Ozzy Osbourne by NetEnt

Ozzy Osbourne Slot Online by NetEnt

A slot game in honor of the dark prince of rock

There are few musicians in the world who have already achieved such a cult status as Ozzy Osbourne during his lifetime. NetEnt has developed a tribute to the great artist with the game of the same name. Unforgettable is the performance when the rock star bit off the head of a real bat, which he thought was a dummy. Not only the performances of the veteran rocker have a lot to offer, but also the Ozzy Osbourne slot. After just a few minutes of play, you can see that there are few slot games in casinos that can come up with such good music. If you dive deep into Ozzy Osbourne free play, it almost feels like you are at a private concert. Ozzy Osbourne online has five reels and fixed 20 paylines. The game is thus quickly understood in the online casino, as there are no big surprises even with the special characters, such as the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

The main Ozzy Osbourne characters remind us of the great career of the former Black Sabbath frontman. The high-paying main symbols, that is, the symbols that provide the higher wins in a winning combination, show Ozzy Osbourne in different stages of his great career. The other symbols are also closely linked to the music star’s success story.

There is hardly any other game that makes you want to win as much as Ozzy Osbourne Slot. At the beginning, this game is quiet, but once the wins come, the developer NetEnt turns up the boxes properly. So when playing Ozzy Osbourne for free, it is quite possible that first your legs will bob along and in the end you will find yourself on your desk while headbanging.

A monument to a great musician – this is how Ozzy Osbourne free play works

Playing Ozzy Osbourne for free without registration is really easy as pie. Betting is made much easier thanks to the fixed paylines. The rules of playing Ozzy Osbourne only show their peculiarities in the features:

  • The Bonus Bid: Even with Ozzy Osbourne online, no one feels like waiting long for a win. If you want to influence fate a little bit, you decide before the spin for the Bonus Bid when playing Ozzy Osbourne free. With this bet, you have to pay a higher stake, but the chances of winning, free spins and the appearance of special special characters increase greatly.
  • Symbol Change-Up: In Ozzy Osbourne online, it is noticeable right from the start that two small screens are visible above the reels on the left and right. During normal play, NetEnt leaves these inactive. But if you enjoy free spins while playing Ozzy Osbourne, there is a lot going on there. For example, the left field selects a certain character, while the right one displays a multiplier. If this character appears in a winning combination in the current round, the multiplier indicates how many times the prize will be paid.
  • The Scatter Symbol: This symbol appears in Ozzy Osbourne only on lines one,three and five. If two of them are found on the reels, the player gets a free spin, that is, a free game in which the bet remains. If you have three scatter symbols, one of them on each of the reels one, three and five, you get four Free Spins in the normal game, and if the Bonus Bid button was pressed before, even five Free Spins.
  • The Wild Symbol: Also in Ozzy Osbourne free play, this symbol’s job is to step in when a symbol is missing on a payline to complete a winning combination. Here, Ozzy Osbourne online follows the example of many other slot machines.

It turns out that Ozzy Osbourne online requires less tips and tricks in conventional reel play, but rather a good strategy when operating the bonus bid.

This slot combines good music with first class fun – The Ozzy Osbourne Slot

This slot, which can be put through its paces completely free of charge and without registration with us, is not only a must for fans of the great rock star Ozzy Osbourne, but also for every German player who wants to experience for themselves what is possible with modern and innovative game design. Playing slots for free without registration is an excellent chance for anyone who wants to experience a completely new approach for free. Most of the time, typical reel games take you to a fable world. Not so Ozzy Osbourne. This slot machine lets you dive into the cool world of rock stars. While you focus on your destiny and the reels, your victory is celebrated with the unforgettable music of Ozzy Osbourne. You can’t really win any cooler than that.

If we draw a conclusion about playing Ozzy Osbourne for free without registration, we can state that the implementation has been perfectly successful. The old master of hard music clearly comes to the fore and the main characters are also perfectly modeled after him. In connection with the good music, one or the other fan will surely become nostalgic. This is the sign that the development team has done everything right.

Dare to face new hurdles in online gaming – Ozzy Osbourne as a real money game.

Ozzy was and still is known for liking to take a risk. A fearful guy he has never been. If you also count yourself more of an experimenter, playing for real money is probably the right thing for you. If you are already in the right concert mood and would like to crown your good experience with a real win, then you should look for one of the many casinos that have this slot on offer. It should be noted, however, that not all casinos offer the game under the same conditions. Some providers in Germany allow you a small welcome bonus. Free spins without deposit are an example of this. Sometimes you can find such an online casino, where already the beginning of this slot game, before even a spin was made, already turns out surprisingly lucrative.

You quickly realize that playing for real money could bring a whole other category of fun with it. Here, the excitement is palpable and every step you take as a player is accompanied by Ozzy’s iconic voice.

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