Mermaids Millions by Microgaming

Oceanic Experiences with Mermaids Millions

In this article we will dive into the underwater world of Mermaids Millions. The popular slot Mermaids Millions by Microgaming has already been mentioned many times in articles and has become very well-known among players. And not for nothing: in this slot, not only the mystical creatures of the sea fascinate the player, but also the fantastic treasures that they discover.

Namely, the slot game is peppered with exciting features. If you want to gamble the game, then many options are available to players at the online casino. Because you can also play Mermaids Millions for free without registration. For example, on our website it is possible to play slot machines for free without registration. This allows you to test them before you start and before you deposit money and find out how you like the slot. If you play Mermaids Millions online on our website, you can also claim a no deposit online casino bonus.

Structure of Mermaids Millions

But now let’s move on to the game: the format is a classic one with 5 reels. There are a total of 15 winning lines on which you have to achieve the winning combinations. You can also use less than 15 paylines, as you can of course adjust the bets accordingly. The maximum bet is 150 euros. Thus, this slot is not necessarily intended for high rollers, but for the little fun. But even with 150 euros, many long-time gamblers can do a lot.

A small special feature in between: Mermaids Millions is also available on mobile. In online casinos with mobile access, you can simply use your cell phone or tablet and play the slot on the go.

With this slot you can experience an absolutely relaxed atmosphere, because in the depths of the sea nothing disturbs the peace. The design is, of course, kept in dark blue. In addition, the soundtrack is very soothing and reproduces the sound of the waves, as well as the bubbling of bubbles as a sound during the spin.

So, playing Mermaids Millions for free on our website is a good tip to think about a strategy, apply tricks, get to know the rules and also collect grandiose winnings with real money afterwards.

Symbols and their functions

The main symbols in this slot machine are, of course, mermaids. They represent the scatter symbol. The other cards show other elements of the ocean, such as shells, seahorses, starfish or even Neptune as a wild symbol.

So how do these symbols work? By itself, the way it works is relatively classic, but in their combination, the characters really ensure that players can achieve a lot of wins on this slot. This is because the slot achieves an incredible payout rate of 96.56 percent. This is a very good rate even among slots in online casinos, which is only reached by a few players and is of course much better than in an arcade.

  • The wild symbol fulfills its classic function and is represented by Neptune. This substitutes for all symbols in the game, except for the scatter symbol and the bonus. Thus, the stone ensures that you get even more winning combinations than you already have. This is because it permanently closes gaps in the many rows and can thus ensure massive winnings. With Neptune you can really rule the seas. The payouts are also incredible. Because not only by completing rows you get a win. Even if the wild symbol itself forms a winning row, it becomes exciting. Because you can win up to 7500 times your bet. This is an incredible number, which in other games is just reached by the very highest features, if any.
  • The next symbol we want to describe is the beautiful mermaid. As mentioned, she appears in the game as a scatter symbol and also fulfills a specific function. Because she makes sure that you get free spins during the game. Namely, if you find three of these characters or more, then the free spins are unlocked.

However, this is not just an ordinary free spin either. Instead, the player is helped even more by getting a multiplier on their winnings. During Free Spins, all winnings are directly tripled. Thus, this mode is incredibly lucrative, as you don’t even have to place any bets and instead win masses. This is another thing that makes Mermaids Millions stand out from many other slots. That’s why you should definitely play Mermaids Millions for free and let yourself be convinced by the slot.

The bonus round

Now we come to a feature that we haven’t mentioned before, namely the bonus round. It is unlocked via a certain symbol that you have to find on the playing field. This is a box that is overloaded with treasures. And you can take these treasures straight home with you.

Because if you find three or more of these characters, then you can choose one of these boxes. This is because you get to another field outside of the normal playing field, and there you can pick out the best ones from a variety of items like old oil barrels and the like. They then contain different winnings, which are then paid directly to the player! This way you can win extra money quickly and easily.

Conclusion: Mermaids Millions is a real hit

It is not for nothing that this slot has become so popular. If you like the simple design, you have a trustworthy machine on your side right from the start. Nevertheless, you should test the slot beforehand to see how you get along with the design, the sounds and the many incredible features. On our website you can play slot machines for free without registration and in this way find out if you want to continue playing Mermaids Millions online.

Especially the wild symbol with its incredible payouts as well as the bonus round are almost unique in the large assortment of slots available to players in online casinos nowadays. The payout ratio is also hard to beat by other machines and is responsible for the fact that you can almost never lose here. The probability of being successful in this slot is very high. That’s why Mermaids Millions free play is our tip before moving on to real money.

Play Mermaids Millions for real money

In numerous online casinos Mermaids Millions is available and can be played and tested. These include some of the most famous casinos around, because Microgaming is represented on many websites as an extremely high-quality manufacturer. There you can request an online casino bonus without deposit. Likewise, the welcome bonus helps players. Because here you can often find free spins that you can apply directly to the slot and thus activate the great features even for free.

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