Mega Joker by NetEnt

Mega Joker Slot Online by NetEnt

The fruit spectacle from the renowned industry leader NetEnt should undoubtedly be an exceptional treat for any nostalgic player. The 3-reel slot faithfully imitates the first slot machines and, on top of that, is equipped with two reel sets for more exciting chances to win. To get to know the fascinating features risk-free, we provide Mega Joker free play without registration for recreational players all over Germany.

Mega Joker online at a glance:

  • Progressive slot from NetEnt
  • Fruit classic in retro look
  • 2 sets of reels in 3×3 slot format
  • 5 fixed paylines in each set
  • Separate game level for bonus risk game
  • Bet range 1 Euro – 10 Euro per spin in base game
  • Average RTP value 85,28-99%
  • Winning payouts with high volatility

Although the design seems a bit confusing at first glance compared to today’s video slots, it perfectly conveys the authentic flair of days long gone to the player when playing Mega Joker. The brilliant design of the classic slot game corresponds exactly to the original gaming machines, which were still mechanically operated at that time, down to the smallest detail. Starting with the colorful display with the light effects up to the function keys, which imitate the pressing by hand at that time.

To create the right atmosphere, there are even two indoor palm trees to the left and right of the metal case, behind which you can see the typical baroque damask wallpaper of early automatons. Even acoustically, Mega Joker does without any modern soundtrack and only the original clacking can be heard as soon as the reels come to a stop. The reels are traditionally decorated with colorful graphics of cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, melons, bells, treasure chests and the number seven, as well as the cheeky grinning jokers as the main character in the entire game.

However, the special feature of Mega Joker Slot are definitely the two reel windows with three reels each and two different game modes. Through which the online player can optionally use the unique Supermeter bonus game to strategically increase his haul. How exactly this works is better to try in advance and without your own risk when playing Mega Joker for free.

Get started and play Mega Joker

It is absolutely not difficult to orientate yourself in the unfamiliar display and the operation is as simple as can be. The default settings in Mega Joker include five active paylines per set of reels and ten coins bet for the base game. The player selects the coin value by clicking on one of the coin symbols (0.1 – 0.2 – 1), which can be seen at the very bottom right.

To the left of the lower main game is a digital display that shows the win in the top field, the round bet in the middle and the account balance by number of coins at the bottom. Mega Joker online is started in standard mode via the spin button on the bottom right. The goal of each game round is to land three identical symbols in one of the three horizontal lines or in one of the two diagonal lines.

As can be seen from the table to the right of the base game, cherries or lemons pay out 20 coins, melons 80, bells 200 and treasure chests the top prize of 2,000 coins. Instead of the now common wild or scatter symbols, three wild icons bring in a mystery win of between 20 and 400 coins. What additional chances do winnings in Supermeter mode open up is easy to find out with Mega Joker free play.

Two Mega Joker game levels for risk-taking strategists

The exciting fruit classic does without free spins and wild symbols. This is not even necessary with the clever tricks behind the extraordinary game structure. Because every payout under 2,000 coins generated in the base mode can be used in the upper supermeter roller set. Online players can now set and wager 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins by pressing the Bet button for each subsequent bonus round, depending on the amount won.

Depending on the bet level selected, the left or right payout table next to the top reel set always lights up appropriately for better orientation when playing Mega Joker for free. As soon as the player reaches a Supermeter win of 2,000 coins, the sum is automatically added to the game balance and it goes back to the main game. Likewise, at any time you can collect your winnings by tapping the Collect button and continue playing in the standard game.

Supermeter paytable:

| Winning Combinations | Left (20) | Right (40) |
| Cherries, Lemons, Oranges | 100 | 200 |
| Grapes | 200 | 400 |
| melons | 400 | 800 |
| bells | 600 | 1200 |
| Number Seven | 800 | 2000 |
Apart from that, Mega Joker symbols provide additional mystery win payouts based on the following rules:

  • 2,000 coins for three Jokers in a payline at a bet of 40, 100 or 200 coins.
  • Between 100 and 2,000 coins if a wild lands on the center reel at 100 coins bet.
  • Between 100 and 2,000 coins when a Super Meter bet of 200 coins is placed, with each Joker landing anywhere.

Thus, risk-taking gamblers get the opportunity to tactically increase the chances of winning and achieve the highest payout ratio by skillfully juggling the coin bet. In order to come up with a clever strategy for yourself, it is highly recommended to play Mega Joker for free. This is possible without registration.

Crack the progressive jackpot at Mega Joker Slot

Of course, no real winnings are paid out in Fun Mode, so it’s worthwhile to have a supplementary explanation for a better understanding of what the progressive jackpot is all about. Every real money bet made at Mega Joker online continuously increases the sum in the prize pot with a share of three percent of the bet. In real game mode, the current payout amount can be easily followed by every jackpot hunter in the digital display between the Collect and Bet buttons. However, the progressive jackpot can only be hit in standard mode by landing three Mega Joker icons on one of the five fixed paylines, provided that the player has selected the highest coin value for the bet.

Mega Joker by NetEnt with Supermeter for extra fruit fun

The progressive video slot impresses right away with its authentic nostalgia outfit and two sets of reels in 3×3 format. Moreover, the unique game system delivers quite respectable winning chances on different game levels, not to mention the prospect of the ever-increasing sum of the jackpot. After all, there is no doubt that the gaming adventure for every gaming enthusiast becomes really interesting and exciting only in the Supermeter bonus game.

So it’s no wonder that the classic slot with its 3-reel double pack, which first appeared on the online market in 2011, is a hit with numerous fruit fans all over the world. After all, NetEnt is not among the elite software developers for nothing and knows what online players want. The slot game Mega Joker is the best proof of this and makes many a slot friend grin just as broadly as the cheeky joker on the reels of the incomparable game. Especially since the betting range of 1 Euro – 10 Euro per spin is in the low limit range and is therefore especially suitable for beginners as well as hobby players who primarily want to relax while spinning the reels.

Play Mega Joker for free without registration and test it risk-free

So that nobody has to buy a pig in a poke, we offer the demo version of the popular fruit slot on our website for testing purposes and for pure entertainment only. We provide free slots play without registration without exception to allow every recreational player to make his own judgment. Moreover, there is no better way to prepare for real money betting.

Optimal game preparation in Fun mode:

  • Learn the entire game process from the ground up.
  • Exploring how to get additional mystery wins.
  • Finding out the differences between the Standard and Supermeter modes.
  • Experiment with the four bet levels in the bonus game.
  • Develop and test optimal game strategy.

We do not require any registration and every interested player can play Mega Joker for free without any risk. Thus, it is quite uncomplicated to get to know the complete course of the game completely loss-free and to optimize your individual betting tactics in the Supermeter mode. Unnecessary financial losses due to any initial gaming errors caused by ignorance can be absolutely avoided.

Extra tips for playing Mega Joker online for real money

Without question, the captivating fruit slot machine shines not only because of the successful retro design, but also because of the remarkable payout rates. Thus, a convincing incentive is offered to try your luck with your own money as soon as you have found out your individual betting strategy in Fun Mode. Especially since countless online casinos offer an attractive new customer offer with bonus credits and/or free spins for new players.

Special offers for new casino customers:

  • Lucrative welcome bonus on first deposit.
  • Generous welcome package over two, three or four deposits
  • Attractive No Deposit Bonus to try out when registering for the first time

The selection is really huge and it can be quite time-consuming to discover the most profitable bonus bargain for yourself. Our goal is to help German recreational gamblers in their search for the most beneficial bonus offers at the best internet gaming sites. On our homepage, gamblers will find a top casino selection with the latest tips on the greatest sign-up bonuses.

Among the current super bargains, free spins without deposit or starting credits are definitely in the first place. In order to get to know the real gaming operation for free even before the first account recharge, only a first-time registration in the virtual gaming room is required. Thus, the online player gets the unique opportunity to play in real money mode and challenge his luck for free with real chances of winning.

In our portal it is quite easy to browse for a really attractive starting bonus for Mega Joker in a reputable online casino. For sure, it won’t take long at all to find the right one. In any case, it makes sense to start with your individually developed Supermeter strategy for free in a new Internet gambling hall and try to earn a nice pocket money on top.

Mega Joker slot details

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