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Midas Gold

Midas Gold slot machine

Who wouldn’t like to turn everything he touches into pure gold. Just like the Greek mythical figure King Midas: He captured the wise Silenos and received this gift as a reward for his release. For Midas, however, his ability turned out to be a curse: since everything he touched turned to gold, he was in danger of dying of hunger and thirst. In the end, he even turned his own daughter into gold. A sad fate indeed, but thanks to Red Tiger’s Midas Gold Slot we can now benefit from Midas’ gift in a fun way.

The 5 reel slot uses the Greek king’s abilities to gradually turn all symbols of one kind on the reels into gold and stick them in place for the next spins. Furious winning opportunities await the players. We took a closer look at the slot game and explain the most important rules. We also show how and where to play Midas Gold for free.

How to play the Midas Gold online slot machine

Midas Gold plays primarily like a normal 5 reel slot. Winning combinations are counted from left to right, starting from the first reel, with equal adjacent symbols being counted. There are no fixed paylines, instead there are 243 possible combinations. This makes the slot very snappy as far as payouts are concerned. Wins are calculated with the help of multipliers assigned to the main characters and secondary symbols. In Midas Gold by Red Tiger, the following symbols and multipliers are available:

  • Woman: 3x=2; 4x=4; 5x=8.
  • Throne: 3x=1.5; 4x=3; 5x=6
  • Golden head: 3x=1; 4x=2; 5x=4
  • Fruit basket: 5x=3; 4x=1,5; 3x=0,8
  • A: 3x=0,5; 4x=1; 5x=2
  • K: 3x=0,4; 4x=0,8; 5x=1,5
  • Q: 3x=0,4; 4x=0,7; 5x=1,4
  • J: 3x=0.3; 4x=0.6; 5x=1.2
  • 10: 3x=0,3; 4x=0,6; 5x=1

There is also the bonus character, King Midas himself. If this appears at least once after a spin, the king’s magic finger turns a randomly chosen symbol into gold. The same happens with all symbols of the same kind. After that, a free respin starts. After that, if available after the respin, other symbols of the same type are also turned into gold and the next respin starts. This continues in Midas Gold online slot until no more symbols of this kind appear and the winnings are paid out.

Play Midas Gold for free, without registration.

So, the rules of Midas Gold are quite simple. Nevertheless, those who want to adopt a certain strategy would do well to try out the slot machine before playing for real money. Playing Midas Gold for free is possible with the demo version that we offer. This gives you the opportunity to put the slot game through its paces without any risk. Playing slot machines for free without registration is a very good opportunity. Here you can play Midas Gold for free.

Play Midas Gold for real money

If you’ve had enough of playing Midas Gold for free and want to try out the slot from Red Tiger for real money yourself, then it’s best to take your cue from the online casinos that we have extensively tested for you. Here you will find a lot of casinos that have Red Tiger games in their program and are both reputable and trustworthy. When playing for real money, you increase the excitement and get the opportunity to secure attractive bonus offers. At some casinos you will find a no deposit casino bonus, which can increase the attractiveness for new customers enormously.

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