Mystery Planet by Evoplay

Mystery Planet slot machine at a glance

It’s off into space with the Mystery Planet slot machine from Evoplay. Many areas of the universe have yet to be discovered and probably never will be. But what happens when the player comes across the Mystery Planet slot game? So far it is not known what areas will be discovered here, but luck is needed for a large bonus to be paid out. The important thing is that you won’t get home that quickly, but you should apply a strategy and use tips and tricks so that you can get high rewards.  The rules of Mystery Planet free to play are quickly explained and the player should pack his things and go on a journey. Even the kitchen sink is on board to help get the reels spinning. You can also try Sizzling Hot free play without registration.

Important things for the flight at Mystery Planet online

Before you get started, you should take a closer look at the 20 paylines. They are needed in the game so that winning combinations can be determined and thus lead to success. Here, the player decides for himself at any time whether he would like to play Mystery Planet for free without registration or use real money. The number of coins on each line can also be set voluntarily.  It is easier with the Max Bett switch, which is located next to the spin button. Here, only the coin values between 0.50 and 10 are adjusted and the slot starts spinning its rounds on its own. Evoplay allows the player to enjoy the theme, sit back and let the journey into space come to you. On Automatenspiele X you can play all slot machines for free without registration.

Get to know the paylines

Visually, the Mystery Planet video slot has also adapted to the theme of the universe and a moon that could be ours makes sure that you are outside the Earth. The graphics are designed to look tangible and at the same time these give the impression that you can grab them right through the screen. Let’s go to a new world, where the goal is to find wild symbols and scatter symbols that promise new promises and bonus rounds. Other motifs should also be noted here, such as the red and orange swirls, which guarantee the most returns of 2000 coins. Less interesting are the ten tiles, which are covered with green and bring little sign of life. Also, their actual winning payout is not more than 50 credits, so it is not really worth uncovering them.

Bonus round at Mystery Planet free to play

Whether you want to play Mystery Planet for free or with real money after all, it doesn’t matter what other bonuses and extras await the player. Evoplay has not introduced a bonus round here, but a multiplier table, so that you can get up to 5 times your bet as a win with every spin. The highest multiplier is 2000 times the bet, so that certainly high win amounts can be achieved.

It is important to know:

  • Only those who play with high stakes can win a lot.
  • The more rounds are spun, the higher the multiplier increases
  • No wild or scatter available

Discover the secrets and look for free spins

Those who set out for the galaxy with real money will search in vain for free spins, because they are not found in this game. Once you explore the galaxy, you will find that you have explored all the worlds quickly and it gets boring. Mystery Planet is completely different, as there are always adventures waiting for the player and takes him to the distant galaxy once again. All you have to do is visit an online casino. Without registration, the game can be started quickly. As the main character, the swirls are to be kept in mind and already you can win a lot of money playing online.

Mystery Planet slot details

Bonus Rounds
Wild Symbol
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