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Narcos online slot machine

Hello friends! Do you know the television series Narcos? Or the slot machine Narcos? No? Good, then quickly a brief description of the TV series. Because this slot is based on it. Narcos is the Spanish short name for drug dealers and is a Netflix crime series, which now has 3 seasons. It roughly depicts the life of drug cartel boss Pablo Escobar. Because the TV series became an absolute hit, the game manufacturer NetEnt worked on a slot game, which is an absolute hit for fans of the series. In May 2019, the time finally came. The slot Narcos by NetEnt was born. Fans from Germany and all over the world could finally play it in the best online casinos of the WWW and have fun with it.

NetEnt deliberately set itself a high goal. Because the bar is high, it is a box office hit and a trademarked series. But who if not NetEnt manages to somehow unite the most important characters and storylines in a video slot? And so the game was born. Here with us you can play Narcos for free without registration. This will help you get familiar with the subtleties we describe here. Because we want to fully describe this borderline genius casino game and give you rules, tips and tricks so you can develop a strategy that will lead to wins.

We’ll start with a few dry facts. These are the first distinguishing features that characterize slot machines. Narcos slot has 5 reels. 3 rows are visible. Unlike many other slots, Narcos online does not have fixed predefined paylines, but rather 243 winning combinations. There are 10 main symbols, a wild symbol, a bonus symbol and a scatter symbol waiting here. This cocktail of characteristics gives the game quite a high RTP of 96.23%. The volatility is stated as medium to high. This means that you will win less frequently, but rather large amounts. And these are the symbols that will whiz across the screen:

  • Sheriff Star (Wild Symbol)
  • Burning Sheriff Star (Walking Wild Symbol)
  • Man with sign “Catch me” (Locked up symbol)
  • Golden suitcase (Golden Locked up Symbol)
  • Car with “Free Spins” (Scatter Symbol)
  • Man with radio
  • Man with gun
  • Blonde
  • Cowboy with gun
  • Flamingo
  • Airplane
  • card symbols (A – K – Q – J)

Of course, this looks more than it is. When you see this list, you think you would be overwhelmed with 20 different symbols in Narcos online. But don’t worry, this is not the case. First and foremost, you’ll see the final 10 symbols, plus Wild, Scatter and the Locked up symbol. What these are all about and what features they trigger, we will describe later on. If you play Narcos for free at the same time, you can experience it for yourself. This will help you understand the game. And that brings us to the exciting and versatile gameplay.

How to play Narcos online?

Typical casino: You first set the game stake. Then you start the game by spinning the reels. You can do this either by clicking on the spin button or by pressing the space bar. If you like to let the lead out of your hands in Narcos and watch with preference, you can also use the autospin mode. This continues the whole thing for a certain number of games.

When the reels stop (you can bring about the stop by clicking the mouse again), it will show whether you have won. You have a winning combination if you see one of the three symbols from the first reel also on the second and third reels. If you also see it on the fourth or even the fifth reel, the winnings increase rapidly. If you play Narcos free beforehand, you will see that you will quickly get used to the countless winning possibilities. Fortunately, in addition to the usual game rounds, there are quite a few additional features. We’ll start with the simplest one.

Wild Symbol

The sheriff’s star is a kind of wild symbol in Narcos. This is called a wild symbol in online casino circles. This substitutes for all main symbols, except Scatter or Locked up symbol If a Wild symbol is part of a winning combination, it becomes a burning sheriff’s star. This is then a so-called “walking wild”. This simply moves one position to the left after the winnings have been paid out, remains there in place and perhaps provides further winnings there. It moves to the left as many rounds in a row until it disappears from the playing field.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is well marked. It is the car with the scatter symbol written on it. This symbol can only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. If you are lucky enough to have such a symbol visible on all three reels in Narcos slot, then you will get at least 10 free spins. Within these free spins, the “Drive-by Feature” is activated on every spin. What this is, we will explain later. If there is still a Walking Wild on the grid after the last Free Spin, the game will continue to spin (and pay out) until the last Walking Wild has disappeared from the screen. This can accumulate some winnings.

Drive-by Feature (sporadic and random)

The so-called Drive-by Feature can occur randomly at any time. A car darts by and the occupants trigger a shootout. In the process, all the high value symbols are hit. They spin. With a probability of 50%, each one turns into a wild symbol. In free spins, this feature remains active throughout.

Locked up Feature

The symbol with the arrested villain and the shield in his hand can trigger this feature in Narcos online. And this is when you find at least three of these symbols in a row. These will then chain together. The reels will be swapped. Now only Locked up symbols and Golden Locked up symbols are displayed. 3 Free Spins are available. If the displayed win cluster gets bigger, there will be more Free Spins. Otherwise, after the three rounds are settled. A rewarding feature. Per winning symbol an amount from 1 times to 10 times the bet beckons.

If a Golden locked up symbol connects with the drawn win cluster, another feature is triggered. Either there is a multiplier (x2 or x3) or upgrade symbols (an upgrade of the cluster) or the “Big starting Value”, which upgrades the Golden Lock up symbol. If you practice for free and without registration, keeping your hands off real money bets for the time being, you can get to know this feature at your leisure. Believe us: it’s worth it when you play games like Narcos for free. Playing online sometimes has certain advantages that you won’t find in a land-based casino.

Conclusion about playing Narcos for free

Those who know NetEnt know that the name stands for quality. This is also true in the case of Narcos play. The symbols are nice to look at and well distinguishable. The sound is coherent. This makes for a nice mix. The gameplay is versatile and extremely exciting. One longs to catch one of the features so that it jingles vigorously in the cash register. Playing slot machines for free without registration is the motto. You should make use of this if you can. And you really can. With us you can play all kinds of slots and of course Narcos for free without registration. Enjoy the benefits that this free trial brings you. Vary the stakes, use autospin and manual spin, feel free to stop the reels yourself and see what happens. What gives you the most winnings? With what regularity do you make it to free spins? Whenever the time is ripe, you should increase the bet so that you can then really cash in on Narcos.

How to play Narcos online for real money

We admit: Playing Narcos for free is nice, exciting and entertaining. But what’s even better? Playing Narcos for real money. We’d be lying if we said otherwise. The thrill increases immeasurably when you are familiar with the game Narcos and can wager cash and also win. The ideal transitional solution towards real money play is called: free spins without deposit! This is basically like playing Narcos for free, except that with a little luck you can actually win real money. How does it work? Simple. In many German online casinos, a so-called no deposit bonus is offered.

You get this when you successfully register as a new player. It does not require a deposit and no other obligations. Just your successful registration provides you with this bonus. And with this you can play Narcos among many other slots. The stake is taken over by the online casino for several rounds. You just have to hope for Fortuna’s goodwill and collect the winnings. But beware. Should you win at Narcos online, it does not mean that these winnings are immediately payable. No. In that case, you’ll have to convert this money into real money first by wagering it multiple times – for example, on Narcos. What you get out of it? You have played Narcos for free for even longer. And you have the real, though not entirely probable, chance of eventually winning some real money. If that’s not a rewarding prospect… you should give it a try. The entertainment is definitely worth it. Let yourself be surprised! And if you haven’t been a fan of Narcos, the TV series yet – after the game you will be.

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