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Neon Cluster Wins Online Slot by StakeLogic – Overview and Game Features

How about a nice online game again? Maybe one that you prefer to play at a German online casino? One where you can play either for free or for real money? If you answered in the affirmative up to this point, there is only one question left. How do you feel about fruit slots that feature the Cluster Pays mechanism? The manufacturer Stakelogic has implemented such a mechanism. Therefore, we are pleased to present you the Neon Cluster Wins slot game by Stakelogic. More. We will familiarize you with the rules, look for tips and tricks for you on how to win larger amounts of money with it with luck. If you want to find a strategy for it, you should play Neon Cluster Wins for free without registration in advance and thus get to know the Stakelogic game in peace. You can find the demo version on our site. It is free and works completely without registration.

Let’s start with some number games. In this way, you will get a rough taste of what Stakelogic has realized with the game Neon Cluster Wins. Germany was graced with Neon Cluster Wins slot in January 2019. At that time, the slot appeared in casinos. It belongs to the video slots and has six reels, with five rows visible. Unlike most other slots, there are no paylines here that stretch from one edge to the other. There are winning combinations aka clusters here. And there are stacked symbols aka stacked symbols. And these are the main symbols. We list them according to their value:

  • Star (Wild Symbol)
  • BONUS (scatter symbol)
  • BAR
  • Seven
  • Bell
  • melon
  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Cherries

This interesting mix of facts results in an RTP of 95.77% and a medium volatility. The winnings in Neon Cluster Wins game won’t be too frequent, but they will be respectable from time to time. What the wild symbol, scatter symbol and any features are all about is explained below. In the meantime, you should play Neon Cluster Wins for free and practice with the demo version. Because that’s how you learn the most.

How to play Neon Cluster Wins online?

Take in the picture that presents itself after you start. You will see the neon symbols, the reels and at the bottom the possibility to define the bet. To match this, you will be sprinkled with sounds reminiscent of the 80s.

The bets in Neon Cluster Wins online can vary from 0.10 to 50 coins. Maybe you start with small numbers. Later, you can also go to the limit to see how the account balance changes. Even losses don’t hurt when you play Neon Cluster Wins for free. To start the game, you can either activate the autospin button or click on the single spin. The space bar serves the same purpose in Neon Cluster Wins.

When you stop reels, any winning clusters will be displayed. A cluster is made up of connected identical symbols. At least 10 identical symbols are needed for this. The bigger the cluster, the higher the win. When you play Neon Cluster Wins for free, you will quickly get a feel for how often you win and how high the winnings are. Now, a few more nice features come into play in Neon Cluster Wins slot.

Wild Symbol

The star is the wild symbol, a kind of wild symbol in Neon Cluster Wins online that can substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. This makes for more and higher wins.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol spans two vertical symbols and does not have to be fully visible to trigger free spins. As soon as it is seen three times, five free spins are awarded. Within the free spins, you can trigger more free spins. You need at least two more scatters with it. Within the free spins you also play with seven rows instead of five. This significantly increases the chance of winning.

If you like, you can also buy the free spins feature in some online casinos. The price is displayed to the right of the game field. By the way, you can lower the prize with each spin. You only have to spin so-called Discount Counts in Neon Cluster Wins online, which are displayed small on symbols.

Extra Wild Symbol Feature

If you see a blue-purple wild symbol during the spin in the free spins feature of Neon Cluster Wins, it can replace individual symbols with extra wilds in such a way that a guaranteed win is created.

Cluster Swirl Feature

If the red and green wild is spotted on a free spin, it can provide even higher wins after the payout, provided there is a cluster of ten symbols or more. It selects a symbol that is not part of the cluster and turns all symbols of that type into the one that is part of the cluster. Thus, the Neon Cluster Wins online winning combination can grow significantly and the win can become bigger. Of course, you have to try the whole thing yourself to understand it. Therefore, you should take advantage of our offer and play Neon Cluster Wins for free.

Conclusion about Neon Cluster Wins free play

There are two kinds of players. Some are very enthusiastic about playing Neon Cluster Wins, because they like the neon motifs and the matching sound effects. The others are not so happy with it, precisely because they can’t identify with it. You should play Neon Cluster Wins for free without registration and just get to know the slot to find out whether the presentation of Neon Cluster Wins appeals to you. As said. You can play the demo version of Neon Cluster Wins for free. You do not take any risk in doing so. If you find that these neon symbols are not yours, just find another game that you like. With us you can play countless other slot machines for free without registration. There is surely something suitable for you.

How to play Neon Cluster Wins online for real money

Assuming that you enjoy playing Neon Cluster Wins, then it might be worth considering playing Neon Cluster Wins for real money winnings. Then you are well advised to try your luck as a registered player at a good online casino. Just be sure that they have Neon Cluster Wins and that you might dust off a good bonus that gives you free spins without a deposit. This will keep you playing Neon Cluster Wins for free for even longer – just with the small chance of actually winning winnings that you can convert into real money and cash out. It’s the try that counts.

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