Pompeii by Aristocrat

Pompeii Slot by Aristocrat – playfully experience the decadence of the Roman Empire.

Everyone who paid attention in school knows the tragic fate of the city of Pompeii. The elegant city on the coast was the scene of the rich Romans’ romp. Like today, it was all about seeing and being seen. Of course, partying and gambling were not neglected. People enjoyed life to the full, even though they knew only too well about the dangers posed by the volcano Vesuvius. Perhaps it was precisely this special atmosphere that contributed to this unique attitude towards life.

The slot game, which bears the famous name of the city, picks up this joie de vivre again. Here, too, the focus is on fun. For this very reason, the developers of Aristocrat have made the game online particularly entertaining and entertaining. As a player, you can literally feel the fun that the ancient Romans had in their luxury city of Pompeii. When playing the game itself, you hardly feel any difference to other slot games at the beginning. As is so often the case, the Pompeii slot comes with five reels. On these, a variety of different characters are depicted. As with other slots, these indicate whether you have won or not when playing Pompeii.

Winnings are read on the paylines from left to right. Unlike other games of Aristocrat, here the player himself does not determine in the online casino how many paylines he wants to use. The number is always fixed at five. This makes betting much easier, because the bet is automatically added to the always five same paylines.

Features – the strength of Pompeii play for free

Games from the forge of Aristocrat are known for their special features that are triggered on certain winning combinations. Pompeii slot is no exception to this rule. In the features, the entire peculiarities of the game are revealed. Here, in contrast to the arrangement of the reels, where only luck decides, the player is properly involved. When playing Pompeii, you really get the impression that you are more actively involved in the gameplay than in other slots.

This interactive character makes the game particularly entertaining and varied. What is also special is that the subtle music and sound effects, which can of course be deactivated, really give you the impression that you are part of ancient Roman high society. The Romans were also playing with their luck back then, hoping every day anew that the volcano wouldn’t erupt and sink the city in lava and ash. At some point, unfortunately, exactly this event occurred and the legendary city sank forever. But here, too, probability was played with quite deliberately. You don’t really know when the lot will hit you. You only know that in Pompeii online it won’t be a volcano that hits you, but great luck.

Playing Pompeii for free – this is great for players who want to slowly approach the topic of features. Also in this game the famous tips and tricks of the best game developers come out, but with the right strategy, which you develop after just a few rounds of play, you will gain the insight faster than you might have thought at the beginning.

How the slot machine works – play Pompeii for free

Whoever was in Pompeii back then had to abide by certain rules. Even today, there are important rules when playing Pompeii for free, which you should definitely follow if you are waiting for the big luck. Elements that are the same in different games are not always transferable just like that. Although Pompeii also has elements like main characters, the gamble feature or special characters like wild symbols or scatter symbols – these have their very own meaning, which should be studied carefully before starting the game.

In order to contribute to a better understanding when playing Pompeii for free, you will find the specifics of the game, as well as the meaning of the individual symbols listed. Once you have internalized these things, only positive surprises will occur during the game.

  • Vesuvius – the volcano is a benefactor in the game, not like in real life. It stands for the wild symbol. The glowing mountain replaces all other symbols that may be missing to form a complete winning combination. However, a special feature here is that the wild symbol appears exclusively on the second and the fourth reel. Of course, this means that the wild symbol is less likely to be there when a certain symbol is still missing somewhere. However, this circumstance is compensated for at the latest during the Free Spin feature.
  • The Emperor – the Caesar’s portrait on the gold coin stands for the scatter symbol. If three, four or five of them appear at the same time in Pompeii, it means not only big wins, but also free spins, also known as Free Spins. Three coins mean 10 spins, four coins allow 15 spins and five coins unlock a whopping 20 free spins. During the free spins, the special feature of the wild symbols becomes apparent once again. If they are used during the free spins, they mean a bonus. If the volcano on the second reel replaces a character, the entire win is tripled. If the volcano on the fourth reel performs this task, the total win is even quintupled. If both volcanoes appear on reels two and four at the same time and replace these two symbols that are missing to win, the total win is even multiplied by a factor of 15. So you can see that this wild symbol is not as weak as you might have thought at the beginning after all.
  • The Gamble Feature – this popular feature is also used in Pompeii. When playing Pompeii for free without registration, after every single win, no matter how small or big it is, you have the possibility to multiply it. To do this, you have to guess the color of a card, which is then revealed. If the color is correct, the winnings are doubled, if you are wrong, the earnings are unfortunately gone. If you want to quadruple your winnings, you have to guess not only the card, but also the sign of the card. The chance of winning here is 25 percent, but only here you have the chance of quadrupling in Pompeii online.

Play Pompeii for free without registration – more than just a matter of luck

Playing Pompeii for free is especially easy if you take advantage of our offer to play slot machines for free without registration. This way, you can start playing Pompeii online right away and it doesn’t matter when the desire to play comes over you. You are always ready, no data is required, only an Internet connection is necessary.

If you want to know more about luck and probabilities, you reach for a modern slot today. This one offers more than many an app. The excitement even surpasses current online games. The principle is very old, but it has also been proven for a very long time. Even today, people like to visit the remains of the perished instead of – some things just never lose their fascination.

Turning luck into big winnings – it’s easier than you think

Playing completely for free, without registration, offers you so many advantages. On the one hand, you become an excellent player without ever having risked your own money, and on the other hand, thanks to modern mobile devices, you always have the entertaining pastime with you. Pompeii slot is a good proof that the classic slot machine has been dusted off in the meantime and no reputation is attached to it anymore. Today, anyone can try out these fascinating games and see if they are lucky or not.

If a game doesn’t work out right away the way you would have liked it to, this requires a more detailed study of the rules or it’s simply because you don’t really like the game. Even very experienced players know this and there is no shame in turning to another game.

Of course, just as often the exact opposite occurs. Perhaps it is Pompeii online that a player particularly enjoys. This can be seen from the fact that you can predict probabilities more and more accurately and calculate your risk with a lot of thought. Now you can ask yourself whether you switch to the game for real money because you want to maintain the great excitement or whether you do it because you hope to win big in this way.

If you do decide to play for real money, it is important that you do so strategically and with a goal in mind. In the case of the game Pompeii, this already begins in Germany with the selection of the correct casino. Since there is usually more than one provider, the extensive comparison is worthwhile. Which casino gives me the best conditions to start with? One that offers free spins without deposit is perfect for the start. This possibility may be interpreted as a certain grace period for yourself. During this time, you should first and foremost observe yourself. Do you still play in a controlled and careful manner and do you still make good winnings? If so, you have killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you have collected winnings without your own stake and on the other hand, you were allowed to try out the game for real money for free and thus get to know the procedure risk-free.

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