Overdrive by Saucify


This 3 reel slot from Saucify is made for all car fans and brings the once considered feminine 3 reel slot back into the male domain with a slight macho touch. The word Overdrive dominates the screen of this online slot at the bottom. The reels that are above it have the original mechanical look of the slot machines. To the right is the paytable. This game is similar to The Purse of the Mummy slot machine.

As the title suggests, this one is about cars, and specifically the ones in overdrive, that is, in high gear. Besides the cars themselves, the other winning symbols are more than well-taken, featuring the typical black and white flag of the racetrack, car tires, a trophy and the snacks that are probably meant for the spectators, not the racers.

Surprisingly, there are no car sounds in the background. The developers opted for the classic casino background noise with conversations, laughter and all the sounds of the slot machines.

Slot structure

In this slot there are exactly 3 paylines on the 3 reels, namely the horizontal three lines center, top and bottom. The player can choose how many paylines he wants to play per spin. However, since the big wins are on the 3rd payline, it is recommended to always play with all three paylines and if necessary set the coin value lower. This can be between 0.01 and 1.

Wins and features

Since this is a slot based on fast cars, it is not surprising that exactly these fast cars also bring the biggest winnings. On the third payline 7000 coins are waiting for 3 cars, on the second payline after all 3500 and on the middle payline 1500 coins. Behind it is the cup with 500 coins for 3 in a row on any payline, followed by the flag (300 coins), the wheels (150 coins), the tool (50 coins) and the snacks (25 coins). A combination of these symbols brings a payout of 5 coins.

The wild symbol in this slot is the already big winning cars. They can stand in for all other symbols, but do not result in any win multiplication in this slot.


A rather simple, but nevertheless successful 3 reel slot from Saucify that returns to the basics. The setup is well done, with the classic casino background sounds softening the theme a bit, making it accessible to everyone. As the only special feature, the wild symbols can provide additional wins, making up for the lack of multipliers thanks to the frequent payouts. The jackpot of 7000 coins is also quite respectable.

win in the fast lane!

If you have never played this slot, you should change that as soon as possible, because here you get excitement, fun and adventure all in one slot! Just like the Sizzling Hot slot games, Overdrive can be played for free, so you don’t have to take any risks. You can also try Lucky Lady Charm slot games for free and you don’t even have to sign up to play! So, what are you waiting for?

Overdrive slot details

Wild Symbol