Potion Commotion by NextGen Gaming


Nextgen Gaming’s Sot is a slot machine like no other. Here the player has the power over turning the various portions, the magic potions, into real gold. Provided he finds out the right composition!

Potion Commotion is a fun game to play, because you never know if the composition you just found will bring you great fortune. But one thing is for sure: with the many extras, wilds, scatter symbols and free spins, it shouldn’t be difficult to get great wins in this slot!

You can play the game online or download it to your smartphone or tablet for free. Of course, the download is also free. This game is similar to the Novoline slot machine.

Create gold with the right mix

Alchemy has been dealing with making gold from various means for centuries. And that is exactly your task in this slot.

Whoever finds 3 glass bottles with yellow or green potions will be credited with five times their bet. And whoever finds 5 of the potions can even enjoy 100 times his bet!

5 glass bottles containing an orange or blue liquid will give you 150 times your stake, and whoever finds 5 glass bottles containing pink or red liquid will be credited with 200 times their stake!

Win really big

The highest winnings in the game can be achieved with the help of the glass bottles, which contain the classic card symbols. Each symbol here stands for a different multiplier – with the heart symbol you can win the highest prize, namely 1500 times your bet!

Extras in the game

Whoever finds the wild symbol in the game has the chance to win the Wild Bonus. Here you can win up to 500 times your bet.

Whoever finds between 2 and 5 scatter symbols can win up to 20 free spins. During the free spins you have the chance to triple your winnings!

Information about the game

  • Bonus rounds: There are no bonus rounds in Potion Commotion.

  • Free Spins: If you find between 2 and 5 scatter symbols, you can win up to 20 free spins. It doesn’t matter on which reels the scatter symbols appear and whether they are next to each other or not. In the free spins you have the possibility to increase your winnings by three times.

  • Wild Symbols: The wild symbol in the game can substitute for all other symbols and works as a wild, so to speak. Whoever hits a wild symbol in the game can also participate in a wild bonus, where the winnings can really grow again!

  • Scatter Symbols: With the scatter symbols you can win free spins, where you can triple your winnings. For this you need at least 2 scatter symbols.

  • Multipliers: There are several multipliers in the game, with which you can win considerable amounts!


Even if you don’t know anything about magic, witchcraft and alchemy, this game is a lot of fun. The slot is entertaining and suitable for everyone who likes to play slots with high odds. If you don’t know Potion Commotion yet, you should come and play it as soon as possible – it will be worth it for sure!

the right mix makes it!

Whoever brews the right mixture here can look forward to unbelievable winnings! Enter the realm of alchemy and mix up your luck! You can play the game like the Sizzling Hot slot machines online games without registration. Only Lucky Lady Charm slot games can rival Potion Commotion!

Potion Commotion slot details

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