Mythic Maiden by NetEnt

Mythic Maiden Slot Online by NetEnt

If you are one of those people in Germany who love to watch horror movies and have an affinity for everything related to scary and horror, then you should definitely not miss Mythic Maiden by NetEnt. With this slot, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to enjoy the online spookiness on the reels. Responsible for the eerie game atmosphere are sophisticated details that you can discover, for example, in the symbols or even in the background, and this even comes to the fore when you play Mythic Maiden for free without registration.

The Iron Maiden caused fear and terror in the Middle Ages, and that’s probably why this is also in the foreground when playing Mythic Maiden. Fortunately, this is good news for the German players, so you don’t need to think of a strategy how to free yourself from the clutches of the Iron Maiden. However, playing this slot game can cause sweaty hands not only because of the implementation of the horror theme. Even if you play Mythic Maiden for free, you will get a glimpse of how eerily big the winnings can get with one of the multipliers. If you need even more action, you can take one of our tips to heart and look forward to highly exciting free spins. We now invite you to follow us into the spooky underworld of Mythic Maiden slot.

Mythic Maiden at a glance

Mythic Maiden online takes you straight to the heart of horror without any detours. Our five reels and their accompanying three rows are located in a real torture chamber, thanks to NetEnt. Because our game field is transparent, we get a glimpse of skulls, the entrance and various other paraphernalia while playing Mythic Maiden. Should you have rather weak nerves, then you can resort to a trick and play Mythic Maiden for free. As far as the sound effects are concerned, there is mostly silence in Mythic Maiden’s torture chamber, because apart from some effects when the reels land, we couldn’t hear any other sounds such as background music in our test.

The scary main characters do not only look good, with them you can also land really big wins. You can find out that this statement is anything but daring when you play Mythic Maiden for free without registration. The bonus features of Mythic Maiden include multipliers and a bonus round with free spins, which of course is a must for a slot game from NetEnt. How bonus features look like in a torture chamber and how you can enjoy the multipliers, you can learn from us now.

How to play Mythic Maiden online

Since we are on the subject, we would like to explain the rules of Mythic Maiden in more detail. The slot machine has a whole 30 paylines, the number of which you unfortunately cannot change. However, it must be noted with regard to the paylines that the winning combinations always consist of three identical motifs, with one exception, and must land from left to right.

Some of these twelve motifs could actually cause a shiver to run down the spine of one or the other player:

  • Playing card motifs consisting of candle wax running down from 10 to A.
  • A chest
  • A spider
  • A book
  • A monkey skull
  • A head
  • The full moon as a wild symbol
  • The spinning colors as a scatter symbol

The Wild Symbol

The full moon plays a crucial role in every horror story and not only in horror stories in the casino. So it can’t be a coincidence that this also applies to Mythic Maiden. This is exactly why you should never let the symbol with the full moon out of your sight, not even when you play Mythic Maiden for free. The full moon is far more than just the wild symbol of the game, and as a result, it can substitute for more than just all of the symbols except for the scatter symbol. The wild symbol of Mythic Maiden online even has a x3 multiplier that is applied to all wins that are achieved with a wild symbol.

The Free Spins

We already suspected it and our suspicion was also confirmed while one of our testers could play Mythic Maiden for free, at least three scatter symbols are needed to win the ten free spins. If, on the other hand, even four of the motifs with the spinning colors land, then there are even 15 free spins and five scatter symbols will bring you even 30 spins in Mythic Maiden. During this bonus round, however, be sure to keep an eye out for the Iron Maiden next to your reels, as it opens up and can reveal multiplier values of up to x10 or more Free Spins. According to the rules, you can also win more free spins if at least three scatter symbols should land again.

Conclusion and play Mythic Maiden for free

Mythic Maiden is a typical NetEnt slot machine. You can expect some extras, which made the software developer one of the most popular among players in Germany. Although there are no big surprises in Mythic Maiden when it comes to the rules or layout, you should still take a closer look at the slot game. The slot occupies a rather rare theme and this alone makes it a real eye-catcher, especially in terms of graphics. But also in terms of bonus features, the game will not disappoint you. Of course, the free spins and the opening of the Iron Maiden associated with them are likely to get the most attention. But you should not underestimate the multiplier of the wild symbol either, because it also brought us many a fat win in our test.

Do you have the courage to venture into the torture chamber? Find out by playing the slot machine for free without registration on our site.

Play Mythic Maiden online for real money

What could be scarier than playing Mythic Maiden without registration? That’s right, playing the slot game with real money in an online casino and that’s exactly what you can do after signing up in a casino. As a newly registered player, the casino will give you a welcome bonus, which sometimes even consists of two parts. While the no deposit free spins are available right after you sign up, you get the deposit bonus after you make your first deposit.

Mythic Maiden slot details

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