Magic Book by Bally Wulff

Magic Book free slot machine from Bally Wulff

Magic Book from the renowned software provider Bally Wulff captivates numerous players. In exciting design with matching sound, the slot game creates a nerve-racking atmosphere.

In oriental style, gamers online will find numerous treasures in the game. Flying carpets, swords and more matching characters roll across the reels when the spin button is pressed. The main character, as the title suggests, is the magic book. Its multiple appearances during play unlock features that make for full wallets when some luck is present.

Bally Wulff is a leading software company. Known since 1950, the manufacturer has a lot of experience and knowledge in the gambling section. Above all, the slot games are creative and have high chances of winning. Magic Book has a payout rate of over 96%, which promises above-average chances of winning.

If you just want to try Magic Book or just enjoy the entertainment value, you can play Magic Book for free without registration on our website. To cash in on real winnings, players sign up at one of the best online casinos and take advantage of the company’s bonus offers.

Adapted from Book of Ra, the world’s most popular game, Magic Book is in no way inferior. The structure, winning possibilities and features are identical. Therefore, the slot machine from Bally Wulff is now almost as popular.

How to play Magic Book online

Before playing, gamers choose to play Magic Book for free or with real money stakes. The slot machine is completely identical in both versions. The structure, rules and features are the same. Therefore, many users play slot machines for free first to get familiar with the slot game.

The structure of the slot machine:

Magic Book online was created in time-tested construction method. On five reels and three rows, five paylines provide winning opportunities. The lines are fixed and cannot be adjusted. This gives every player the same chances to win.

Play Magic Book for free

Under the slot are the details and buttons. The balance, current win, lines, bet amount and buttons to operate the slot machine are located at the bottom of the game.

Play Magic Book at home and on the go:

The oriental flair comes into its own best when gamers play Magic Book on the big screen via PC or laptop for free or with real money. The sound is reproduced through speakers on the terminal and players can be transported directly into the action.

Whether gamers help the two characters search for treasures or fight villains with swords, you can choose according to your taste. There are no limits to the imagination due to the high-quality slot.

On the road, the slot game can be used just as well. Whether the slot is used briefly as a distraction or to pass the time waiting does not matter. On some devices, it may happen that the slot does not fit on the screen, because Magic Book is an older slot game that has not yet been designed for mobile use. Therefore, on the go via mobile or smartphone or tablet, in some cases, some scrolling is required for gamers to see the full game.

Setting options for the game:

  • Bet Amount: In Magic Book, a bet amount between ten cents and ten euros per spin can be selected. High rollers can press the “max Bet” button, which will immediately display the maximum amount of ten euros.

In Magic Book free play mode, a demo money of one hundred euros is provided. Of course, this is only play money and not real money. Winnings can therefore not be paid out.

  • Autostart: In order for gamers to simply sit back, the autostart button offers itself. This feature has been built into the virtual slot machine so that each spin does not have to be completed by pressing the “Play” button again. Up to a hundred automatic spins can be preset. Gamers should watch especially in real money mode, because after a few automatic spins can result in high losses in a short time.
  • Other Setting Options: Depending on your preferences, the options of the slot can be refined. Those who want the reels to move by pressing the space bar can select this option. Furthermore, Quickspin can be set for faster reel spins. This allows many and fast spins in a short time.

Sound settings can be used according to preference. The game’s music can be turned off and on, sound effects can be refined and the volume can be adjusted.

The rules of the slot machine:

The goal of the Magic Book game is to get as many identical symbols as possible within a winning line. The lines run from the left reel of the slot to the right and must not be interrupted. Of some characters, two pieces are already enough for a win to be booked to the customer’s account.


| Symbol | X2 | X3 | X4 | X5 |
| — | — | — | — | — |
| Sultan | 2 | 20 | 200 | 1000 |
| masked lady | 1 | 8 | 80 | 400 |
| carpet | 1 | 6 | 20 | 150 |
| sword | 1 | 6 | 20 | 150 |
| poker sign A | | 1 | 8 | 30 |
| card symbol K | | 1 | 8 | 30 |
| poker symbol Q | | 1 | 5 | 20 |
| card symbol J | | 1 | 5 | 20 |
| poker symbol 10 | | 1 | 5 | 20 |
| Magic Book | | 2 | 20 | 200 |
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If a player has set one euro per spin and receives the Sultan after the spin on the first, second and third reel in a payline, a winning amount of 20 euros is posted to the customer’s account. With a two euro bet, the player would get 40 euros for the said winning combination. The winning amount varies according to the number of identical symbols, symbol type and bet amount for the spin.

Magic Book free

The symbols that correspond to the theme appear on the screen less often, so these have higher multipliers. The familiar poker symbols appear more often and often pay out small wins when they appear in a row in a line.

Features of the slot machine:

The magic book is the main character of the Magic Book slot game. It has two functions in the game besides paying out wins through the multiplier:

  • Wild Symbol: The book serves as a wild symbol. Therefore, it can substitute for all other symbols like a wild, completing and extending winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol: If the book appears three times on the screen, ten free spins are won. The arrangement of the books does not affect, so they do not have to be on a payline. Before the free spins start, a symbol is randomly selected that should appear as often as possible during the free spins. It occupies the entire reel by its appearance, which means that if the same symbols are hit, several winning combinations will occur at once. The winning amounts are added and the sum is credited to the customer’s account.

If three books appear again during the free spins, another ten free spins with the same lucky symbol are awarded.

Other features:

Bally Wulff has equipped its slot machines with additional features. These can be used at will.

  • Risk ladder: In all slot machines of the software provider, any win can be accepted or wagered on the risk ladder to increase the amount. If the bonus feature is selected, a ladder with different amounts appears. By clicking on it, the gamer climbs up a rung with luck, which increases the winning amount. After a satisfactory win is achieved, the player can exit the feature at any time. However, by chance, the player may descend the ladder, losing the winning amount.
  • Card Risk: Also like the risk ladder, this bonus game can be used to multiply a win from the ordinary game. The player must choose between the card suits red or black. Then the face down card is revealed. By choosing the right color, the winning amount is doubled. Several rounds can be played to increase winning amounts until, with a little luck, a lucrative sum can be collected.

Play Magic Book

On our website Magic Book play for free without registration

Direkt bei uns auf der Webseite können Besucher Spielautomaten kostenlos spielen ohne Anmeldung. Tips and tricks can be tried free of risks:

  • Gamers should first set time and money limits. In order for these to fit one’s budget, visitors can play Magic Book for free. This is how to find out with which stakes to play.
  • Risk ladder and card risk are popular features. However, only amounts that are not satisfactory anyway should be wagered. The winning amount wagered can also be lost due to a streak of bad luck.
  • In Magic Book, the reels can be stopped early by pressing the spin button again. Experienced gamers take advantage of this if no win has been collected after a few rounds.
  • After the free spins, the slot machine should not be abandoned immediately. Experienced gamers use the strategy of playing another five to ten rounds afterwards, as the slot game can still be profitable in many cases.

The only downside to playing for free is that winnings do not actually end up in your wallet. In case of a big hit, this fact can be annoying. Therefore, after a few free rounds, users keep their chances open with small bet amounts in the online casino.

Play Magic Book from Bally Wulff with real money

If a player has decided to invest real money to keep open the chance to win, he first chooses one of the best online casinos. Only with reputable operators gamers have the real chance of winning amounts.

Online casinos bonus without deposit are claimed as well as lucrative welcome bonuses with fair turnover requirements. Thus, even players with a small budget have high chances of winning.

In the online casino customers register by following the prescribed steps. After that, you have your player account available to book real money. Many operators offer several payment options so that the deposit is fast and convenient.

Magic Book slot details

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