Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 by Merkur

Magic Mirror Deluxe free slot from Merkur online casino

The classic slot machine goes into the second round! This is not surprising at all, after all Merkur had already landed an absolute hit with the first part of Magic Mirror Deluxe 2. All fans will therefore be more than happy with the appearance of a second part, after all, they know about the great winning opportunities and the overall superior gaming experience of the video slot. So the fairy tale enters the second phase, with even more bonus possibilities, a bigger jackpot and even better design and graphics. What more could you want?

A crazy fairy tale action as well as big winnings are guaranteed at Magic Mirror Deluxe Online. If you are still looking for your favorite slot, you should quickly find it here, because the combination possibilities and resulting winnings at Magic Mirror Deluxe clearly have it all. The software developer has done a great job with this video slot time and again and has great customer fairness and an incredible jackpot in store for you. It is not surprising that the developer cooperates with the best casinos in the world and provides them with the corresponding slots. Magic Mirror Deluxe is a good example of this. Let’s look at the circumstances.

The Magic Mirror is the main character of this fairytale slot from Merkur. As a player, in Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 you find yourself in a fairy tale world, where the mirror has very special powers.

The whole atmosphere of a secret land behind the mirror is implemented in this casino machine extremely well, the graphics are appealing and the sound is fitting – a prime example of high-quality work in the field of software slot development. Merkur has provided 10 fixed paylines on the 5 reels and thus offers sufficient opportunities for the gambler to find winning combinations with a good strategy.

This is what you can expect in the slot Magic Mirror Deluxe 2

Magic Mirror Deluxe Online is basically structured like any classic slot and therefore follows the same procedure. As soon as you have decided on the desired number of paylines as well as your bet, you can start playing. All you have to hope for is at least three identical symbols, which have to be arranged from left to right. You will win! Pay attention to the fairy tale symbols as well as the wild and scatter symbols. Because with these symbols you can really clean up!

After every win you have access to the so-called gamble function. In this risk feature you can play for “double or nothing” with your winnings by guessing the right color of a playing card. By the way, you can do this as long as you want (ladder system), until you have extracted up to 140 Euros even from a cent amount. A feature for risk takers!

Magic Mirror Deluxe is an absolute classic among slot machines and not for nothing has been on the market for so long. Even in 2018, it is one of the most popular of its kind, which is probably partly due to the great winning opportunities.

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 game features

The structure is kept quite classic for a video slot and thus, thanks to the clarity and simplicity, offers an ideal gaming opportunity for all newcomers who want to play for free for the first time, and in the course of this, familiarize themselves with gambling. Nevertheless, there are some great tricks to discover, which provide the slot with enough excitement.

  • Fabulous Symbols: The slot will take you to a faraway fairytale landscape, where you will be on the lookout for unicorns, rings, wizards and enchanted mirrors. These are the very motifs that promise you big wins and a fabulous bonus.
  • Construction: Basically, the slot is structured like its older brother and therefore awaits you with the classic five winning reels à three rows. In addition, there are the paylines, which can be varied between one and a maximum of ten, giving you the opportunity to control your bets with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Up to 10 paylines freely selectable: While the total number of paylines is not excessive, the possibility to choose between 1 or up to 10 paylines is given and convincing.
  • Stake: Especially the low rollers will continue to enjoy Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 online play, as the stakes can range from 10 cents to a maximum of 20 euros. Although the high roller does not quite get his money’s worth here, large turnovers are easily possible in just a short time due to the fast gameplay on the slot machine.
  • Symbols: Even with the second part, you should still hope for the symbols ring, sorceress, unicorn and sundial. These offer you the greatest chances of winning and a juicy jackpot.
  • Wild symbol: Nothing has changed here either. The magic mirror – once marked “Wild” – fulfills both conditions. As usual, the wild symbol serves as a wild and completes all possible paylines for you.
  • TheScatter symbol stands for free spins as soon as you hit it on three reels. These are free and provide massive chances to win. This is because a symbol is randomly assigned to you, which will be placed on all rows during the free spins as soon as it appears three times, thus unlocking further combinations. The winnings are accordingly juicy!
  • New in Magic Mirror Deluxe 2: The difference from the first part is that you can unlock more free spins during your free spins. So if you hit more magic mirrors, the whole thing starts all over again. The colorful hustle and bustle becomes a real cash cow!
  • Integrated Gamble Feature: Risk option (50/50) after each win possible
  • Payout rate 95.63%: All values above 95% are always to be rated as very good. Finally, you have an absolute fairness advantage compared to a gaming house. For stationary providers, the payout rate is usually even below 85%.

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 Tricks

  • Play small amounts: Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 has so many bonus features and specialties in store for you that you are not forced to play large amounts at all. The combinations can make big wins even from pennies.
  • Always play the Gamble Feature with small wins: Because of the ladder feature, you can get up to 140 euros even from small amounts. Depending on how risky you are, this is a great feature that you should definitely use every now and then.
  • Keep a cool head: Don’t play emotionally charged, as this will result in the worst decisions. It also encourages overly aggressive play. You should therefore only sit down at a video slot if you are not emotionally charged. This way you don’t risk losing all your credits right away!
  • Wild and Scatter Symbol: What would a Merkur slot be without these two candidates. Both functions are fulfilled by the magic mirror, they only differ in the lettering “WILD”. The wild symbol guarantees you the completion of every winning row and thus acts as a wild. The scatter symbol is really interesting: If you have at least 3 of them on any three reels, free spins are unlocked. During the next free spins, all winnings are summed up and then immediately added to your account. All rows will complete for free and there will be great combination possibilities where big wins are possible!

If you want to play Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 online, you can do so for free at the best casinos. But with real money the whole thing is even more fun. Especially with this slot, because Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 is one of the best slot machines, even still in 2017. The winning possibilities and great chances of super combinations have already delighted one or the other! So what are you waiting for?

The regular symbols:

Among the regular symbols there are two kinds. First of all, there are the simple letters or numbers, which trigger comparatively low winnings from 3 characters next to each other. But much more interesting, especially for those who play with real money, are the characters that have been specially developed for the slot. Here you can find, in addition to the mirror itself, a unicorn, a princess, a ring and much more and can already count on comparatively high cash payouts from 2 characters in a row.

The special symbols:

Under this category, as all experienced players know, fall wild characters and scatter symbols. Here, there is only one character for these two: the mirror. So, one of the best tips is to pay special attention to this symbol. It can stand in for all other symbols in winning combos and also trigger Free Spins. In these free spins, there are then plenty of winning opportunities.

Free Spins:

These free spins can be considered as a bonus game of this slot machine. You get 10 free spins if 3 or more scatters appear. In addition to this, the mirror shows you another symbol at the beginning of these spins, which then acts as an expanding wild symbol during these rounds.

Gamble Options:

For those who are into risk, there are not one, but even two different options for gamble games here. Once the classic 50-50 game, where you bet on a card suit, and once a risk ladder.

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 online play as easy as never before

The flow and structure of the machine is simple enough to make this game ideal for newcomers, and yet also satisfy experienced gamblers with enough variety.

Fittingly for these two groups of players, there are two ways to gamble (also right here, with us):

  • Free, without registration: Completely without deposit (and incidentally also without other complications), you can take a look at this game in the test version or just relax ideal risk-free.
  • In real money mode: If you want to clear cash – and that is quite possible with an RTP of over 96% – the real money game is worth it. Just start right here!

What you choose here really makes no difference – this magic mirror enchants in every way!

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 slot details

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