Paranormal Activity by iSoftBet

Paranormal Activity – The horror video slot.

The slot machine from the software forge iSoftBet Simply Play provides pure goosebumps with its creepy outfit. As in the movie of the same name, the presence of eerie demons can be guessed. The flickering screen, creaking doors, as well as the sound in general, make your blood run cold.

In reality, however, in Paranormal Activity by iSoftBet the eerie effects bring lucrative profits. It’s no wonder, since the 5 reels offer the player a paranormal 243 different winning combinations. For sure, this should be an incentive even for not die-hard scary fans to test the game and play Paranormal Activity for free.

Among the winning symbols you can find movie motifs like video camera, chandelier, disembodied ghost, Ouija board and demon symbol. Additional wins are provided with three no less frightening main symbols.

Wild symbols appear in the shape of a scary girl without eyes and lead to more hits per payline. Scatter symbols award generous prizes with bloody hands wherever they land. Bonus symbols activate a wheel of fortune to more spooky features and free spins.

The spine-tingling slot game is undoubtedly not for the faint of heart. However, with a little courage, you too should try to fight the evil and play Paranormal Activity for free. Defeat the ghosts and demons online without registration.

Play Paranormal Activity online

You can play the horror spectacle with a bet of only 30 cents up to a maximum of 6 euros. Wins are achieved with 3-5 identical symbols per payline. The rules of Paranormal Activity and the values of the individual symbols are explained in detail under Paytable.

For example, the eyeless girls substitute other symbols with their wild function. The highest wins are generated by scatter symbols with bloody hands. However, it gets most interesting with 3 bonus symbols on the first, third and fifth reel. This activates the bonus wheel of fortune and gives you one of 4 bonus features:

  • Paranormal Free Spins – unlimited free spins up to 5 wins with growing multipliers.
  • Possessed Free Spins – 10 free spins with additional stacked wild symbols
  • Demon Free Spins – 15 free spins with an additional spooky wild symbol in the shape of the Grim Reaper
  • Instant wins between 300x to 1,050x the bet played.

Occasionally, two ghostly hands also appear quite suddenly and randomly and seem to press against the screen from inside. They throw 5 additional wild symbols onto the reels during the current spin.

With these tips and tricks, you are now well prepared for the world of demons. Now you can take part in the terrifying horror adventure yourself and play Paranormal Activity for free until your nerves get the best of you.

Paranormal Activity – Surrounded by demons and ghosts

The provider iSoftBet has definitely created an outstanding and suspenseful horror slot with Paranormal Activity. The already eerie setting is topped off by the authentic movie elements. The creepy scenario makes the player feel the icy cold. Friends of demons and ghosts will certainly get their money’s worth with this slot.

Less frightening, however, are the winning possibilities. Here, 243 different winning ways per round ensure enormous chances of winning. In the lucrative bonus rounds, further generous prizes can be achieved. In free spins, additional spooky wild symbols or stacked wilds let the cash register ring anew.

Are you ready to take up the fight against demons and ghosts? At the online casino you can now play Paranormal Activity for free and without registration. Even if it sends shivers down your spine, you’ll quickly find the right strategy to fill your gaming account.

Are your hair still standing on end and are you looking for more thrills? Then of course you also have the possibility to register at the casino and play Paranormal Activity with real money. In addition to tingling excitement, valuable prizes also await you in this eerie horror spectacle.

Paranormal Activity slot details

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