Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot by Novoline

Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot Slot free games from Novoline

For what feels like centuries, in reality of course not quite that long, fruit in all its varieties has adorned the slot machines of this world. Therefore, we were honestly not prepared to experience a surprise in this slot machine test. However, the reality was quite different and we start with the question: May we offer you a fruit slot of a special kind?

Because that’s where we would have found the perfect model: Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot from the house of Novoline. After this test, we are still holding our stomachs with laughter at this moment and have spent many funny hours with the slot game.

Would you like to find out what we experienced with Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot? Then just read on!

Description of the Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot slot machine

As responsible slot machine testers, we decided to issue a warning right away for an important reason this time. This is quite common for German testing institutes like ours. The warning is addressed to all players in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, who normally like to eat fruit. We are especially thinking of vegetarians, vegans or even frutarians. They should all carefully read our experience with Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot and then consider whether they really want to play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free.

The warning – please be sure to pay attention!

The thing is that the fruit in Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot slot is just so incredibly cute that after playing it, you run the risk of never being able to eat fruit again. This really happened to one of our slot testers. After playing Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free without registration, he wanted to eat a fruit salad – and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He still remembered too much the faithful eyes and innocent laughing faces of the fruit symbols. He thought, sitting in front of his bowl of fruit pieces, “Isn’t this treason?

Can you play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free on one hand, but on the other hand chop up, sugar or even puree innocent fruits for consumption? So, before you end up with a similar conflict of conscience as our sensitive colleague, you should think of a strategy or psychological tricks. Differentiate: one thing is daily life, the other Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot online at the casino.

Thanks to Novoline, fruit gets a face

Now we have raised the question of ethical and moral justifiability. For us, this has also been settled and even our compassionate tester colleague has come to his senses. The truth is that Novoline has done a great service to people and fruit alike with this game. There are also no reports online, either in English or German, that point to any concerns.

The opposite seems to be much more true: since Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot has been online, people have developed a better relationship with fruit. People who play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot are happier. This observation is true whether they play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free or for real money.

Play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free and do some good

Was the fruit conservation idea perhaps even the intention of the game designers at Novoline? Are the game developers fruit protectors and fruit activists? We couldn’t find out, but we suspect so. Otherwise, the manufacturer wouldn’t have given the symbols such sympathetic, smiling faces that you just have to love?

The effect is quite clear: playing Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free means that the player will never look at the fruit and vegetable section in the supermarket with the same eyes again. The slot machine does something for the image of fruits and takes them out of anonymity.

Playing Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot causes the player to immediately get in a good mood. Spending time with Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot online also seems to boost the immune system. The bright fruit faces, the great colors of the reels and winning symbols and the red background have the effect of therapy. This is accompanied by lively jazz music, to which you can happily dance a bit while playing.

How to play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot online

But now we should finally tell you how to deal with Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot online. Are there any special rules you need to follow when playing this slot game? In principle, no!

So go to the online casino, it is possible even without registration. You really don’t need to study a thick rulebook for Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot, you should only be able to recognize the main characters that are used to form winning combinations. These are picked from left to right on the five reels and 20 paylines.

The symbols in a nutshell:

  • The smiling trio of cherries brings optimism and winnings.
  • The orange has her widest grin on
  • The charming lemon makes not sour, but funny (and even a little rich)
  • The grape should actually rather be called a laughing grape
  • The watermelon is a pounder and also brings a lot of coins in the right winning combination.

Attention, there are also very special winning symbols

  • The giggling 7: It is the wild symbol and can complete winning combinations like a joker.
  • The happy star: It is the star of Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot, because it is the scatter symbol and jackpot symbol.
  • A lucky bell, which has a particularly high win value

Your Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot winning opportunities.

At least 3 identical symbols should appear on a line for a win on Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot slot. Beforehand, you simply set your bet per game round, because Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot is played exclusively with fully activated lines. The bet amount is at least 20 cents per spin, in Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot free play without registration of course in play money.

  • Cherries and citrus fruits pay 20 coins in three times combos, 40 coins in four times combos and 200 coins in five times combos.
  • Grapes and melons pay 40 coins in three times combo, 80 coins in four times combo and for a full line there are 200 coins
  • The bell pays 40 times, 160 times or even up to 800 times the coin value
  • The star: three stars, no matter on which reels, pay 200 coins, four stars pay 800 coins.

But now comes the best part:

If the star appears five times during a spin, it pays out the jackpot of 20,000 coins! This is not a progressive jackpot, but it is predefined and can be triggered randomly at any time with the help of the stars.

Also: The Gamble Feature

After each winning spin, you have the option to take your winnings directly or double them through a guessing game, but the latter only if no wild symbol was involved in the winning round. You may repeat this up to 35 times and thus earn yourself a mega win!

Our verdict: Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot free to play will cheer up any player.

This slot machine is a gem with an important message: consume more fruit! Now, you might object that good fruit can be quite pricey. We agree with you, of course, but fortunately this argument no longer holds water as of now.

We are so indescribably happy to have discovered Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot from Novoline. We absolutely don’t want to miss the friendly fruit bodies anymore. They have already made our day with their smiles and given us a fruit sugar shock with their looks. We would like to treat you to the same experience.

Therefore, it is a matter of honor that we include the slot game in our list of tips for free spins! This way, you will also become aware of the brilliant game and you can get acquainted with the happy fruits for free. Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot is practically a must if playing slots for free without registration is exactly what puts you in a good mood. Play casino for free and you are invited!

For the really rich harvest: play Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for real money

Were you already so curious and tested the game for free? Are you as excited as we are? We told you so right away! But we should have warned you earlier about the following scenario:

Imagine you get the 5 stars and hit the jackpot, but that while playing Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot for free You remember what we told you about the jackpot? Ouch, for all the cuteness of the fruit symbols, that might hurt a bit, because a win in play money can’t buy you anything. After all, we’re not talking about a few free spins here with this bonus, but over 20,000 coins! You would certainly need an extra dose of humor in this situation in order not to get a little bit angry in the face of the play money winnings. You can only rule out this event if you play for real money.

However, please do not let yourself become a fruit, but go to a top casino, where they offer you a welcome bonus, free spins without deposit and all sorts of other niceties. Please order a rather nice greeting from us and ask for Plenty on Twenty 2 Hot. Now let’s go to one of the best real money casinos, the harvest is calling!

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