Paradise Found by Microgaming

Heavenly pleasure with Paradise Found

What does paradise look like? White beaches and untouched nature? The slot machine Paradise Found by Microgaming has found a whole new answer to this question. Paradise is located in the here and now and is accessible to everyone. And most importantly, there’s plenty of real money to be won in Paradise Found’s Garden of Eden!

This slot game from Microgaming convinces with a very unusual atmosphere that is unparalleled in the online gambling business. Because Paradise Found does not overrun the users with massive images and does not whistle with shrill sounds to appeal. On the contrary, the game gets by with a soothing melody and an almost yearning image composition. A true paradise, in fact!

How to play Paradise Found for free and in which online casinos real money wins beckon, whether you have to apply a special strategy when playing to succeed in Paradise Found and more tips and tricks about the game you get here.

Even in paradise there are rules

Of course, if you want to win at Paradise Found, you first need to know the basic rules of slot machines. These are quickly explained and mainly consist of setting the reels of the game in motion by inserting coins. Of course, this does not apply to users who play Paradise Found for free. But more about that later.

Everything else is usually a matter of luck: how the symbols fall on the reels and whether they produce a winning combination is difficult for the player to influence. However, it is possible to change the general conditions that determine the player’s chances of winning by using extra features like scatter symbols, which usually activate free spins.

For Paradise Found online, the manufacturer Microgaming has also come up with a special feature: here, the symbol of the “Wild Lotus Flower” triggers various bonus rounds that significantly increase the chances of winning!

Another highlight of Microgaming is the possibility to play Paradise Found for free without registration. Where and how this is possible, you will find out next.

Play Paradise Found for free

In various online casinos customers have the chance to play slots for free without registration. This clever advertising trick brings the casinos influx of customers who want to try different platforms or want to test a new game. In this way, it is also possible for users to play Paradise Found for free at almost any casino that lists Paradise Found for real money enjoyment as well.

Real money winnings

Many online casinos list Paradise Found both with the option to play it for free and for real winnings. The latter option offers the chance to clear the game’s fabulous jackpots, enjoy the full feature range, and at the same time get the online casino no deposit bonus that many platforms offer. So be sure to try it out and enjoy paradise times!

Paradise Found slot details

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Wild Symbol
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