Oxo by Tom Horn

Oxo slot machine

Oxo by Tom Horn Gaming is a simple slot machine that has an interesting design. A bit futuristic and graphically a highlight. The entire Oxo interface is black and white. Except for the logo, in which there are blue and red X’s and Os, respectively. If you take a closer look, you will notice that this game is based on Tic Tac Toe. We have taken a closer look at the slot game and would like to present the most important facts. Tip: If you want to get to know it, you can play Oxo for free.

The rules: This is how the game Oxo works in detail

This Tom Horn Gaming slot consists of three reels, three rows and three fixed paylines, which cannot be deselected. The minimum bet is 1 cent, the maximum bet comes to 100 euros per spin. If you want to play directly with the maximum bet, you can click the corresponding button. Then click on Start and watch how the reels spin. Tip: If you don’t want to keep pressing the button, activate Autoplay and the reels will start automatically.

To find out what Oxo winning combinations there are in this game, click on “Wins”. There you will find a clear, minimalistic page. Oxo online is easy to figure out because there are only 4 different possibilities. There are only the main characters X + O. With the combination O-X-O the bet is multiplied 2x. With O-O-O 4x, with X-X-X 6x. If all the fields remain empty, gamblers get the special win. In this case the bet is multiplied 100x. If the bet is 100 euros, the player would win 10,000 euros. This is the maximum win in the online game. It should be noted that the symbols also apply diagonally. Possible winnings can be examined on the basis of images in the Oxo game.

**What are the special features of Oxo online?

  • Since the game Oxo was kept relatively simple andTom Horn Gaming refrains from too many bells and whistles, there are only a few extra features in this game.
  • A highlight is the risk game, which pops up after an Oxo win. Reels and stars are shown in sequence. The player must now guess whether the next star will be black or red. If he chooses the right color, the win is doubled. If it is the wrong one, the win is lost. A third possibility would be the golden star. In that case, the player can place another bet or keep the winnings.

Oxo play for free without registration in online casino

Test the title now, in which you play Oxo for free with us. There you can try out various tricks or a strategy. There are also many other slots from Tom Horn Gaming that players can play for free just like Oxo. The highlights are already waiting in the casinos.

Players can play the slot for free without registration and later switch to real money mode.

Play Oxo in real money mode directly in the online casino.

Many platforms give away a no deposit casino bonus, Oxo free spins and other bonus offers. This allows players to play Oxo for free. Nevertheless, there are chances to win real money as well. Whether you play Oko for free or with real money from the start is up to you. However, everyone should give this slot a try because it definitely stands out from the rest. Enjoy!

Oxo slot details

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