Nudge Runner by Stake Logic

Nudge Runner online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

The title of the slot game – Nudge Runner – already partly reveals what it’s all about. Nudges. That’s a feature that still spins individual reels forward or backward piecemeal after a spin to create more winning combinations. And the whole thing pairs up with a fruit slot that consists of up to two individual slots in Stakelogic’s online game Nudge Runner. We admit. It sounds complicated. But it isn’t, once you’ve seen it. Therefore, we invite you to play Nudge Runner for free without registration. Get to know the slot machine at your leisure and try it out.

Meanwhile, we describe the rules and give a few tips and tricks about the game. These might be valuable when it comes to finding a perfect strategy, because we haven’t found one yet. Our free demo version of Nudge Runner, which you can play without registering, will help you gain some experience.

In fact, Nudge Runner slot is two small video slots in one game. Once again, the developer Stakelogic has come up with something particularly interesting here. Stakelogic is known for its many fruit slots, all of which are somehow out of the ordinary. With Nudge Runner online, you might think at first glance that you’re playing a slot with six reels. But you are wrong. There are two slots, each with three reels and three visible rows. Each of the two slots also has five paylines. These are the three horizontal lines and the diagonals to them. It is always called a winning combination when you find three of the same symbols along such a line.

By the way, the Nudge Runner slot by Stakelogic appeared in Germany in 2018. It quickly spread to all German online casinos. And in general, it is impossible to imagine casinos without fruit slots since their existence. The crowd of followers is too big. The payout probability of Nudge Runner online is stated by the developer at 95%. The volatility – with low to medium. If you don’t hit the jackpot, you will have to be satisfied with the smaller wins when playing Nudge Runner. However, these are frequent. That’s just the way it is with games with rather smaller volatility.

Of course, we do not want to withhold the list of the main symbols that you will find on these reels. They are these symbols, which are sorted in descending value:

  • Star symbol (a symbol with 2 functions).
  • Seven
  • BAR symbol
  • Grapes
  • melon
  • Bells
  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Lemon

While playing Nudge Runner for free, sound out which symbols will give you the most wins. As I said. The whole thing is free and without any obligations.

How to play Nudge Runner online?

This brings us to the gameplay of Nudge Runner. If you want to trigger the mechanism of the nudge, you need to play with a bet of at least 40 coins per slot. You set the bet by clicking on the corresponding box at the bottom of the game board. Choose whether you want to play with the left, the right or both slots at the same time. And determine the number of coins per slot. This will give you the total bet, which will be between 0.20 euros and 100 euros. When you play Nudge Runner for free, you can try out what game stake would suit your financial possibilities. Not everyone will start with a balance of 10,000 euros and play with MaxBet without considering losses. Be smart and play every now and then as if you were playing with real money.

If you have carefully read our words about playing Nudge Runner up to this point, you will know that you can often collect small to medium winnings with two compact slots. And it won’t have escaped your attention that there has been no mention of wild symbols or scatter symbols so far. This is for a very simple reason. Nudge Runner online comes without a wild symbol and free spins.

Just give it a try when you play Nudge Runner for free. Bet an amount high enough to activate the nudges and spin. Whether it’s the autospin or the manual spin using the spacebar or mouse click on the spin button. You will hit a winning combination on almost all spins. That’s not too hard either, considering that there are nine different symbols on three reels and five paylines in Nudge Runner. And there are the following features.

Star symbols

The star can be considered a toned down wild symbol to some extent. Namely, when it appears as a combo symbol with a fruit or bells in Nudge Runner online. Then it contributes to combinations with both symbols seen. This is double the chance of winning in Nudge Runner.


If your game bet is high enough, between 1 and 3 nudges will be activated at random. And this is true for both slots of Nudge Runner. If you get about three nudges, individual reels can be spun either forward or backward up to three times. And this is until multiple paylines are visible. You should play Nudge Runner for free to get to know this feature.

Mystery Jackpot

The Mystery Jackpot of Nudge Runner is a progressive jackpot. It always starts at 500 euros and increases with each player’s bet. 0.5% of the bet is added. If you are the one who makes the barrel of 5000 euros overflow, you will collect this pot. Sounds good? Is good!

Conclusion about playing Nudge Runner for free

Nudge Runner by Stakelogic seamlessly joins the collection of fruit slots from this manufacturer. The symbols and the sound are reasonably functional. But once again, the gameplay has been made interesting. Two slots that can be played individually or together and the Nudges feature. These make us forget that there is neither wild nor scatter symbol. You should play Nudge Runner free with us without registration and try the slot at your leisure. If, contrary to expectations, it does not appeal to you, you can still play other slot machines for free without registration with us. Everyone will find something that suits their taste. Nudge Runner is certainly one of the better fruit slots out there. You should have tried it.

How to play Nudge Runner online for real money

It is understandable that not everyone just wants to play Nudge Runner for free. Playing with real money appeals to many. You have to be that honest. There is a jump start that makes it quite interesting to get started. Look for a bonus. If you grab free spins without a deposit, you won’t need to make a transfer and you can still keep the chance to win real money. Good luck with that.

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