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Micestro online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

The new slot by Stakelogic is called Micestro. You can play Micestro for free at any time without registration. But is it worth it? You can find out everything you need to know about this slot game here.

If you open Micestro online, you will see a jazz basement. Three cartoon mice are the jazz combo. There is a loose upbeat sound playing, which encourages you to bob along. The atmosphere of Micestro is very relaxed, cozy and calming. You immediately feel at home in this ambience. Dark purple tones dominate. Everything in the game by Stakelogic is color-coordinated.

The playing field of Micestro at a glance

On the reels, Micestro features symbols in the form of brightly colored letters (J, Q, K, A) and happy-looking mouse faces, as well as three musical instruments. In terms of design, the whole thing could also be a game for children. The atmosphere makes you feel good and relaxed. It’s all about this mouse band, consisting of a bass player, clarinet player and drummer. What is so special about this jazz combo, you will learn a little further down.

In the background you can read “The Catnip Club”, which is both the name of the store and one of the main characters from the slot machine.

Facts and Figures:

| Released: | October 2020 | RTP: | 96.17% |
| Max. Win: | 200.200 ,- Euro | Paylines: | 40-70 |
| Volatility: | high | Platforms: | iOS, Android, Windows |
| Languages: | 27 | Other: | MAX BET feature |

How to play Micestro

The slot game uses as symbols the cards with the values: Jack, Queen, King, Ace. Then come three mice (on red, orange and green background), a green drum, a yellow clarinet, a red bass and the Catnip symbol as the highest value. Plus the Wild symbol (the mouse on a blue background), which has the same value as the Catnip symbol. The wild can substitute for all characters except as the scatter and catnip symbol. As usual, the amount of winnings depends on how many times similar symbols appear on the playing field.

There are many ways to win in Micestro by Stakelogic. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities.

Base game

In the base game there are 40 fixed paylines. It is often the case that several combinations win in one round when playing. If the Bass Scatter Prize Bonus is active, this even becomes 70 paylines. Counting is always from left to right.

Playing Micestro for free is especially fun when special features are activated and it goes into the various bonus rounds, because that’s where the strength of this slot lies.

Specials at a glance:

  • Sticky Wilds
  • Reel Multiplier
  • Reel Re-Spins
  • Bonus Spins


When you play Micestro, you will see the three Jazz playing mice on top of each other on the edge next to the reels. Each mouse is pictured with its instrument. And next to each instrument there is a counter for each scatter, because the scatter symbols are the instruments. On the counter you can also see how many times the scatter symbol has to appear to trigger the respective scatter bonus. Each scatter bonus is slightly different and requires a different number of scatters to appear. The bass requires three symbols, the clarinet four, and the drum five to trigger the features. When you play Micestro for free, you can see all of this for free at your leisure. So what do each of the scatter symbols mean?

  • The red scatter symbol has the bass instrument as its image. Every time a bass scatter appears on the game field, the corresponding counter next to the game field increases. Once the counter has reached the required number (three in this case), Micestro online triggers three extra spins of the Reel Bonus, where the Reel value, which starts with four symbols and 40 paylines, is increased by one symbol and 10 paylines with each spin. So after the three spins, there are seven symbols and 70 paylines. After that, the reel value is reset to its normal value and the base game continues.
  • The yellow scatter symbol is represented as a clarinet. For the Clarinet Reel Bonus to be activated, the scatter must appear a total of four times. If the counter then counts four clarinet scatters, a multiplier is given in the reel rounds. In the first reel round, the multiplier value starts with two, then one more and more. At the end of the Reel Bonus game, the Reel value is reset to two.
  • The green scatter has the drum as its icon. A total of five drum scatters must be counted here for the bonus round to be activated. In this round there is a Sticky Wild, per spin there is always one more stuck on the playing field.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember all of this. When the scatter bonus rounds are won, the reel functions are displayed on the game board in text form. This way, when playing Micestro, you always know exactly what’s going on. At the end of the bonus game, everything is settled and the reel value is reset.

Free Spins

When you play Micestro for free, you can also enjoy free spins, which are the highlight of any slot game. Micestro slot awards them when the three different scatters appear on the game field at the same time. This wins you ten free spins. More is not possible, unless during the Free Spins the three different scatters appear again on the playing field at the same time.

Conclusion: Play Micestro for free

If you are willing to lurk for the free spins and bonus rounds, you will be rewarded with great winning combinations. Micestro free to play without registration keeps the excitement high with the scatter counter, and the different bonus rounds of the Micestro slot add variety. An online trip to the Catnip Band jazz cellar should turn into an enjoyable evening.

It’s best to get to know the different ways to win right now here on our site, because playing slots for free without registration is an excellent opportunity. Playing Micestro for free is the right strategy to get to know all the winning combinations of the Stakelogic slot first. Try it out right now! You can play Micestro for free at any time with us.

Play Micestro with real money

Once you have played Micestro online for free until you are familiar with the rules, you can try your luck and play Micestro online for real money. You do not need any special tips and tricks for this. Micestro is offered in Germany in the best online casinos. There you can get started with real money right away without any complications. Free spins without deposit or any other welcome bonus is an attractive offer. In good German, you can benefit from lucrative promotions when you register. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Good luck!

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