Mr Green Moonlight by NetEnt

There are quite a few Mr Green slots on the gambling market – Mr Green Moonlight is one of them. This slot machine in 5×3 design (with 5 reels) was produced by the developer NetEnt. This gaming giant focuses on the European online casino market and has been winning over tons of gamblers there for years.

The slot machine Mr Green Moonlight is a new game in the series of successful games from this game manufacturer. The player finds himself in a dark alley of London, where a mysterious man, our Mr Green, is looking for a killer werewolf, who apparently killed his fiancée. A kind of detective story, pure suspense, a terrific feeling – that’s what you can experience in this slot game.

How the gameplay looks in detail, what specials the developers have included, and a general evaluation of this slot machine now here.

How to play Mr Green Moonlight online

First, a sideways look at the gameplay of the game. It is a simple one:

  • Place money bets: No matter whether it is more desirable for one to play Mr Green Moonlight for free, or whether one prefers to play “so right” with cash, this point must always be done. In the free game, play money is simply used for this. Per line you can bet a maximum of 10 coins with a value of €0.5 (ergo 5 euros/line). There are a total of 20 paylines and thus a maximum bet amount of €100.
  • Spin reels: Either manually activate each spin, or select autoplay mode.
  • Cashing in any free spins: If you manage to clear Free Spins (more on this later) they are automatically performed by the machine.
  • Winning: Winning winning combinations are also automatically displayed and the money is transferred to the player’s account.

So far, there is not really much unusual to discover here – a slot machine that is also suitable for newcomers, but still has enough thrills for professionals thanks to the exciting theme implementation.

The symbol characters here, as with most online NetEnt games, are of two kinds. On the one hand, there are the letters (or numbers, too), which provide for small winning amounts and appear comparatively often. On the other hand, there are high-quality main characters, which represent Mr Green himself, the werewolf, the fiancée and a pistol. Besides that, there are also the two special characters, the full moon and the silver cartridge.

Special characters and free spins – a NetEnt game par excellence.

Regarding the bonus specials, two things are offered here:

Wild symbols:

As in almost all online slot games, a wild symbol is present here as well. The full moon takes this function. It can be used as a wild, that is, it can stand in for other characters. Even more, it can expand – and always to at least two adjacent symbol positions. These are then automatically turned into wild symbols as well.

Scatter symbols and free spins:

The cartridge is the scatter symbol, which provides 10 free spins as soon as a minimum of three cartridges appear. Within these free spins, the appearance of a full moon is guaranteed. There is also the possibility of a multiplier being added to the winnings. If this is the case, an associated symbol will appear on the 5th reel. Moreover, you can earn more free spins within these rounds.

So, the functions are easy to figure out and provide for a varied game without making the slot game too complex.

Play Mr Green Moonlight for free now

A truly successful slot machine – just as expected from NetEnt. And if you want to play online here, you can be happy. You can even test this slot machine for free. Playing Mr Green for free without registration is an uncomplicated undertaking and also possible here. For this, there is already play money in the account for the gambler and you can start completely without any hassle with the Mr Green free play.

But also in the real money game Mr. Green Moonlight is convincing. Real money is actually waiting there in the event of a win. Experience leisure fun with real money odds quite simply now in the slot Mr Green Moonlight by NetEnt – the respectable RTP (a whole 96.7%) definitely promises a lucrative, virtual gaming experience.

Mr Green Moonlight slot details