 free spins. During these rounds, there are special reels and you get all the wins three times. The wild symbol is as you know it, but multiplies wins it participates in by 2. The wild’s multiplier and that of the scatter stack online, so Madame Destiny online accumulates wins.

Our verdict: Playing Madame Destiny by Pragmatic Play for free is great

If you want to play Madame Destiny for free, now is the optimal time. Remember, if you want to play Madame Destiny, play it right. Now that you’ve had a look at our tips, you can really impress the lady in the casino by showing her all the great tricks and spinning the reels like crazy. We have a nice collection of slots from Pragmatic Play and other brands, all free and without registration along with the German reviews and a description of the rules in German. When it comes to playing slots for free without registration, Madame Destiny is definitely a good choice if you want to sweeten your day a bit. Madame Destiny is enchanting and you will definitely enjoy playing with her. Just try it out and don’t let Madame Destiny online wait alone!

Playing Madame Destiny for real money needs a good bonus

You now know what makes the mysterious lady tick by playing Madame Destiny for free. There is just one thing: when you play Madame Destiny for free, you get play money as winnings. However, using real money is always such a thing. Not for free, but at a reduced price and with a jump-start is only possible in a top casino. That’s where Madame Destiny likes to stay, because she loves free spins without deposit and other new customer offers. Make the casino comparison with us and then pay Madame Destiny a visit when you have found a lucrative bonus. She will like that and will keep her fingers crossed for you when you play for real money.

Madame Destiny slot details

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