Mayan Wild Mystery by Stake Logic

This slot game revives an ancient culture – Mayan Wild Mystery by Stakelogic.

Mayan Wild Mystery is a game that once again illustrates what an important role the scatter symbol takes. Even before the wild symbol, it is the most important special symbol. If you take a look at the structure of the game when playing Mayan Wild Mystery for free, you will immediately notice the somewhat strange-looking column. This is located to the right of the reels in Mayan Wild Mystery. If you are now wondering during the first rounds what exactly the function of this column is in Mayan Wild Mystery free play, you will have to exercise patience. Although a lot happens on the amazing many 50 paylines, the mysterious tower does not move and remains silent. However, when the time actually comes for the large pillar, which resembles a totem pole, to come to life, then the time of big wins arrives. The strange object is equipped with 25 lights that are activated during the free spins. The prerequisite for this is that things go well and winnings come about in a very specific way in the casino. This element alone shows how multi-layered the experience of playing Mayan Wild Mystery for free can be.

The atmosphere in the realm of the lost Mayans.

The developers have gone into detail for this game and created something that makes you want to learn more about the Mayans and their once great culture. It’s nice to see such historical themes being addressed in a game like Mayan Wild Mystery. This makes the exciting game a whole lot more interesting. You feel like you are part of history especially because of the atmosphere that comes up in this game. In the background you can hear drumming and the sounds of the jungle. Every now and then a wild animal calls out in between. This mystical atmosphere is complemented by the waterfall in the background and the large snake that lurks on the left edge of the game.

More than just reels and main characters – the rules of Mayan Wild Mystery online

Inspired by archaeological finds from the Mayan era are the main characters. Thus, there is a queen with opulent headdress, ancient weapons, a ritual bird made of gold and a shield that was used in battle. The main characters contribute to the game’s uniform look.

To understand the appeal of the rules in Mayan Wild Mystery, it is enough to take a closer look at two elements. We are talking about the two special symbols, the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, which appears as a bonus symbol when playing Mayan Wild Mystery for free. If you want to claim the big wins, you are forced to wait for these two symbols. In the end, they decide whether a round is really successful.

  • The Wild Symbol: This one even comes in double versions in Mayan Wild Mystery. Both variants, the golden and the violet one, take over the tasks that you already know from a wild symbol. They are on the spot when an ordinary main character is missing on a payline and they would complete a winning combination. So far this is nothing special. But during the Free Spins, the role of this symbol changes significantly in Mayan Wild Mystery free play.
  • The mystical column: if at least nine scatter symbols appear on the reels at the same time, the free spins are triggered. Up to 20 of these free spins are possible. The special thing here is how the wild symbol behaves. If it contributes to a win, the win multiplier factor increases in the next round. The maximum is reached at the factor of 25. The winnings are accordingly high.

The game features summarized:

  • The Free Spins feature offers a multiplier per round, which increases as soon as a wild symbol is involved in a win.
  • The wild symbols in the form of the grimaces replace all other main symbols.
  • Depending on how many Scatter symbols you collect, you get Free Spins. These in turn unlock the Free Spins feature.

A short conclusion about the slot machine – Mayan Wild Mystery play for free without registration.

The world of the Mayans unfortunately perished many hundreds of years ago. Nevertheless, Stakelogic has managed to breathe new life into this historical theme with Mayan Wild Mystery. Playing online gives you an idea of what the atmosphere was like in the former empire in what is now Central America. It is clear that the Stakelogic team has been influenced by historical findings and sources. The Mayan Wild Mystery Slot clearly shows through its design where the path can lead in modern game design. The Internet offers completely different possibilities than analog slot play. Mayan Wild Mystery online is a testament to Stakelogic’s expertise and creativity, but also a foreshadowing of where games will go in the future.

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Tips and tricks for raking in real winnings when playing Mayan Wild Mystery.

A game like Mayan Wild Mystery slot can be as beautiful as it is, at the end of the day it always comes down to things like winning combinations, free spins and a good strategy. Those who were allowed to play Mayan Wild Mystery for free in Germany and were convinced that this game is a good option to try out the game with real money, are now certainly thinking about what the next steps are. Well, first of all, it is important to find a casino that offers Mayan Wild Mystery. This is easy, as the slot is one of the most popular ones.

The second question is who offers Mayan Wild Mystery online at the best conditions. A bonus is always welcome. A quick comparison will tell you where to get a little thank you when you sign up for Mayan Wild Mystery. One option that is always good to go with is free spins without a deposit. This facilitate especially the entry into the game for real money significantly. If the online casino of choice takes over the first rounds at Mayan Wild Mystery online, then the excitement that one might have at the beginning of the game drops a bit. Thanks to the free spins, players have the chance to take another look at Mayan Wild Mystery at their leisure. If it works well and the first successes are achieved, just keep playing, if it doesn’t work as desired, just think it over again.

Mayan Wild Mystery slot details

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