Plenty of Fruit 20 by Novoline

Plenty of Fruit 20 slot free games from Novoline

Why is Plenty Of Fruit 20 from Novoline one of the most popular games in German online casinos? At first glance, the slot machine seems to be kept very simple. There are fruits, numbers and single other symbols. There are no elaborate features like in newer slots in Plenty Of Fruit 20. So what is the attraction? Plenty Of Fruit 20 slot offers appealing and at the same time relaxed entertainment.

The slot game convinces with latent tension and a well-composed graphic-acoustic environment. We explain where to find Plenty Of Fruit 20 online, what the most important main characters and winning combinations are, and whether you can get more out of the game with certain tips and tricks. Moreover, we show a way how anyone can play Plenty Of Fruit 20 for free and even win real money.

Plenty of Fruit 20 slot in portrait

Plenty Of Fruit 20 is a pleasantly simple slot. The slot game is available at many online casinos. At all casinos with listing there is Plenty Of Fruit 20 online. The game requires no download, but is completely web-based. Playing is possible on the desktop as well as on the tablet PC and smartphone.

A small special feature: Novoline has developed the slot on the basis of Flash. The title with a release date in October 2015 was thus one of the last slot machines based on this technology. Today, HTML5 and Javascript are more commonly used. However, this does not detract from the gaming experience.

If you want to play Plenty Of Fruit 20, you can bet 0.05 – 5.00 EUR per line. There are 20 paylines – this number is fixed. The bet per spin thus amounts to 1-100 EUR. The machine is designed in 5×3 format. So there are five reels that spin on three rows. The maximum win is 500 times the bet. With a maximum bet of 100 EUR, the theoretical maximum win is thus 50,000 EUR.

The win multiplier reveals: Plenty Of Fruit 20 is a slot with low to medium volatility. Novoline also states this in the manuals. Slots with this profile more often have smaller intermediate wins. In return, the maximum wins are lower. Slots with this game character or game mathematics is very suitable for longer, relaxed sessions with built-in sense of achievement.

A look at the payout ratio should not be missing. The manufacturer states the return to players (RTP) at 95.24%. This percentage of the stakes is thus theoretically paid out to the players again. Of course, no player should expect to achieve exactly this result. It is a statistical average that is theoretically calculated over many millions of spins. Thus, the RTP of Plenty Of Fruit 20 is average. There are games with higher, but also with lower RTP.

A tip: Plenty Of Fruit 20 does not stand in a vacuum. Novoline has developed several similar slots. These differ in individual aspects, but offer an overall comparable gaming experience. These slots are:

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Important key figures of Plenty of Fruit 20

  • Manufacturer: Novoline
  • Online since: 13.10.2015
  • RTP: 95.24
  • Volatility: low to medium
  • Maximum win: 500x
  • Stakes: 1-100 EUR
  • Layout: 5×3
  • Number of paylines: 20
  • Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet PC, Smartphone
  • Technology: Flash
  • Theme: Fruits, Classic Slots
  • Features: Gambling Feature (double)

Play Plenty of Fruit 20: Winnings, rules and procedure

The user interface of Plenty Of Fruit 20 is kept very simple. Under the user interface you will find all the essential buttons. This is where the bets are determined. There is also the option to let the reels spin via autoplay. Important: There is no gambling option in autoplay mode. The current account balance, the last win and the current bets per line as well as the total bet are displayed. For more information, there are buttons that lead to the payout scheme and other information. Spinning is done with a click on the “Start” button.

The acoustics are rather inconspicuous. There is no continuous soundtrack: many players should find this pleasant. However, there is an acoustic background during spins and when winning. There is also an acoustic effect during the gambling option. Visually, the slot is well done. The slot machine is reminiscent of comics and the slot machines of the good old days.

Are there certain tips and tricks that can be used to create winning combinations? Can the main character that appears be recognized in advance with the right strategy? The answer is, as with any serious slot, also with Plenty Of Fruit 20: No, absolutely not! What happens on the reels is decided solely by a random number generator. This ensures that the winning probabilities approach their previously determined value, following the law of large numbers. Thus, a main win is possible at any time – but also a long dry spell at any time. The random number generator works regardless of whether a casino is located in Germany or another country.

The most important symbol in the game is the red seven. This symbol acts as a wild symbol. It substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. For 5x the red seven you get 50x. 4x this symbol brings 20x, 3x the red seven still brings 2x.

The second most important symbol is the scatter symbol. This one does not trigger any free spins in Plenty Of Fruit 20: Free Spins do not exist in this slot. However, there is a very high scatter win. For five scatter symbols there are 500x.

In third place comes the bell. Five of them bring 20x. The fruit symbols follow. You can choose from plums, melons, lemons, oranges and cherries. Plums and melons bring more than the other three types of fruit (5x each) with 10x when they appear five times.

As with all slots from this manufacturer, the gamble feature also plays an important role in the Plenty Of Fruit 20 slot. And this is how it works: If a win appears, players can click on “Collect” and take the winnings. Those who trust Fortuna even more, click on “Gamble”. A screen then appears with a virtual playing card.

This changes color (red or black) in a fraction of a second. Players can click on red or black. If the color is correct, the winnings are doubled. If the color is not correct, the winnings are lost again. The gamble feature can be repeated several times in a row. Theoretically, a single win can be massively increased.

On the screen you can see which cards were “last up” in the Gamble Feature. However, this has no direct significance. Which suit shows up is decided by a random number generator. It is quite possible that the same suit appears five or ten times in a row.

Play Plenty Of Fruit 20 for free without registration in the slot machine library.

We have tested the machine extensively and played many spins. The entertainment factor is good. In particular, the machine also does not spread the slightest hint of stress and hectic. So, for a relaxed session after work, the machine is exactly the right address.

Those who want to play the slot can in principle visit any casino. The prerequisite is that the casino has Plenty Of Fruit 20 listed online. According to our experience, many players want to play Plenty Of Fruit 20 for free, not least for nostalgic reasons. It is not about winning for these players, but about a reminder of the good old slot machines of the 1980s and 1990s.

If you want to play Plenty Of Fruit 20 for free, you can use a demo version. At many casinos, such demos are available to all customers free of charge. However, it rarely works without registration. Who also does not want to deposit personal data, uses our virtual slot machine library. Here, every visitor can play hundreds of slot machines for free without registration. In addition to this slot, there are also numerous other titles from a wide variety of manufacturers and with very many different themes. In the extensive library, everyone will find a slot machine to their liking.

There is nothing to lose in the demo. However, real money can not be won either. Therefore, certain offers from casinos can be worthwhile.

Casino Bonus: Play Plenty of Fruit 20 for free and win real money

Play Plenty Of Fruit 20 for free without any risk and still take home real money: This is possible. The prerequisite is a bonus from a casino. It can be a free bonus or free spins without deposit. Those who are ready to make their own deposit, but want to increase it a bit, can use a deposit bonus.

How does a free bonus work? New customers register a gaming account with a casino. Das Casino stellt  ein Startguthaben zur Verfügung – zum Beispiel 10 EUR, 20 EUR oder 50 EUR. This gaming credit can be used as desired. If the player loses, only the free bonus shrinks. If the player wins, winnings are credited as bonus money. This bonus money is subject to a turnover requirement. Players must then wager, for example, 30x the winnings and can then make withdrawals. This is of course a hurdle – but one that can be overcome with a little luck.

At many casinos, instead of a universal free bonus, there are also free spins without deposit. Immediately after registration, for example, 10, 20 or 50 free spins are then available. However, the free spins are tied to certain machines. Only if the contingent can also be used for Plenty Of Fruit 20 online , a free test with a chance to win is possible. Winnings from free spins are almost always credited as a bonus are subject to a turnover condition. In addition, winnings caps often apply.

Who wants to deposit real money and has already decided on a good casino, can use a deposit bonus. Die Ersteinzahlung wird dann um einen festgelegten Bonus erhöht – z.B.  100% oder 200%. In the current market environment, there are very attractive casino bonuses. When wagering, the bonus is then debited first and then the real money. Deposit bonuses are often linked to a turnover condition.

However, it is not possible to remain completely anonymous and take real money with you. Since a free bonus can result in winnings in real money, the potential winner must register an account beforehand. Plenty Of Fruit 20 free play without registration is therefore not possible with a casino bonus.

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