Pipeliner by Merkur

Pipeliner – pipes instead of reels

Those who are looking for an extraordinary slot game will find their joy in Pipeliner by Merkur. Instead of conventional reels, 12 game fields arranged in a honeycomb shape with pipe connections provide 174 different paylines. The honeycombs with the symbols glow appealingly in front of an antique engine room, accompanied by cheerful sound effects.

Besides the pipe elements, there are also various multipliers in the form of jewels. Winning combinations are created starting at the top with six pipe entries and ending at the bottom in one of the five exits. Each pipe passing from top to bottom allows the gems to slide through and multiply.

The slot from Merkur comes without scatter symbols, but it does have a promising engineer. The main character acts as both a high multiplier and wild symbol, ensuring more profitable connections. Instead of free spins and bonus, smaller wins can be gambled up to rewarding profits in risk games.

Despite the unusual game design, the rules are very straightforward. You can play Pipeliner for free to try it out and get to know it. As an experienced player, you will quickly discover that not many tips or tricks are necessary for an addictive gaming experience.

The simple game scheme of Pipeliner

To play online, you first set the desired bet. The minimum bet is 5 cents and can be increased to a max bet of up to 10 euros. With the start button you start the game as usual. There is also the convenient option of Auto Start if you just want to sit back and watch the game progress comfortably.

Any x continuous line from the upper starting fields to one or more of the lower pipe exits counts as a payline. The wild symbol with the engineer enables connections in all directions and the winnings achieved are multiplied by 10.

Five different gems with multipliers appear in the resulting pipe connections. In the pay tables you can see exactly the associated values:

  • Yellow gemstone – 2 times the bet amount.
  • Purple gemstone – 3 times the bet amount
  • Red gemstone – 5 times the bet amount
  • Green gemstone – 7 times the bet amount
  • Blue Gemstone – 10x bet level

Thus, without complicated functions and extras, lavish payouts of up to 72,000 euros are achieved in Pipeliner, depending on the bet level. In addition, two exciting versions of risk games allow lower win amounts to increase up to 140 euros:

1. risk card game

You have the choice between the card colors red or black to double achieved earnings or to lose completely.

  1. risk ladder of fortune

Here you can climb a ladder to the top using a random number generator, but you can also fall down.

Both variants offer the option for lower risk to gamble with only half the winnings. You can, of course, play Pipeliner for free without registering first to come up with a suitable strategy for it.

Pipeliner online – The alternative to the conventional slot machine

The refreshingly different slot machine from the leading software manufacturer Merkur offers an innovative slot experience without reels. Curious players can play Pipeliner for free to test it out, directly in their browser and without registering at the online casino.

As unusual as the creation is for a video slot, the minimalistic gameplay is instantly transparent. Before long, you’ll realize how fascinating it is to watch the pipelines connect while engineers and countless jewels fill your player account.

The unique slot game convinces with simple functions and valuable gems. Here, high multipliers trump instead of many free spins and bonus rounds. The chances of winning in this Merkur slot can be described as quite considerable. Thus, there is certainly no question of boredom.

Playing Pipeliner for free is without a doubt a very entertaining pastime for everyone. Even more fun awaits the gambler in Real Play mode to try his luck with real money. Thus, the generated virtual winnings might make your own cash register jingle in the end, the chances are not bad.

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