Moon Festival by Aristocrat

Moon Festival Slot von Aristocrat

We have been testing slot machines on a daily basis for many years. Sometimes we are asked if this doesn’t get boring after a while, because themes repeat themselves. Our answer is always: Not at all, quite the opposite! We are surprised again and again, for example by the slot machine manufacturer Aristocrat. We had the great honor of being invited to play Moon Festival for free without registration. Moon Festival slot is an excellent example of an extremely exciting themed world. We had heard about Moon Festival before, but without Moon Festival online, we probably would never have been able to participate in such an event.

We are happy to report everything we experienced playing Moon Festival for free.

Our experiences with the slot game Moon Festival

Playing Moon Festival for free has easily managed to broaden our horizons of experience. You may not quite imagine how much education is waiting around every corner at the online casino! Such was the case with Moon Festival. It is not difficult to imagine something under it, because in German it is simply called Moon Festival. The problem is that it is only celebrated in this form in China, Thailand and Japan, so we in Germany don’t even get to enjoy the spectacle. Aristocrat has changed that, because from now on the Moon Festival takes place online – and it gets even better: We are allowed to play Moon Festival for free and celebrate it as often as we want without registration! Thanks to the team of Aristocrat for bringing this great festival to our German lands, respectively to Europe, for free!

The Moon Festival Slot brings a festive mood directly to your monitor

The original Moon Festival does not take place very often, because it is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Do the Chinese, Thai and Japanese know about the Moon Festival online? In any case, they would certainly like it very much and they could play Moon Festival for free without registration like us, who are practically at an advantage now. In the actual Moon Festival, ancient legends play a role, which are quite unknown here. We definitely love the customs and rituals, there is even a delicious moon cake baked in honor of the moon. We don’t like baking that much, we avoid the preparation stress and rather admire the pastries on the reels for free when we play Moon Festival for free. Yes, it is very comfortable that Moon Festival online comes to us!

A festival just the way we like it – playing Moon Festival is wonderful

We don’t have to study the background, we just get to play Moon Festival for free and enjoy the beautiful celebration with atmospheric music. The game is great fun in the moonlight, but we also play in the midday sun. Our office has blinds. The slot machine brings that certain something that is hard to describe. You should just play Moon Festival and see everything for yourself. Especially cute is also the rabbit in the slot game, which hops across the paylines online. Surely it’s a lucky charm, we haven’t figured that out yet. The reason? We sit at the Moon Festival slot all the time so as not to miss anything! We enjoy the moonlight, consolidate our winning strategy, try out tricks and internalize the rules. Finally, we pass on our tips to you, so that you too can succeed in the casino and shine like the full moon.

How to play Moon Festival online without registration

Even now, we are still fascinated by Moon Festival, which is why we want to get straight to one of the best parts of the slot game. Whether you play for free or for real money, the rules are the same and easy to understand.

If you just want to watch the Moon Festival or maybe dance with the Chinese princess, with just one click you can turn on Autoplay, which will automatically spin for you for a given number of rounds. Of course, if you prefer to tap the start button personally, you can do that too.

In Moon Festival, there are a total of five reels, which are divided into four rows. These are then allocated a total of 50 winning lines, which allow for a large number of winning combinations.

These are the main characters you will encounter in Moon Festival. We have sorted them by value so that the symbols further down are more valuable:

  • 9 and 10
  • Jack and Queen
  • King and Ace
  • The Coin and the Ruan (Traditional Chinese Guitar)
  • The Lotus Flower and the Rabbit
  • The Exotic Princess

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in Moon Festival are as follows

  • Wild Symbol: The full moon shows up in the festivities as a wild that can appear on all reels except the first one. It can substitute for any symbol to provide a win.
  • Scatter Symbol: The paper lantern represents the scatter in Moon Festival. When three of these paper lanterns appear on the first three reels, ten free spins follow. During these rounds, wild symbols remain on their squares to open up more opportunities to win each subsequent round. Of course, more than one wild symbol can remain on their spots during the free spins, creating huge winning opportunities with a bit of luck.
  • Bonus Games: Card Gamble is available after every win and can double or quadruple the winnings depending on the bet – a good bonus for the game account.

Our verdict: Moon Festival free play without registration is a must play.

Listen carefully. It’s easy to forget this fact, but playing slot machines for free without registration is one of the best ways to try out the particular machine. Of course, the same is true for Moon Festival by Aristocrat, because Moon Festival is an experience that you shouldn’t miss at all. In our opinion, you can’t celebrate it often enough!

Win by moonlight: play Moon Festival with real money

We think Moon Festival is a great opportunity to place real bets. By now, you have familiarized yourself with the Moon slot and know the rules of the game. The features are helpful and offer extra chances. But most importantly, somewhere in the pale moonlight you’re bound to spot a great online casino with a welcome bonus. Or maybe even free spins without deposit right away? If you are successful and win real money, the Moon Festival will be an experience you will never forget.

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