Multi Fruits Quattro by Stake Logic

Multi Fruits Quattro online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

Whenever it comes to good slot games for online casinos, the names of the most prominent manufacturers fall. Stakelogic is one of them. The reputation that precedes these developers is a very good one. In particular, the variety of different online games is amazing. And so it is not surprising that in Stakelogic’s portfolio we can find a whole bunch of fruit slots, all of which visualize an extremely classic theme with the oldest symbols ever. The Multi Fruits Quattro slot machine is one of them. And we are going to dedicate ourselves to exactly this game in detail here. We want to bring the rules closer, point out tips and tricks and discuss strategies, if we notice any.

Multi Fruits Quattro by Stakelogic appeared in September 2019 in casinos accessible in Germany. And if you thought at that time that the market of fruit slots had long been saturated, you are wrong. Stakelogic knows how to inspire online with Multi Fruits Quattro. We are happy to explain what makes it so appealing. Would you like to play Multi Fruits Quattro for free without registration? Get to know the game in peace and try it out without making a commitment? So completely free of charge and without registration? Then just do it. The demo version of Multi Fruits Quattro Slot is available to you for free without any restrictions. And while you are playing Multi Fruits Quattro for free, let’s start with some facts and figures.

When you play Multi Fruits Quattro, you can look forward to a video slot with 5 reels, 3 visible rows and 243 paylines. Whereas – actually they are not paylines in the classic sense, but there are 243 winning combinations in Multi Fruits Quattro. It is important that you see one and the same symbol on the first 2-3 reels. The more adjacent reels show the same symbol, the higher the win. This is how it could be summarized. The RTP, the theoretical payout rate is 95.66%. Mixed with a medium to high volatility, this means quite respectable winnings. Do you also often play in casinos? Then you will like Multi Fruits Quattro.

You should play Multi Fruits Quattro for free beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the symbols and the gameplay. These are the winning symbols – first of all the main one:

  • Diamond (scatter symbol)
  • Red Seven
  • Melon
  • Grapes
  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Cherries

Things get especially exciting when you use the addition in the name of the game (Multi Fruits Quattro). “Quattro” means that you can play up to four slots simultaneously.

How to play Multi Fruits Quattro online?

When you play Multi Fruits Quattro online, it all starts with the choice of the game stake. What risk do you want to take? How big is your budget? Should you play the demo version of Multi Fruits Quattro slot, you will be provided with a virtual credit. With this, you can try out how the account balance changes when you increase or decrease the bet. In the most favorable of all cases, you play Multi Fruits Quattro online for 0.10 units. If you want to bet exceptionally much and play with all four slot windows at the same time, you can also risk 200 units. What you already know as a passionate casino player: As the risk increases, so do the chances of winning.

You make the reels rotate by pressing the space bar or clicking on a spin button. You have two options: start each game manually or hand over the helm to the computer and watch everything run by itself using Autoplay. Try both variants by playing Multi Fruits Quattro for free without any risk. Then see which you like better.

The reels will stop again by themselves. You can also intervene and stop the reels by clicking the mouse or pressing the space bar. Again, you can actively intervene and challenge luck when you play Multi Fruits Quattro. The winning combinations are automatically displayed and the winnings are paid out.

If you are lucky, you will also see enlarged symbols on the screen in Multi Fruits Quattro. These take up two reels and two rows at once. Thus, the chance of higher winnings is already greater. That’s not all. There are other features as well.

Wild Symbol

Many slots offer a wild symbol that can replace other symbols. This is called a wild symbol. Unfortunately, there is no such symbol in Multi Fruits Quattro online.

Scatter Symbol

The diamond is thus the main symbol. It is the scatter symbol. Regardless of where the diamond will be seen. The main thing is that you see it at least in three positions on the grid. Then there is an instant win. This can be 200 times the bet in the best case. How often does this happen? Try it out by playing Multi Fruits Quattro for free.

Unfortunately, the scatter has no other function. There are no Free Spins, which you might know from many other slot machines.

Gamble Feature

But there is a gamble feature. If you like, you can double or quadruple any round that ends with a win in a round of gambling. Just click on the card symbol when you have a win. Now a screen will open. You will see the back of a card. You have to guess in Multi Fruits Quattro: Does the card show a red or a black ace? If you guess correctly, you double your winnings. If you are even braver, you guess the symbol of the ace and quadruple your winnings. Man kann maximal  fünf Mal gamblen. Or at 12,500 coins, the limit is also reached. If you guess wrong, you lose your winnings.

Conclusion about Multi Fruits Quattro play for free

You can get an idea of all this by playing Multi Fruits Quattro for free without registration. The graphics are averagely good. The symbols are easily recognizable. It’s nothing that will blow our minds. The sound effects aren’t what beguile us either. It is the big picture that provides excitement and entertainment. The many winning combinations and the big symbols, the possibility to play with four slots simultaneously. If you still have enough of Multi Fruits Quattro, then you are welcome to play other slots for free without registration. Just browse through our offer.

How to play Multi Fruits Quattro online for real money

How does the following phrase sound to your ears? Free spins without a deposit! Good, isn’t it? That’s what we recommend you to do if you want to stop playing Multi Fruits Quattro for free and start gambling for real money. Just look for online casinos that offer a bonus that gives free spins. And one where Multi Fruits Quattro is in the portfolio. Then you have found the ideal combination. You play for real winnings with free spins given as a gift. That is something to be proud of.

Multi Fruits Quattro slot details

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